Anger? Definitely NOT Worth The Price!

Anger? Definitely NOT Worth The Price!

Anger Bringing Weights and Ways That Take You Away From Yourself Completely

Practice Compassion & Forgiveness Please


Anger brings more our way and takes so much more very far away from us than we could ever imagine. Anger may come with so much of weight and then keep us waiting for a lifetime for another opportunity to make amends, to seek forgiveness, as well as to forgive and let go, not holding any grudges please – to atone and to compensate but alas the wait of a lifetime could keep one waiting endlessly without any resolutions at all, being angry happiness in fraction of a few moments – but bearing the anger could hurt one another for a lifetime of remorse fulness – of bitterness – of sadness and seeking another chance, a second opportunity but broken glass could not be just put together again please, anger shatters and breaks far much more than relationships and trusts and reliableness and once broken, the breakage keeps getting deeper and delving much more deeper all because of those few ignorant moments of anger? Was it worth it? Not at all!


The weight and way of anger the anguish is extremely unbearable for it comes bringing with it more of anxiety, bitterness, confusion, diseases, jealousy, resentment, sadness and many of the most undesirable feelings ever experienced. The price that a person pays for practicing anger throughout their lifetime is astounding, unbelievable and shockingly incredible for they are always filled with immense regret fulness and sorrow? Intense pain and incessant suffering? Why? Why? Why? all because they wanted to assert and prove their dominance and seniority and commanding nature?


When angry, please seek to pause and calm down – be consciously aware of your thoughts, actions and expressions – be responsible and do what is safe and not just charge about with an enraged attitude since you could be harming yourself far beyond endurable pain please. The captioned title is precisely the outcome and scenario that when a person is angry, it completely shocks everyone around them including their true self for anger was never their true nature but some people ignorantly believe and think that only by being angry they achieve results? They actually achieve very short term results that are filled with tremendous bitterness, hatred, jealousy, envy, resentment and complexities and in the bargain land up paying for with their debilitated sequences of illness and diseases some of which almost take their complete lifetime of agonizing pain and suffering to cure each stage, so why do they not realize that being angry is far much more harmful to them for a lifetime please! They suffer far much more than others please, they need to be awakened to the consciousness of their true nature, their divine essence since within their true self they are pure divine beings of light filled with sacred energy that always seeks the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely please, God Bless.


People who have been angry throughout their lives realize one fine day that they were practicing the worst ever tragedy all their lives for when they fell ill, they could not find a cure at all, they go from pillar to post, to ever religious shrine and for faraway pilgrimages, seeking blessings from one and all to be redeemed from their self inflicted diseases? but to no avail! Anger snatches away everything possible at certain points in one’s lifetime for when a person most needs what they have, they realize they had traded it away in the process of being angry and more and more angrier for no reason at all, they became habitual and affectionate towards practicing anger, how foolish and ignorant could they be please? They themselves kept actually setting up a delayed punishment and penalization for themselves? There are no sorries, no second chances or opportunities to make amends later on in one’s lifetime please, the anger expressed now and then yet again and again and again could keep building up a reservoir of prolific resentment and bitterness – so huge that it could virtually engulf and be very most overwhelming, please never practice anger or make it your way of life, if you have the choice, please choose to be compassionate the forgiving please

Anger never, never and never helps in any way at all please.


They spend millions of dollars to seek cures but no medication could completely cure them, they experience their handicappedness and regret at having so passionately practiced being ignorantly angry – they thought all their lives, they were in command of everything while actually their every think was helplessly commanding them the very most wrongest way ever.


Their false sense of belief and egoistic attitude led them far – extremely far away from their true nature and their true self, why, why and why? Because they thought being angry and screaming brought results far more quickly and precisely but in the bargain they traded away a part of their wellness?


The very same good health and priceless wellness that they keep chasing then onwards all their lives but alas, to no avail? since their organs kept enduring the relentless pressure and damages silently?


Their conscience kept reminding them time and again that they were not being fair in just being more and more angrier but all they listened to was anger and espoused anger as their true nature?


So very strange since that they thought anger as an natural characteristic whereas anger was acquired very much as per their own choices and then when they most needed to enjoy their lives, they had everything except the good health and wellness please?


Somethings come only once in a lifetime and this moment, the preciousness of all that this moment represents is truly priceless, do not spend it on being angry with yourselves and others for no reason please! If angry, please carefully understand the respective matters and seek to identify how best it could be resolved without necessarily having to inflict anger and hurting others sentiments and in the process hurting yourselves far much more than worse please.


Kindly prefer to certainly opt for peacefulness and practice compassion as well as forgiveness for yourselves and others unconditionally please since anger is one choice that leads where there is pain, misery, suffering and lots of struggles that keep multiplying incessantly please, please kindly take good and conscious care of yourselves and others through the way you respond please for as we all know that most of the situations in life constitute only a very small fraction of what is coming to us and then how we respond – our attitude – our approach actually constitutes the becoming.


Speaking percentage wise, it is believed that out destiny is based upon ninety seven percent of how we react in comparison to three percent of what happens to us, which is very alarming since if we reflect carefully upon this index – it means that we received for example three percent of anger but our response if ninety seven percent of angriness, this means we opened a channel of continual flow of anger and also while expressing the anger unknowingly hurt our organs, our mind, our heart and our soul irreparably, remember we have been given the authority, power and responsibilities to decide to be wise and to be fair and to be just and righteous and to fulfill our primordial obligations which all could never be achieved by practicing anger please. Anger leads us where there is nowhere to go but despair and helplessness – we may firstly for sometime feel as if we are in charge but then actually we are being charged? since we are running from here to there and everywhere to find what has happened to us? all of a sudden? and whether statistics or any percentages, anger is never worth the experience or any experimentation for anger is something that only takes away far much more from us and leaves us at a loss of words, at a loss with the world and loosing everything that we could have ever accumulated with tremendous efforts and remarkable initiatives. Anger takes away in a few moments that may have taken all our lifetime to create please, think again whether anger is really worth it for you are trading away some of the most greatest assets in your lives by practicing anger please, be compassionate and be caring and for sure be forgiving – practice forgiveness, forgive yourself and others unconditionally please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Fear and Recognition

Fear and Recognition

Recognize Your Fears But Do NOT Fear Your Recognition Please


Do you perhaps incessantly fear loosing somethings repeatedly please?


Your anticipative sense of loss and helpless perspective of desperation might in some ways discouragingly fill+hear+sum thinks. (this also possibly refers to the fact that we might be attracting and drawing into our life unknowingly what we do not actually seek or want and then keep helplessly complaining? God is watching everything you are doing and so is nature and so is the universe, do what needs to be done in its time but face the reality and do not just live in an illusive mode or abstract detached manner expecting everything just like that please, you need to contribute and add value, create a win win situation where it is a constructive and pleasant alliance and not something where you are just drawing, withdrawing and then overdrawing all your revenues, savings and hard earned capital of the very greatest treasure of priceless moments since time can never be bought or brought back please no matter how much we may seek to atone or make amends please)

Be Realistic Please

This is not about a fancy expression or rhyming of words please, be serious since it maybe impacting and causing far greater challenges without actually reflecting the realization or traces that we are ourselves precipitating and laying the foundation and groundwork of what is to come ahead please. Where it may be necessary, please seek qualified professional help promptly please since there are somethings that need to be attended to and counseling, guidance and relevant help sought please. Just leaving somethings and thinking they will drift away by themselves imaginatively will not help please since if you need to do something whatever it maybe, kindly ensure that it is done responsibly and promptly please, do not just keep postponing or seeking excuses and reasons for taking charge and responsibility of what has been entrusted upon your shoulders and expectations please.

Also where it concerns fears such as examinations, results, health check up results or other sudden emergencies and emergent situations, incidents and unfortunate occurrences,  please do not isolate or keep yourselves secluded or distanced away from society and the world please, since no one can know what is happening or be able to help you if you are not really and responsibly helping and truly coming forward earnestly and faithfully but responsibly please. Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for relevant professional help or even generally for help and never feel that you are all alone or that no one likes you or that no one will help you, never entertain any such mistaken thoughts or ideologies please, if you need help, you need to seek it please but you need to clearly define and specify what is it that you are seeking please since when you clarify and better understand and are able to explain to others, then others could be able to help you  the best reasonable possible but the first step of taking responsibility as well as the second, the third, the fourth and so many more steps that you need to keep taking need to be taken with complete responsibility and conscious awareness please, do not just shirk away or drift away and then blame God or nature or the universe or people please, you need to carefully understand and realize that first of all you are your very best friend and are a brilliant creative efficient resourceful and talented personality, there are so many wonderful things that you can truly achieve and overcome but you need to live with reality and practicality please, not just look at something somewhere and rush to do it without even thinking through what is it that you want to achieve or what is it that is being attended to, the pros and cons, the risks and ramifications and the essential precautions as well as observance and compliance always and always in all ways with all the respective rules, laws and regulations governing nature, the universe and the world please.

Recognize, Recognize and Recognize Please

Please kindly note the following very most carefully please. Be consciously aware and recognize your fears for what they actually represent but do not in the process fear your recognition please since your participation in the process of your life is extremely instrumental, pivotal and phenomenal.

Responsible Participation

Without your responsible participation, it might be virtually impossible to understand how to go about anything at all please, take charge of your life diligently and prudently but do not be charged with undertaking some frantic, hasty and panic oriented measures in the emergent moments when the alarms are ringing – Please carefully understand what this is seeking to refer to please – it is not about actual emergency situations since when there is/are – maybe any emergencies, it is understandable to urgently attend to the needful with the highest priority but here it is actually seeking to refer to the careless and ignorant approach of wasting one’s precious time and resources when having everything and then rushing in the last minute process of trying to catch up? and this is not only once but time and again, deliberately and irresponsibly letting go off the time and duties that one has been assigned to attend to please!At any given stage and phase of life, we need to carefully understand that everything happens for a reason and everythink rationalizes for its happening, its evolution where you are the player as well as the fielder as well as the captain as well as the cheerer as well as the strongest supporter as well as the audience as well as the witness as well as the greatest, strongest and wisest being who can transform the landscapes of yours and others lives for the better please, do the very best you can always but seek to live in the present moment, where you are with complete + total responsibilities please.


You may tend to just try to avoid somethings but then you need to realize that you may be causing a void in the very sum of your thinking’s please since every aspect of life is accountable and seeks firm and responsible actions – if you think, you want to ignore the rules and laws governing nature, the universe and the world, then you are very sadly mistaken for we all are interconnected and what we think, do and perform affects us and others but certainly affects us a lot – far lot more than we could ever imagine, think+act+perform responsibly and wisely please since somethings come only once in a lifetime and this moment that is there with you is truly precious – recognize its worth and do something each and every day that adds and brings greater value to your life please, do not just aimlessly wander thinking that things will just evolve or manifest out of nothing at all, you need to engage with your agendas, assignments, duties, responsibilities, studies and tasks earnestly and faithfully as well as responsibly please, thank you very much and God Bless.

True Nature

The captioned sub title humbly seeks to inspire the experiencing of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence as well please for when we maybe caught in some situations that maybe appearing as helpless and overwhelming and fervently seeking some resolutions, then at those crucial and critical moments, many aspects may be far more magnified and represent far greater challenges than what they actually appear to be please. This is why it is extremely important to be realistic, diligent, practical prudent and responsible please and face your recognition instead of being illusive and mistakenly-wrongly labeling various aspects of life with fear, fears and an agonizing set of fears please. Kindly try to schedule and practice meditation on a daily basis, where you are having a few moments of silence and calm, where in the solitude and peacefulness of you with your divinity, you are strengthening your recognition that is within you as well and helping establish far greater clarity and responsible directions and helping with the decision making processes please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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