Smartphone, Heartphone, The Divine Voice

Smartphone, Heartphone, The Divine Voice


The smartphone gives us information while the heart phone forms great visions in forth giving.


The smartphone keeps us well informed while the heart phone keeps us well in form.


The smartphone lets us connect when there is a network whereas the heart phone always calm in net us with our net worth.


The smartphone allows us to chat, play games and watch video clips while the heart phone all loves us to chart, portray frames and swatch we thou care leap soar; calipso as well as gyrate to the melodious calypso rhythmical resonating the intonation of the thumbs tapping away the drums true our way.


The smartphone thinks smart ahead while the heart phone thinks and puts the heart ahead always.


With the smartphone we reach across, while the heart phone preaches and teaches us the cross roads of our true living.


The smartphone depends on the batteries while the heart phone true fends on the better we.


The smartphone at times leave us unaware while the heart phone makes us consciously aware of what we wear+were.


The smartphone is our vital link to the world nowadays while the heart phone has and will always be our why will linkedin to the world, to our words, to nature and the universe know our days and ways.


The smartphone makes us wonder while the heart phone makes us realize that wonderfulness is always ours, just a heart beat away – a way, the courteous and righteous way always.


The smartphone may appear to shine while the heart phone shines its true appearance.


The smartphone depends on its apps while the heart phone claps on its true independence.


The smartphone radiates signals while the heart phone mediates us to seeks + speak well.


The smartphone comes to us as a gift while the heart phone gifts us all that could ever come forth.


The smartphone was invented while the heart phone was created by the gracefulness of God.


The smartphone makes us remember while the heart phone remembers our make in, our made in, our match in with priceless values and gracefulness.


The smartphone needs electrical power to recharge its batteries whereas the heart phone kneads all the fascinatingly magnificent empowerment true in charge its better we.


The smartphone has patents while the heart phone says patience is the inner contentment devoid of any copyright for gladness is an innate part of our being on our true path of living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, foresight, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom infinitely.


The smartphone make us ready from outside while the heart phone already makes us further strengthened right from the roots of truthfulness inside as well as insight our true self amazingly.


The smartphone counts the minutes, the air time, the tariff while the heart phone means its counting far and wide everytime, ever fair, just, joyful and precisely meaningful and caring.


The smartphone came to us now while the heart phone knew our coming; our calm in ever since time imemmorial.


The smartphone helps us to listen to our music while the heart phone melodiously musicalizes our listening; our listen+in to our higher self and our true nature respectively.


The smartphone may only come hear us when we tend to carry it whereas the heart phone is ever loyally near us, gloriously caring and carrying us triumphantly across the landscapes of our lives compassionately, joyously and proudly.


The smartphone make us enjoy the realization of colorfulness while the heart phone beams the real life’s vision of calling upon our fulfillingness.


The smartphone seeks innovation and innovative developments to keep pace with the evolving trends while the heart phone speaks of the amazing courage, foresight and wisdom our our inner vision – our higher self brilliantly.


The smartphone needs to be bought along with subscription to plans while the heart phone come gratuitously with the master plan from the master architect of our lives, our loving Parents and the wonderful grace of God amazingly, God Bless.


The smartphone makes our mind work excitedly while the heart phone makes our mind and heart accentuate and align every moments of our lives note worthily, momentously, constructively, meaningfully, purposefully and wisely.


The smartphone brought us closer to one another while the heart phone brought trust in one another’s true closeness and companionship in the oneness of our graceful evolution.


The smartphone belongs to someone else till we may have our own while the heart phone be+longs true us until we we soar with the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe infinitely.

Divine Essence

The smartphone is a device while the heart phone is the voice of divinity, our divine essence, our true nature and our true self infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved


Your Style

Your Style


Express your style, style your expressions.


Express your care, compassion, courage, feelings, gratitude, grace, humility, love, nobility, opinion, peace, prudence, radiance, sincerity, truth, values and wisdom; they never go out of style, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

God’s Classroom

God’s Classroom


The lesson=listen+in to your truth continues.


The intuitive dialogue, living your true values.


The syllabus, calm to=true you in you truly.


The moral of each chapter is to realize that you are a true being of light filled with pure divine energy; to recognize your divine will+higher purpose as well as to experience your true self, your true nature and your divine essence in the radiant grace of oneness that unites all of us amazingly, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved