Have Your Time, Time Your Having

Have Your Time, Time Your Having


Somethings, sum thinks need to be carefully understood and realized that we are human beings, we are people who care what we be, are, have and will be as well and that we are not machines please.


Its becoming more and more apparent that people are constantly mechanizing almost everything in their lives to the extent that there may come a time that we may not be able to take even an single confident step forward without one device-gadget at our finger tips or acute dependency or another similar actuality?


The world has come a long way since its evolution and everything appears to be perfectly well envisioned and progressing remarkably however the concern is not about the developments – it is more about the attitude of how people are relying so far much more on even communication from within one’s own home? They remain almost aloof and if needing to send a message within their own home, they either go on a social platform for instant messaging or a voice mail or text messaging through the local telecom. How long it would really take them to get up, take a few brisk steps, reach across and convey what they wished to speak about, adding grace to the conversation with even their briefest of initiatives but when mechanizing the process by stringently depending on electronic devices and gadgets, there comes in between a gap, the gap known as a home away from home or likewise a community away from communities around it?


Some people may say, what’s the big issue here, there is nothing controversial, let’s get to the point they may exasperatingly say – well, the point is, let’s take an example – we go through an automated voice guided telephonic system of placing an order or attending to other needful matters – that is fine, it is all right since efficient and effective. Now when it comes to personal and professional acquaintances and relationships, if that very same level of mechanization continues whereby people opt and prefer for the device-gadget based communication instead of face to face despite being within the radius of a few centimeters away – and that too, not only once, twice or thrice, but frequently – repeatedly? And when getting an opportunity to discuss, they retort, they were multi tasking, they could not afford to spare even a moment to reach across? What to say? It it is machines and mechanical processes, we can understand, they have been created for certain particular purposes but for us people – for us human beings, we are loosing time and keeping touch with one another? Just the cordial greetings and short messages is becoming the norm? Or the likes and followers on social platforms becoming the trend? Now we are going to come to the point which is actually not the captioned and the title of this post is not intended to sensationalize or capture any attention please, no and not at all – rather it is more about something else that is being specified in the next paragraph.


The point of everything and everythink sums up and points, appoints and explicitly refers to the very essence of our life. which is living our values and practicing our principles respectively. It is relating to truly appreciating, caring, liking and allocating adequate time for ourselves particularly. Then, from there onwards every aspect further aligns and falls well into place because it all actually starts with us, whether it be the silent conversation-dialogue-monologue or a conference that includes others participation, we are at our very best, happiest and joyful when we are actively engaged with what we are attending to. Whether we call this the magical wand of commitment, due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and our creative wisdom, whatever we may call or define it, nothing is truly complete without you and nothing is you without the calm pleasantness amazingly. Take a few minutes everyday early in the morning to schedule it for your meditation session where you practice meditation, being one with your divine essence and then starting your day, it is the greatest connection and alignment of our lives when we seek to be one with our true nature, our true self and our divine essence infinitely, God Bless.


Its all so much about you, when you are happy, the world is happy.When you are joyful, so is the world. When you are efficient and responsible, you notice how the world around you seems to be synchronized as well. Please ensure to set apart some time everyday for yourself exclusively where you can sit in silent contemplation and meditate please, in the serene tranquility and calmness, peacefulness, just you with your divine essence, seek to appreciate the gracefulness and greatness of your divinity that is ensconced within your true nature and your true self on a daily basis please. Kindly remember, this is not about a particular religion or any particular theory or principle, it is purely about you and your divine essence, please ensure to set apart a few minutes everyday to meditate, be one with your true nature and experience your trueself please, God Bless.

It’s Time

Recognize and value the incredible importance of time in your life please for time is all you have when all you have is time after all. Once time is gone by, it takes far much more along with it than anyone could ever imagine please. Sometimes by the time, we may truly realize the time we have on hand left, it may have actually elapsed and passed by so swiftly leaving us agape and overwhelmed at time yearning to have more time after all, so that is why when you have time, learn to appreciate and resourcefully utilize it please for time is truly one of the biggest, greatest and larger ever treasures whose importance keeps growing incessantly please.


As you may have noted in the above that it was not so much about machines or the environment or nature, it was all about you, your time and the true you in you for that is your truth. Kindly seek to take and make time for yourselves please since by the time you may actually make time, its time to move ahead with time yet again, so it is time that you joyfully move ahead with since you know to have your time and the time you’re having as well, perfectly synchronized with the most precious asset by being consciously aware, living a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and your brilliant creative wisdom infinitely, God Bless.


The captioned title does not necessarily mean to imply that to restrict or literally time your having time since you are truly deserving to always have the time of your life when you adopt – set the time of your living with conscious awareness, purposefulness, responsibness and sincerity, then it is amazing to note that there is indeed time for so many things and thinks after all.

Time Management

Some people say they spent all their lifetime attending to their obligations so intensively that they forgot to actually take care of themselves? Further others age so rapidly due to the immense hyper tension, stress and immense load of anxieties and worries that they ignorantly accumulate yet again stating that they did not have time to even breathe properly, always panting and rushing from task to another? While some others say they spent all their time fulfilling and serving others so much that they completely forgot about themselves and that too doing nothing else but ardently expecting somethings and when the somethings never came? never turned up, this in turn intensified their bitterness, hatred, resentment and jealousy? Is time so scarce please? and is it being denied from you? snatched away from you? compressed? Its your choice, what is your true intent? What is your pure will? What is your cherished expectation and objective please? What do you seek from this wonderful life please? So many things and they somewhere or the other are connected to the time factor, for when you are in time with time, life and everything – everythink is as well in time with your living respectively, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Emotions, Feelings and our Organs, Respect our Feelings

Emotions, Feelings and our Organs, Respect our Feelings


Feel our organs, organize our feelings.


Our emotional health is considerably influenced by our feelings.


Feel humbly refers to appreciatively, gratefully and very most thankfully acknowledging our organs and fulfilling them always with good and pure energy through our thoughts, caring actions and expressions amazingly, God Bless.


To those who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes indiscriminately, they must carefully understand that their organs are appealing to them to be compassionate towards themselves and to take care for life is precious and so are they to themselves and to all of us, we wish them well always and gratuitously thank them for resolving to consciously regulate their indulgence and do their very best to improve their health, wellness and happiness by feeling their pureness, greatness and wonderfulness of loving their organs and caring for them thoughtfully please.


Sometimes, we hear about how some people have got caught in the habitual process of chain smoking or reckless consumption of alcohol and despite their family members, relatives, friends and so many more caring advices, they keep punishing themselves actually through what they think is enjoyment, for they inflict considerable damage to their organs far beyond anyone’s imagination, we pray and wish, sending them our thoughts filled with goodness, healing, pureness and wisdom that they always remain healthy, happy and well and consciously take care of their habits responsibly and nourish their cells with the vitality that is obtained from first of all learning to respect their organs for their organs have always respected and faithfully taken care of them remarkably and truly deserve the care, love and nourishment by avoiding any indiscriminate consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and any harmful substances that may be impeding their health and wellness please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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