Never Know What’s Next, But Have True Faith

Never Know What’s Next, But Have True Faith


Life can change in any given instance-moment almost completely. One never knows how+what+when or why but it is essential to live each and every moment with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, responsibility and our creative wisdom consistently.


At times, we see the reality of all that there is after all. Whether people or events, the panorama of all aspects unfolds quite mysteriously? Actually, it is in many ways relating to our ardent expectancies whether in the form of positive or negative vibrations – we are constantly emitting and radiating a certain frequency of thoughts – thoughts that are actually pure energy based and having the infinite potential to remarkably change the landscapes and horizons of our lives, which is why as we have been taught time and again, think well, think responsibly, think wisely and act+express with due diligence and responsibility.


At times, those events, imaginary doubts+fears or people that we thought were there, never appeared after all? And that which we never thought or ever imagined, emerged and manifested after all, that is the meticulousness+miraculousness+precision of life. Kindly remember that everything and everythink truly works according to a systematized plan that belongs to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe infinitely. So it is in our best and greatest interests to contribute our initiatives and efforts; align our commitments to be focused upon achieving greater good for one and all, always promoting our pure intentions and seeking the grace and wisdom from our divine essence, from our true nature and our true self, our higher self to help sustain our visions to be devotionally empowered with goodness, goodness and ever fulfilling goodness for the universe and its inhabitants consistently, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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