Fur What, What For?

Fur What, What For?


It is extremely shameful that millions of animals are being skinned alive for their fur.


Skinned alive because it is easier when the animals are conscious.


The animals are treated brutally, bashed and thrown around, clubbed, beaten and abused horrifically.


All of this brutality and inhumanity is practiced to reduce the animals resistance power and to help with the easier skinning.


The captioned title reads two ways; one is, the animals asking those skinning the animals alive as well as those wearing the fur that IF I wear you? As well as, IF I were you?


Then would the very same barbaric, deplorable, unethical and condemnable set of practices of skinning alive the helpless animals ever prevail please?


Kindly help promote the conscious awareness regarding this extremely challenging tragedy that is tarnishing the goodwill of human values and hope+pray that it is completely curbed, curtailed and halted please.

Cruelty Free

It is very well known that there are human made fibers widely available – artificial fur derived from natural sources that cause no harm to any animals and are proven to be suitable alternatives at keeping the body warm and looking beautiful and graceful since they do not have any animal persecution or torture attributed to them in any way whatsoever please. So why not choose the substitute alternatives that are able to permit the animals to live their well deserved lives harmoniously, peacefully, with complete liberty and without pain or torture please.

God Bless, Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved

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