Rush? Rash Decisions?

Rush? Rash Decisions?


Rushing at certain times (habitually?) has supposedly become an integral part of our lives? Is this true?


IF we are late – delayed – angry – worried – hurt – misunderstood? worried – anxious – genuinely concerned – or caught in different set of circumstances and scenarios, we rush frantically?


Does this insistence to reach across in time actually help us since we focus mainly on the reaching and in the process tend to over reach? over stretch? over extend? over pressurize? and over demand from ourselves and others?


In the process of rushing, we inadvertently have additions or editions heaped onto our lives? This seeks to refer to the after effects since during the process we may not actually tend to realize but when we pause and reflect upon the sequence of events, we find that we took so many risks and then we experienced so many emotional turbulence’s simply because of negligence? ignorance or laziness? or just carelessness?


This is why when we look at certain people, we are greatly impressed by the way they live their lives – whether it maybe their day to day living or embarking on a journey, they are always gladly anticipating what’s right there in the present moment as well as what’s ahead in the anticipated moments. All being attended to with a sense of calmness, organization and systematic scheduling and depending upon making notes and ensuring to be there on time with time in time.


Some individuals may tend to just exclaim so what and whats so big about rush after all? Meaning they kind of take it for granted that they have been equipped and endowed with the rushing capability and tend to make it habitual? But do they realize that in the process, how they stress and pressurize their nerves and their minds? They also cause panic for others who are connected to them in some way or another since others experience prolifically immense stress at noticing how lethargically and deliberately the schedules are being dealt with regretfully.


Regardless of what anyone may think, do or express – it is always better to be pro active and systematic. To organize and always ensure that each one is responsibly attending to what one needs to do well in time with complete conscious awareness and alertness since otherwise at times the price of rushing might be unpredictable because one may have to rush through traffic taking enormous risks – one may miss appointments and the opportunities may never come again? one may miss on some of the finest moments of one’s life simply because they choose to laze around and ignore all reasonable steps and measures needed to be reckoned and acknowledged? Why, why and why the need for rush when yet again it may become the rush for need? Meaning in the process of rushing, forgetting the keys? forgetting some important documents? forgetting some important points? forgetting some important details? forgetting some extremely vital and crucial agendas? And so many more frantic and panic situations generated and created simply because of affiliating with the rush factor? But why? When having the choices, why not chose to reason instead of rushing please? Having the time and timing the having but then yet seeking to leave at the last minute? Is this doing justice to what one is doing, trying to multi task and then running and pushing? risking one’s and others safety?

Rushing is understandable in emergencies where the need for urgent assistance is duly warranted but making rush a habitual way of living is definitely not warranted or helpful at all please? No, this is not understandable at all since life is not an emergency please, life is emerge in seeing – being, living and seeing the greatness and of who you truly are please and for sure in the greatness it did not come about just like that, it took a lot of careful initiatives, meticulous efforts and commitments as well as dedication to nurture each and every step of your life please, Please carefully understand that whatever is being stated is for your own good and that if you realize and carefully note each and every aspect of your life, you will see the differences that when you calmly did somethings in an organized manner and when you did somethings repeatedly in a hasty-rushing manner with deliberate last minute approaches, you may be amazed to note that there was a great element of differences between the calmer and the frantic approaches – that for sure the calmer approach got you the results with delight fulness and satisfaction while the rushingness may have brought or may not have brought results? but whatever may have come with the rushingness, may have left you with a feeling of extreme tiredness and what effect this may have been having repeatedly on your nerves? on your mind? on your heart? on your organs? on your complete self is very difficult to gauge please, kindly understand that you are not a mechanical being, you are a human being and you have feelings and care for yourselves and others truly well, so why not adopt a disciplined and systematic and organized way of doing things please, why just adopt the rush and last minute approach please? Think about it since sometimes there may not be enough time to think about it due to the profound regrets and sadness that may results at having forsaken priceless opportunities of this life called our moments, each and every moment is truly precious and definitely not worth the rushingness please, kindly understand please.


Rushing may lead to rash decisions and what those decisions may constitute and turn out to be? what outcomes are completely unpredictable please, think yet again whatever you are doing, be carefully attentive and vigilant and consciously aware and responsible since once you do somethings, they are completely irreversible and please remember that each moment of our life is truly priceless and never comes back again, so please do what needs to be done with complete awareness, due diligence, prudence and responsibility – seeking to make organization and systematic delegation and disciplined scheduling a habitual way of your life please instead of just rushing around please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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