Think Our Way, A Way Or Away?

Think Our Way, A Way Or Away?


Some thinks take things our way, a way or completely away?


Entertaining certain from’s of thinking leads to the form of establishing certain things through their alignment with the pure intentional cycle of evolution.


With realization of certain thinks and things, lots of aspects reflect the incredible fields of energetic potentiality that is encompassed with+in their realm which inspires us to be consciously aware, diligent, prudent, responsible and sincere regarding what we wear+were whether in our thoughts, actions or expressions respectively, God Bless.

Note – We may tend to treat certain things that may have been heard over and over again – giving those certain repetitive statements barely or perhaps a little level of credibility but regardless of whether we acknowledge those facts or not, they will apparently continue to prevail and imply their range of energetic frequencies right where they are as well as far around them as well quite amazingly which yet again implores practice of thoughtful attentiveness to what is being thought for that thought or set of thoughts could possibly have taught or further teach and incorporate certain set of commands and instructions to set forth a cascading sequence of events whether we may realize this or not? whether we may seek the concerned or not? whether we may intentionally or ignorantly have precipitated and set off an avalanche of certain unexplainable circumstances and scenarios? Whatever it maybe, it needs to be regarded with due care and due diligence for what may appear as quite insignificant and trivial may gradually take and assume a dominant form where it may have initially been an innocent from with no anticipated implications whatsoever. Remember every thought has its trajectory that seeks your active and responsible participation in its desired outcome and hoped for set of results, let the thoughts, outcomes and results always be focused on sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.

Disclaimer – Do also kindly remember that one set of impure or bad thoughts could possibly contaminate a complete set and lifetime of pure thoughts and intentions. It maybe like an impulsive response, an sudden outburst or a speculated guesswork or a random gamble of trying to aimlessly and adventurously wander off the right track onto the wrong track? NO, NO and NO for what is wrong is wrong and will always be wrong with the wrongest of results. Think again, clarify your thoughts, actions and expressions before engaging in any from, form or any type of association or cohesion with any thought or set of thoughts that may be contravening the rules and laws governing local and international jurisdictions as well as those governing nature and the universe respectively. In short, it also humbly seeks to caution to avoid playing around with thoughts that may relate to anything that is dangerous or harmful in any way for oneself or others please, do not think it is just a match stick or just a experiment, there is no such thing as just when it relates to any think or anything that maybe wrong please, rather seek just that is absolutely justful and proper, legitimate and always righteous and in the best interests of one another always please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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The Simplest or the Hardest? Remembrance

The Simplest or the Hardest? Remembrance

Its Not About How Much We Know BUT About How Now We Match and March

Its More About Awareness, Diligence, Prudence, Responsibility, Values and Wisdom


The most simplest of thinks and things might be the hardest to remember and recollect at times?


And yet conversely, the most hardest of thinks and things might be the simplest to reflect upon, recollect and remember after all?


It depends not on how much we carry but far much more upon how much we truly care for when with care, we tend to attend to the intent of simplifying and when carrying we may tend to attend more towards carrying more and more and more as well as caring, so it is like we are trying to reach everywhere else at the very same instance without actually being where we are? where we are supposed to be, which is right where we actually and truly are respectively.


At times, we maybe called upon to respond urgently-responsibly and swiftly to certain requirements which have a time quotient associated with them and in those cases we may not be able to simply defer or postpone citing any excuses or reasons please. This is why, while caring and carrying, let us seek to carefully understand that it is not essential about how much we know but what we know, what is relevant and mandatory to our objectives that counts and matters please.


Since if one may think that being savvy and well informed relates to the volume and not the value? as well as relating to the appearance and not the disappearance since what happens is not the outlook or the image when one is faced with a need for submitting the needful answers and resolutions, since in those circumstances, incidents, instances, scenarios and sensitivities, the dire need for the correct answers and high degree of accuracy is paramount and otherwise could be overwhelming since one could be rummaging through the corridors of one’s minds chambers, fervently trying to associate and link something, somehow, somewhere and at times desperately anyhow? to get the needful answers, but to no avail?

Here a matter of precaution and attention is requested to avoid any desperation or frantic approach please since it along with pressurizing oneself creates a wave of greater forgetfulness where due to one aspect one may ultimately get entangled into forgetting far much more set of aspects and objectives without actually realizing and then when the impact is realized, one may be regretting and lamenting all along?

But why please? When one had the time, one never realized? or took charge? or took responsibility? or awoke to one’s accountability? It is when no one is looking also that we have someone looking upon what we are doing please, that is our conscience and our higher self that wonders that why do we at times tend to while away and squander our time at certain times doing absolutely nothing other than pretending to be doing something after all? It is in those precious gaps and spaces of times that we could at least seek to prepare and strengthen our processes more firmly and intently please instead of just hoping that something would just come out of somewhere to fulfill the requirements of the objectives please, remember everything and everythink demands accountability and accountability and greater accountability please.


Coming to the main point, if one were trying to gather almost all the news of events transcending across the globe, then socializing as well as keeping oneself abreast of everything and everythink else other than what is relevant to their account-abilities, then what would happen is that in the process of trying to impress others with their well informedness, they may eventually jeopardize their space of data assimilated – converging and accumulating lots of unnecessary information and then on top of all that hurriedly trying to pitch in and fit in – squeezing in certain information that is relevant to their needs – what would possibly happen is that due to data overload, one maybe left helplessly scattering and divesting away their precious energy and resourcefulness upon aspects, aims and objectives that are irrelevant to their actual needs and when needing to actually be alert, agile and swift maybe experiencing exhaustion and tiredness? Why? All because of negligently pursuing other avenues of thought and tasks? No, it does not work that way, that just by carrying the volume of data of everythink and everything else and not the value of data that one needs to be conversant with please.


When we seek somethings, we right away and instinctively think of the specialists, the very best professionals in the field, in the industry. This is because we believe and deserve in having the very best and nothing less, likewise our minds and intellectual faculties merit in having the finest and very best as well and we can do this by avoiding falling into the trap of boredom or needlessly vacillating from one social web site to another and frivolously wasting our precious energy in reflecting upon aspects that are irrelevant to our needs please.

Since when the time comes, it will come all of a sudden or suddenly out of nowhere at all, that is not the way it comes, but what it actually means to say is that when one is unprepared and languishing and indulging in wasteful activities, that is when they maybe caught unaware and unprepared and then hastily scrambling to gather the required information to fulfill the essential needs, but what did it prove after all?

That it is extremely essential to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, responsibility and our creative wisdom and be accountable for what has been assigned to us please, we cannot just overlook and emotionally respond with an attitude of sarcasm or engage in the blame game of attributing the lack of correctness due to the lack of adequate time or otherwise please.

Whether the simplest or hardest of thinks and things, it all starts, continues and grows with you, depending on which way you look at it – acknowledge it and reciprocate it “truly” with “your truthfulness”, with “your true self” please – and of course the time accountability factor for what we do with our time will apparently determine what emerges back when it is time as well please, remember to resourcefully utilize your thinking abilities along with your time and earnestly manage your responsibilities well in order please, God Bless.

Please Note – Please kindly do not underestimate the true value and responsibilities relating to your time and what has been assigned to you please, kindly remember that someone, somewhere including your true self, your true nature and your divine essence is+are depending upon you please, kindly live upto the respective responsibilities and earnestly attend to the needful aspects and objectives by attentively, consciously, considerately, diligently, prudently,punctually, responsibly, sincerely, truthfully and wisely attending to the relevant aspects-criteria-objectives and needful matters please, remember today its you who are in the assigned position and tomorrow it might be you who – who – who is actually depending upon someone else to deliver the needful and then you may realize how it feels, how it actually is to be waiting for that information, for those results of the completely fulfilled set of objectives please.

Whether simplest or hardest, nothing can be just cast away, negligently overlooked or postponed or deferred-ignored simply because one does not like something or one does not feel like something? or somethink? or depending and waiting for others opinions and perspectives to help guide when to awaken to one’s true calling please? It is your life, be true to it always please since many a time, it might be the fact that no one else can be able to do what has been assigned to you please, live upto your responsibilities, be earnest and sincere, this life is not a dress rehearsal or a pretentious act where just remarking that it is too laborious or tedious or overwhelming? so that is why one is not able to remember? Think carefully again and seek the necessary help when required but do not keep others in the dark or keep someone waiting for you to deliver the needful and then just awaken at the last minute and rush to pretend to fulfilling the needful, things and thinks need to be done on time with time and in time legitimately, honestly and responsibly please, no playing games with time please, be true, be true and be true to your truthfulness and please, please and please always be and live with a diligent and responsible attitude please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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The World Needs The Us

The World Needs The Us

Human Energy, When We Heat Everythink, We Hate Everything? But Why Please?

Let Us Seek to-true Practice Compassion, Forgiveness and Avoid Resentment as well as nurturing Suppressed Emotions that may contain Anger, Envy, Hatred, Jealousy, Ill Will, Revenge or any type, form or sort of Malice towards One Another Please!


The world’s goodwill, harmony and welfare is challengingly faced with its most bitter opponent which is resentment.


We need to release and let go off the divergent negative tendencies that may come to the surface and seek to forgive and embrace the greatness of living our values.


It may sound easier by just stating and all the more difficult in practicing but if we gauge and reflect upon both sides of the coin, we can certainly see the after effects and results of resentment, what it has brought and is bringing over the years, it is only fueling more hardship and suffering for both those practicing it as well as those that are on the receiving end.


People in some instances seek to emit and send across enormous amounts of energy that is filled with the heat of their enraged emotionalism and further precipitate by heating everything in the process, such as their outlook, their community and environment’s perspective, it is like they unknowingly call for remittance of a cascade of bitterness to come back to them since as we know the laws of nature follow the principle of what goes round, comes around as well. We reap what we sow, but by trying to alter and interfere in someone else’s destiny and trying to alter the landscapes of their lives, we cannot possibly compliment our own lives in anyway whatsoever please.


What we can do is to reasonably conduct ourselves in seeking to avoid the typical outbursts or frustration and expression of anger or hatred since what we seek comes to the fore whether we may realize it or not, this is not about any leadership qualities, it is the most basic element ingredient of human nature to practice compassion, forgiveness, kindness and peace – but perhaps we have got entangled in fighting others battles, assumptively thinking their battle as our own? And then in the process defeating our own selves and all that we aspired for, that we truly cherished, hoped and earnestly and faithfully wished for please.


And we cannot actually or really achieve anything constructive by engaging in the blame game or cycle or viciously attacking each other with our thoughts, actions and expressions that maybe filled with any element of negative tendencies please! We need to realize that we are beings of light filled with pure divine energy and that we have a greater divine purpose in living this life or ours, that we are all interconnected and that if someone else suffers because of our wrongdoing or because of our profiteering and illegitimate or unethical means, then that is incurring the greatest sin and wrath of nature and the universe for there is no greater sin than practicing resentment, hatred, bitterness and anger along with malice – and that there is no greater reward than practicing compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others – along with realization of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence respectively.

The Us

The us humbly seeks to refer to our collective consciousness, our divine essence, our greatness and our gracefulness that always seeks to commitedly sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely. Let us seek to let go of the inferiority or superiority complex as well as the self pity or the comfort zone of staying pitted with the enormous baggage of negative tendencies which have never, are never and will never bring forth any productive, constructive or compassionate results please. We are not here to judge others, let us first judge and look within ourselves and see what is it that we can best do that will contribute towards universal progress and welfare, rather than pointing daggers and reflecting on another’s shortcomings and engaging in a duel – a futile battle of shadows, let us face the reality and realization that implores and beseeches us to earnestly live upto to our full potential of letting our divine light to shine through the hallmarks of excellence in living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and our creative wisdom commitedly, God Bless.


Kindly remember that the human energy can either generate and emit heat or hate, the choice is ours but once or forever, the heat can be something that can be the warmth of love, peace and kindness along with compassion and forgiveness or the very same heat that cannot be seen but can be experienced is the element of hatred, viciousness and a host of divergent negative tendencies?

But yet again, why opt for the hatred? the viciousness? the multitude of negative tendencies when we know very well that what we plant and nurture is bound to come up with as likewise set of results, remember that life is not an experiment where we need to keep trying out somethings that we know is+are wrong please but rather life is the experience where we need to consciously live and practice all that is right, right and righteousness please. Righteousness in our thoughts, righteousness in our actions and righteousness in our expressions that is+are relating to ourselves and others please, God Bless.

Disclaimer – It is to be carefully noted and properly understood that the above is not seeking to refer upon any country, community, society or group of people whatsoever please. Rather, it is being expressed with good faith, sincere intentions and earnestly focussing upon the aspects of nurturing greater Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare respectively, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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I’m, I am, I aim, Am i – I am That i am, The Completeness

I’m, I am, I aim, Am i – I am That i am, The Completeness


I truly start living with myself from the moment i realize, who i am.

I am

From then on, i am is humbly the collective consciousness of the i in me, the me in us and the us in thus that is called the divine order of our sacred trust.

I aim

All that i do thence onwards becomes a graceful miracle of my higher self focusing upon my divine essence and true nature – where each moment evolves out of the now think at all+its all, the now in my life becomes my greatest and most preciousness that could ever be after all.

Am I

Leaving and releasing the egoistic beliefs and delusions, i embrace the grace of my completeness, greatness, gracefulness, truthfulness and wonderfulness – resonating the harmoniously melodious tune, I am who i am, I am that i am – my true self is my sacred nature that earnestly seeks to faithfully contribute to the committed sustainable vision of goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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