Taken for Granted? Grant+it for Taking?

Taken for Granted? Grant+it for Taking?


What did we bring that we are taking back?


What has been taken away from us as well as what have we given away?


Life teaches us not to take anything for granted or grant-it for taking. Live your values, let your true nature, your true self and your divine essence guide and strengthen your vision, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Remembering Steve Jobs, The Strength Of Joy Is Within You

Remembering Steve Jobs, The Strength Of Joy Is Within You


Remembering Steve Jobs reminds us of the greatness of joyfulness that we truly are. The captioned humbly seeks to inspire us to realize that when we love what we do, we are true to our love and able to experience an incredible joyfulness, greatness, gracefulness that is truly amazing.


He expressed the greatness of the universe by inspiring us to awaken to our true nature, our true self and our divine essence gracefully.


As a mark of admiration, appreciation, gratitude love and respect to him, we should seek to come together commitedly to sustainably empower the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe infinitely, God Bless.


He inspired us to reflect upon the sweetness of joy, the joy of technology that breathes the passion of life very most characteristically. Joy is a heartbeat away as well as a thought beat a way; the write way, the right way, righteousness all the way; be true, true to your being, God Bless.


He was truly committed to his ideals, principles, purpose and living his values with meticulous discipline, diligence and excellence. His amazing technological discoveries continue to touch a part of our lives in each and every moment very most incredibly.


We shall always seek to remember him with profound admiration, love and respect for he was a truly wonderful human being who taught us that being human is about truly caring for ourselves and others out of compassion, joyfulness, love and respectfulness, God Bless.


Today in spirit he is all the more with us; so much more than words could ever say since he triumphed over life by eternalizing each and every moment of his life as well as those around him with rejoicefulness, God Bless.


The spirit of global technology will always salute him for his erstwhile initiatives, achievements and prestigious accomplishments and milestones respectively. His dedication to his work ethics is truly incomparable and outstanding – His practice reminds us that wherever we maybe, whatever we may do, however any aspect maybe, we should never let go of being consciously aware of our thoughts, actions and expressions. We should seek to exercise a disciplined approach of living a purposeful life with conscious awareness – to ensure that we are always true to our ideals, principles, purpose and values conscientiously, faithfully, prudently, responsibly and sincerely, God Bless.

Steve Jobs – The Co Founder of Apple & CEO Of Pixar Animation Studios

Steve Jobs brought forth an characteristically dignified symbolism to the title of each post by proficiently applying incredible attention to each and every aspect and detail meticulously on the basis of a visionary approach and his belief in the indomitable will power of living and giving gratuitously; contributing to each and every aspect of life lovingly and joyfully. The theme of life in live, live in life with purposefulness and trueness of seeking to fulfill his divine purpose that belonged to the greatness of life supreme remarkably, God Bless.


He inspired us to seek to look within ourselves and reciprocate the magnificent completeness; the creative goodness and goodwill; the gracefulness and the amazing wonderfulness that dwells within our true nature infinitely, God Bless.


Let us seek to carry forth the legacy of his vision proudly and honor his greatness by remembering and wishing him peace, joy, love and eternal happiness, God Bless.


Steve Jobs, the hallmarks of technology as well as innumerable other industries along with millions and millions of your ever growing grace of admirers always salute you and wish you well infinitely for your amazingly remarkable contributions to the fields of technology and other allied industries ingeniously, God Bless.


Steve Jobs, you will always be the special part of ourselves that you acquainted us with. We remain ever grateful to you for your creativeness, greatness, incredible brilliance, gracefulness and very most of all for your gift of joyfulness which remains amidst us, reminding us to make each and every precious moment of our lives the very most joyful, meaningful, purposeful, productively efficient and resourceful, God Bless.


Steve Jobs will always remain amidst us very most admirably, affectionately, inspiringly and respectfully, God Bless.


Remembering Steve Jobs with our minds and hearts full of profound admiration, affection, gratitude, love and respect, God Bless

Peace, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Be in Charge, Charge in Being

Be in Charge, Charge in Being

Navratri, Victory to the Mother Divine

Jai Maa Durga, Jai Mata Di, Jai ShivaShakti, 5 October 2013 To 13 October 2013, God Bless


Navratri marks the commencement of celebrations of worship of Goddess Durga and her nine manifestations for nine consecutive days respectfully.


The meaning of Matarani is Divine Mother that embodies the pureness of energy that sustainably flows through the true essence of all creation amazingly.

Durga is the name of the Divine Mother, Goddess Durga, Shakti, ShivaShakti. The meaning of Durga in Sanskrit represents the overcoming of obstacles.


Whether in thoughts, actions or expressions – we release or re-lease energy that further brings forth certain set of events-incidents-scenarios quite unexpectedly.


The release and realization may be a swift process without any actual impending notification of what actually transpired and transcended.


This is why, it is extremely important to be consciously aware of what we engage with+in while ensuring to live a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity and our creative wisdom attentively, God Bless.


It is not that we just note and then casually get back to the typical-habitual pattern of repeatedly adhering to the same process all over again of utilizing certain particles of energy and the wondering what is happening after all?


Remember, you are in charge, the charge is with+in you but you will also be charged either for using, mis using or resourcefully utilizing the energy that is with+in you. The energy that is yours affects+as well as effects and causes far much more sets of outcomes and results than you could ever imagine, so please be responsible and resourceful in utilizing the energy.


It is a process of what goes round comes around – we reap what we sow – so that by wisely investing your energy – whether this be thought energy, action energy – expressive energy – everything, whether you are thinking, acting+performing certain tasks or even speaking constitutes energy.


Invest wisely in your thoughts (thought energy), actions (active energy) and expressions (speech energy) since how well you utilize your energy-energetic paradigm depends upon how likewise (remember, every action has a counter action – the law of cause and effect) -> you could be further replenished, invigorated, nourished and re- energized with the corresponding goodness of energy that could keep bringing forth the flow of goodness, greatness, gracefulness, goodwill, harmony and welfare into yours and others lives caringly – compassionately – radiantly, resourcefully and responsibly, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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