Playground of the Universe; Universe of the Groundplay

Playground of the Universe; Universe of the Groundplay

The Ground beneath our Feet, Truly Sacred, Precious and Pure


When we sometimes reflect upon our childhood, we fondly remember how as children, we played all around – at the merry go round, going round and round, joyfully experiencing the fun, full of smiles and laughter, giggling at the slightest pretext. In one word, truly enjoying the moment as it was.


From then back to the now, we affectionately smile upon the graceful thoughts and continue attending to our respective agendas, assignments, duties, obligations, responsibilities, studies, tasks and vocations mindfully. The life that was there then is very much there now, what has changed is the way of looking at it, greeting it, expecting it and most importantly the need to accept it!


It is indeed a great effort to accept things as they are and then to let go of so much of the enormous baggage that we may have carried+needlessly tagged along thinking that it is a strategic part of our lives? But well no, for sure anger, bitterness, envy, hatred, jealousy, resentment and suppressed emotions need to be released to realize our compassion, our gracefulness as well as our true nature, our true self and our divine essence amazingly.


When referring to the captioned title, what is most important is the ground for it is from the ground that forms the around and everything else around it. The ground is also called as the Mother Earth for it is what nourishes and it is what sustains us eternally when we reflect upon the adage, from earth to earth and from dust to dust, back to where we belong one day after all. Whether the play continues or not, what does continue is the grounds faithfulness, it has, is and will always be there long after we have departed from this World upon completion of our earthly sojourn.


This title may sound symbolic and is actually far more authentic since the ground we live and tread upon, the ground that we stand upon as well as move across must be revered for what it is, namely, Mother Earth the pride of Mother Nature’s pure heritage. We may have at some time or another looked up at the sky and wondered at the greatness of it and all of creation, however sometimes when we look beneath, what is below our feet, we would be amazed that note that the grace of nature is at its best play and craftsmanship, nurturing millions of species of creatures.


Do we ever pause for a few moments and reflect upon the stark realization that there are so many – millions and millions and millions of diverse species of creatures dwelling beneath the ground and are being amazingly sustained by the grace of Mother Earth please?


Can it be called as the pray ground instead of play ground? Whatever one may refer to it, it is to be devotionally respected and treaded upon and treated with care which is why where there maybe indiscriminate deforestation or drilling of Mother Earth in search of more and more resources, should be pursued with complete conscious awareness, due diligence, fairness and strict accountability, without any commercial or business interests partiality or any process that may be unethical in anyway whatsoever please! If we seek to conservatively utilize what we have, then what we seek would apparently be there yet further ahead as well to replenish what has been resourcefully utilized, but if we were to splurge and wastefully or greedily seek to amass more wealth and plunder or squander ignorantly? Then what is there or to be there would also tend to significantly reduce due to one’s selfish attitude and behavior towards one another.


We may have also noticed that how sometimes it is told that we are all actors enacting a play and the script is what we have actually drafted ourselves and not knowing or knowingly tend to outplay our own fates and destinies quite remarkably. All of this happens in some way or another with most of our contact with the ground wherever we are, maybe, will be and shall be; the ground is sacred and needs to be gratuitously acknowledged for always being there ever steadily, helping one another to dwell with goodwill, harmony, joyfulness, happiness and wisdom creatively, God Bless.


We connect with one another depending amazingly. The ground all along the earth’s sphere+terrain has been created with incredible formation, sustenance and structurization that is fabulously spectacular, allocating each habitat+space to its well deserved share of needfulness and resourcefulness brilliantly.


The sacredness of the ground beneath our feet, the oceans, the greatness and gracefulness of the truthfulness of nature all around us as well as all with+in us makes us experience true delight knowing that we are realizing, understanding and witnessing some of the most special moments of our lives the moment we truly seek to accept and embrace the trueness of who we actually are, for from there we form the air, the energy which purely nourishes and nurtures our well being and remarkable sustenance with methodical precision miraculously.


Like how we have our wonderful World all around us, beneath the ground there is a wonderful world that is there for the millions of species of creatures. They may not be able to speak and appeal or call forth and raise attention – alarm to please treat with care and avoid destruction of their habitations and enclaves please. We need to realize and be carefully aware of what we are engaging in, whether righteous and fair justice oriented as per the laws of nature, land, our world and the universe, whether warranted, whether responsible, whether truly in the best and safest interests of all concerned including the ground and its inhabitants beneath it as well as various other strategic factors that may relate to it in some way or another.


Indeed, the ground – Mother Earth is immaculately pure, ecologically friendly and a sustainer of the greatness of creativeness abundantly. We may be anywhere in the world, the great feeling of celebrating our oneness with the ground that we play upon or the play that we ground upon brings out our finest and most efficient set of results since we do whatever it is based on the acknowledge fact that we are divine beings of light filled with pure divine energy, that our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom is our primordial heritage, that we all endeavor to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, that we are one in nature and nature in our oneness amazingly, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Sleep, A Leap of Faith

Sleep, A Leap of Faith


What happens when we sleep?


What happens when we are happiness?


A leap of faith happens to our happiness quotient.


Some people are wide awake when it is time to sleep?


And vice versa, they are fast asleep? when they are supposed to be wide awake, consciously aware and diligently attending to their respective duties with prudence and responsibility.


Everything evolves with time and is needing adequate time for its attentiveness, nourishment and sustenance respectively.


By depriving oneself of sleep, one may have to unknowingly sleep more longer hours at the wronger times? and be caught unaware by the cascading sequence of time frames demanding their firm accountabilities! Sleep on time and wake up well on time as well please.


Some people keep awake almost all night believing something is going to happen? But why? They dread and fear how things are going to shape up and manifest but – but and but does their anxiety of staying awake most of the night help them to find any solution? any resolution please?


Understandably and agreeing with them “to a certain extent (not more – not all the way please, no self pitying or any such practices please, it does not help at all)” that they are undergoing immense hardship with their lives in different areas of their relationship with different aspects but isn’t this actually supposed ot be a matter of realizationship please? Since when realizing certain things, we are awed and humbled, wondering why we spent all the precious time in needlessly keeping awake all night and then almost falling asleep during the day when actually we need to be very importantly awake and attentive please.


Some peopl realize that what they could not actually understand was due to their minds being overwhelmed and overstressed, pressurized and confounded by the innumerable sets of choices, commitments and demanding priorities and schedules? Actually, they may have deprived themselves of adequate sleep for years together, trying to forcibly keep awake by consoling themselves that something better will come out during the process of keeping awake? Actually, when they sleep well – meaning, the required and reasonable period of time and awaken in the early morning, well on time with responsibility, they realize they feel so refreshed and their tiredness is broken and thinking is far more clearer and sharper thereby strengthening their resolve as well as attitude of taking charge of situations instead of being charged by unconnected and unnecessary sets of actions please.


Kindly note, everything must be done in its proper time and not just pro+per timing please since proper means proper and complete and not just proper because we see it so and the world sees it as otherwise. Remember, we are living in this world and need to abide by its laws, rules and regulations and are all interconnected to each other and the more better we do for ourselves and others, the more better we do for our world, the world is yours and so iare you, please do not let yourself to get caught by sleep deprivation or staying awake very late in the nights and then awakening very late in the mornings since discipline means discipline, on time – means on time, punctuality means punctuality and not just punch-actuality please, kindly do not play jokes with your time for it is the greatest treasure that cannot be measure, bartered, exchanged or bought back, be resourceful, responsible and prudent, think and carefully do what you are doing with complete awareness, ensure that you are able to get sufficient sleep every night by discipling yourself to follow a firm time regimen – remember when you go to school, you were always on time – well, life is the University that we all attend each and every day and need to score good marks for ourselves and one anothers well being and happiness that belongs to the leap of faith called our courage, our conviction in our true nature, our true self and our divine essence infinitely, God Bless.

Disclaimer – Please do not treat the captioned title just as some dramatic exclamation or attention catching headline, NO, NO and NO, not at all. It is also not meaning that just by sleeping anything that one is accountable for can be evaded or just ignored negligently – Also, this does not mean to sleep over things, meaning overlooking or waiting till the last minute and then frantically rushing to catch up? And then panicking and wondering how did one get to sleep and overlook the impending deadlines and demanding schedules and commitments please? No excuses please, wake up, be responsible and truly be responsible please. By not sleeping sufficiently, we are possibly slipping and disorganized and complicating lots of things by our forgetfulness and anxiousness and emotional outbursts or anger and frustration, is it all because of lack of sufficient sleep? Or what else? Remember everything adds up and counts and matters, nothing can just be cast aside or overlooked or just thrown away because one may think it does not serve one’s purpose please, learn to truly respect and value what you have been given and honor the respective designations you have been awarded – whether as a student, as a employee or employer, or whether as an elected representative or in whatever professional capacity, seek to honor what you have been entrusted with please for that is who you are, you are trust, trust the true you, your true self and your true nature, please instill discipline in your lives importantly please.

It is none of the above meanings at all – since what the meaning of sleep, a leap of faith seeks to imply is that we are human beings and need to be human, we cannot defy humanity or our nature and try to go against what is the protocol we have been so very fortunately taught by our greatest teacher, our Parents of living our ideals, values, principles commitedly, faithfully, prudently, responsibly, sincerely and truthfully, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved