Relax, Realize, Relaxation – Its Your Realization

Relax, Realize, Relaxation – Its Your Realization

Take a Break BUT Do Not Brake The Taking Please!

Everything Matters BUT Matter Is In Your EveryThink Too Please!


Relax, its your realization.


Realize, its your relaxation. Sometimes even after everyone may try to make you understand and see the importance – unless you truly realize, all initiatives maybe futile.


Please be consciously aware of your actions, expressions, commitments, health, intervals, needs, thoughts and wellness please.


Kindly take some breaks in between, when reasonably possible please. Please do not overstress or overstrain yourselves please – because by the time you realize, it may perhaps be too late and then you may be racing to catch up with the greatest lost wealth called health, goodness and wellness please.


The brake refers to the deliberate and intentional or negligent approach where when knowing what needs to be done, one keeps challenging everything by doing something else that is going against their true and others true interests please. Be true to your nature and nature to your truth, be sincere, honest and faithful to your true self, realize that you need to give time to yourself everyday to identify a meaningful balance between your schedules and priorities please, everything matters, well matter is in your every thing too please, God Bless.


Please carefully understand that energy is matter and it is there with+in your thoughts and further generates far much more set of consequences than you could ever imagine. Plant the seeds of certain thoughts, they germinate and harvest – evolving and thereby creating a complete retinue of divergent range of thoughts, the question here is, did it all (it meaning the idle thought circulation process) start when you were not aware and too busy caught up with your commitments and challenging schedules please? or just wistfully idling and spending your time without aim or purposefulness please?


Just a little time – whether it be for needful relaxation – whether it be for reviewing certain details – whether it be for paying careful attention when driving, operating machinery or other devices or instruments – whether it be while crossing the pathways of life – whether it be while eating, drinking water or whatever you may be doing, where it permits you to take a little time, when reasonably and responsibly possible, could make a great difference over a period of time please. It will pay back rich dividends in the form of greater calmness, health, peace of mind and wellness please. Sometimes, it it just a little time we maybe seeking while not realizing that when time was seeking a little time from us for our own selves, we selfishly told time to go away, we were too busy to pay heed to any element of time or other aspects and had greater commitments and priorities in life? Think again, it is this very same little time which if allocated to your daily meditation could help transform your life remarkably. Whatever it maybe, remember that you are relaxing when possible please and taking your well deserved and rightful recess, break, pause, intervals of time to nourish, refresh and re energize yourself please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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