Feelings, they belong – be long – be longer and long being in our minds and hearts with their yearning for us to be our truthfulness.


When possible in between our agendas, commitments and schedules, we could seek to briefly pause, take a few moments to reach across to feel ourselves truly. By truly caring, we call upon our feelings, we fulfill upon our calling always with a sense of the pureness and truthfulness of who we are.


The truth is that with everything in the Universe resonating at a certain frequency or another, the feelings that we nurture along with the intensity of our thoughts and emotional tendencies could likewise bring us closer to what we seek or keep distancing us away with what we speak – whether silently or loudly?


The quest and question mark featured above humbly seeks to remind us to reflect the next time we speak something else and feel sum thing else? To be more consciously aware, to bring our thoughts, feelings, actions and expressions in their true alignment of harmoniousness.


We feel all across our lifetime and how we live the call across our feelings is something that we need to better understand, cope, realize and manage as well as truly understand please.Through our feelings, we can feel, fill and fulfill far much more than we could ever imagine, it is truly incredible how you feel when you feel your vow, your commitment that you made to the Universe, to your Parents, to Mother Nature regarding the faithful and obedient solidarity of sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.


So many times, our feelings – whether gut feelings, instincts or our intuition and creative intelligence – our wisdom seeks to speak to us and whether we tend to bring our ego in between this conversation as a barrier or tend to consciously engage and participate in the conversation could truly matter incredibly.


A lot of this and so much more about our lives could be truly understood and remarkably managed when we seek to embrace our completeness, gracefulness, greatness, radiance, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom. It is experiencing our true nature, our true self that is the very greatest divine essence and embodiment of our being inspiring us to feel good about ourselves truly, God Bless.


We feel we make life what it is while our life precisely creates and designs so much for within and all around us, making us reach distinctive milestones across our lives with a sense of humility and immense gratitude for each and every moment of this precious life, always feeling and expressing gratitude to God, Nature and the Universe for this amazing wealth of characteristical virtues amongst which our feelings seek their true fulfillment while our fulfillment speaks of the truthfulness in our feelings, God Bless.


Regarding feelings, we may have noticed and experienced this many a time and also strongly resonated the following – that we will never forget how others make us feel – now do we likewise tell ourselves, how we make ourselves feel as well please? Well knowing this and being so particular about this, let us constantly and consciously make sure that we realize how we make ourselves feel and ensure to treat our feelings with compassion, dignity, diligence, respect, sincerity and truthfulness of our wisdom please. Since how we are making ourselves feel could be the roots – the impetus – the stimulus and the driving force for so many feelings ricocheting – evolving from us and revolving from thus (the+us) very most swiftly and challengingly – swift and challenging because unknowingly we may be precipitating and influencing the trajectory of the experiences that are emerging and merging to form divergent sets of outcomes, manifestations and results amazingly, so please kindly time and again = please truly be consciously aware of how you treat and deal with your feelings and do remember to take good and responsible care always please, thank you very much, God Bless.


There is so much of ourselves that we reach with our feelings and this sow much could actually teach us far so much more than we could ever imagine. Feelings are a way of our lives and not a weigh of our living, let us not treat feelings just like that please, let us respects our and others feelings truly while ensuring that in each and every moment of our lives, we take each and every breath, attend to each and every agenda, assignment, commitment, duty, obligation, responsibility entrusted upon our shoulders, study and tasks with an intent of fulfilling ourselves with the greatness of the pureness of the magnificent energy that is ensconced within the realms of our true nature and our true self infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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