Celebrating The British Royal Baby, Join The Joy

Celebrating The British Royal Baby, Join The Joy


While congratulating Her Majesty, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and all members of the British Royal Family, there is great cheer and delight being experienced all across, as the World comes together to usher in the greatness of joyfulness that is being jubilantly heralded.


Join the joy humbly seeks to refer to aligning with our divine purpose where we experience incredible happiness and joyfulness in one another’s achievements, accomplishments and celebrations as much as we do in our very own, for we are all interconnected through the bond of our amazing principles, values, relationships and realizationships of our magnificent gracefulness consistently.


It is a momentous occasion that seeks to inspire us to reflect upon the heritage of our characteristical values and virtues, nurturing the miraculousness encompassed in each and every priceless moment of our lives respectively. In our lifetime, we need to realize that we inherit a great abundance of priceless treasures which are the wealth of our fabulous characteristical virtues – whose value is truly incomparable and we might tend to look all around for more while actually the trueness of every priceless asset is ensconced very much within our true nature and our true self remarkably.


If we keep waiting for a reason to be happy and joyful, then we may start applying conditionality to each and every aspect of our lives very most demandingly. What this humbly means to state is that when truly being blessed with incredible opportunities to achieve and excel – progress ahead in our lives, if we want to be acknowledged even before taking a single responsible initiative in our lives, then we are trying to establish our separate set of laws and rules which would be contradicting the sacred protocols governing nature and the universe. We need to realize and carefully understand that there is no price applied upon or any preset criteria that we can only be happy and joyful when and when we only reach a certain stage at a certain age, happiness and joyfulness is ageless and stateless, we can seek to be truly happy and joyful while responsibly attending to our respective chores, our agendas, our agendas, our assignments, our duties, our obligations, our studies, our work’s, our responsibilities and our tasks consciously and responsibly.In fact, in the process of being cheerful, enthusiastic, happy, joyful and radiant, we perform more better and experience more greater satisfaction in realizing that we are actually capable of far much more value oriented results in our lives amazingly, it is a matter of realization which we need to awaken to and joyfully accept and integrate in the mainstream of our lives attentively.


The arrival of the British Royal Baby is a matter of great inspiration for all of us to pause and reflect upon the true joyfulness and divine purpose of our lives, to truly appreciate and value each and every moment and utilize it with utmost resourcefulness while of course ensuring that we learn to accept, appreciate and like ourselves and others unconditionally. Every moment truly comes once in a lifetime inspiring us to consciously appreciate and reciprocate its resourcefulness sustainably by being true to our nature of pureness, for joyfulness is what has brought us here – joyfulness is what we like to hear and experience and joyfulness is what we should intend to impart to one another through our thoughts, actions and experience – whilst attending to our respective agendas, duties, obligations and responsibilities wisely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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