Disability, This Ability, Focus – From to the Form to the Transform

Disability, This Ability, Focus – From to the Form to the Transform

What We Focus Upon Grows – From Joy to Injoy to Enjoyment


With all due respect to the disabled. handicapped, physically advantaged for their belief, courage, determination and hope in the greatness of this wonderfully promising life, God Bless.


The captioned humbly seeks to reflect upon the incredible aspects of our lives where, when what we focus upon grows, it intensifies and then manifests thereby revealing an completely new set of evolutionary paradigms that we were completely unaware of.


It is literally empowering whatever it is that we seek to develop, heal, improve and strengthen in our lives.


The power of belief, focus and hope, each contribute and play an amazing role and part as well as imparting and impacting gracefulness in divergent spheres of our lives.


It is literally the from to the form to the transofrmation in our lives where we experience some of the greatest miracles in our lives because we are all truly miracles of grace, divine light, truthfulness and creative wisdom.


Take any area of your life and seek to reflect upon it with immense appreciation, gratitude and joyfylness while of course exercising and practice due care and diligence, prudence and responsibilness towards the respective agendas, assignments, commitments, duties, obligations, studies and responsibilities. How joy adds and creates certain changes in our lives is something that has time and again proven to be an remarkable impetus and inspiring motivator in our lives.


At times, we may not precisely realize what changed and improved when since we immersed ourselves within the true joy, love and harmony of what we were, are and will do respectively.


Life is truly so much about appreciating what we have, being resourceful and capable. You can achieve and excel in your respective endeavors, have faith and trust in your true nature and your true self, God Bless.


The above also respectfully seeks to inspire those who may have started believing a certain set of notions as an established reality in their lives thereby draining their capabilities and resourcefulness due to focusing more upon the lack and advancing to slack and then blocking the pure energy that they actually have within themselves to clarify and improve the landscapes of their lives. If certain phases come into our lives, they are not permanent – they maybe at certain times prolonging due to the unstinted focus and unknowing preferentiality – the comfort zone syndrome and attitude that we maybe relegating towards the concerned.


At times, a lot changes within a few moments and a few moments can bring about an incredibly remarkable transformation in our lives provided we are always living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, living in the now with due diligence, prudence and responsibity. With all that there is, the power of focus adds so much more to each aspect of our lives where we are either choosing or become the chosen to go through a particular set of experiences either momentarily or consistently, maintain the focus while paying careful attention and due importance to all other related relevant factors with equal and commited importance as well accordingly. God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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