Trust, Divinity and You

Trust, Divinity and You

English: divine
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Trust the divine will.


Will, the divine trust.


Your indomitable will power along with your divine essence and brilliantly creative wisdom is truly amazing, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Animals, Divine Compassion

Animals, Divine Compassion

The logo for Compassion in World Farming.
The logo for Compassion in World Farming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The God in animals is the very same God in all of us too



By hurting them, we are hurting God too since God is ensconced within the true nature, the true self and the divine essence of each and every living being.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Compassion, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Thoughts, The Science Beyonce Signs, Linking Paths

Thoughts, The Science Beyonce Signs, Linking Paths

Your thoughts and your feelings create your li...

Thoughts, The Science Beyonce Signs, Linking Paths

Your thoughts matter. Choose good ones


One of the definitions of beyonce is referring to beyond others, here it humbly seeks to inspire us to awaken to the gracefulness of our intuitive thinking and realize its amazing brilliance respectively.

Thoughts… (Photo credit: Julian E…)


Every element of thought is believed to come along with its alternate – its opposite; where we accept or oppose its proposal almost instantaneously. Take a few moments everyday while meditating to intuitively listen; true listen+in to the sacred conversation that always seeks the goodness of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.

Knowledge will make you free
Knowledge will make you free (Photo credit: tellatic)



Whether on the earthly realm, in space or amongst the fathomless depths of the oceans, it is the solar or the sonar impulses that resonate and provide us incredible opportunities to align our thoughts+thinking patterns towards what we aspire+desire magnificently.

Learning for Life
Learning for Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Whether the radar of the sonar ping+pulse referring to the sound waves underwater or the vibrations of the spatial realm with its radio signals operating at higher frequencies or further yet even the convergence of the telecommunications on the earthly realm; all attributively emerge, submerge and re appear across the surface of the human intellectual paradigm ingeniously.

Sound waves
Sound waves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Some of us endeavor to transcend beyond all of this when we expand our consciousness and are able to witness the phenomenal constellation of the solar system from a completely newer dimension where within a few moments of fascinated glances, we cherish the experience the incessant reservoir of intensive knowledge and learning with relative humility and dexterity and very most importantly clarity since there onwards we tend+intend to perceive and understand the processes of evolution more maturely and nature+ally.

Dreams and thoughts
Dreams and thoughts (Photo credit:


Just imagine, right from the think+in; within our higher self, our true nature, our true self and our divine essence we transcend the oceanic, the spatial and the universacious landscapes and realms with a profound realization almost as if we have known this all along, comprehending the grand scheme of things and thinks relates essentially to the pureness of our thinking; our think+in truly.

A Sonar start
A Sonar start (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We try to convince others while when we settle down with equanimity it is calm wins ourselves and others. Where did this calmness, this peacefulness, this serenity and tranquility dwell and originate all along? Right here, right where we are practicing righteousness in our thoughts, actions and expressions with pure intent and conviction respectfully.

A nature trail
A nature trail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Some individuals may state the world does not know what you are going through? Well, please re phrase this sentence, it embodies and encompasses the answer to the quest+question; It is, stating all over again and along side responding with its corresponding answer:- the world does not know what you are going through? (It is) the world thus+in knows what you are going+growing true+through, indeed the world within us truly knows the truthfulness of all that is manifesting whether we may seek to accept the veracity of this or not, the truth was, is and will remain the truthfulness as it+its always true.

Thoughts Become Things II
Thoughts Become Things II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learning, Learn+in; Your Divine Essence

Referring to the captioned title, it is evidently clear that we all have been endowed with amazing intellectual faculties that always gracefully bloom and provide us with innumerable opportunities to experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom whenever there is purity, yes purity and yes on and on purity, this is something that is not just looking good; it is look+in good; look+in well, realize your divine will; carefully understand your divine potential; experience your divine essence, your true nature and your true self, you have been vested with the human nature that elucidates dignified excellence when you honor your divinity by being faithful, committed and true to your nature; one of this is the pathway of fulfilling our dharma; dharma when translated means duty and this could very well be called the sacred duty, whatever our personal or professional capacity, we need to truthfully comply with the respective ordinances, laws, rules, regulations, processes and procedures in abiding with a sense of discipline, purity and committed resolve to fulfill our dharma-our duty respectfully and that is where we complete the circle at each instance for we are able to embrace our altruism, our benevolence, our compassion, our completeness, our greatness, our gracefulness, our radiance, our wonderfulness and our creatively brilliant and intelligent wisdom infinitely, God Bless.

हिन्दी: Nature
हिन्दी: Nature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note: The discussion on this will continue and be debated with each individual expressing their perspective as they see it, so as humbly referenced in the earlier article; Birth, Shiva Trilogy, Shiva Shakti; Shivaessence, The Science Of Shiva that everything is tri dimensional in the Universe. Like mentioned before that we see an image through one eye while looking yet through at another and amazingly at the very same instance the third vision is beheld by our minds eye adding a infinite depth to human potential. Once we truly recognize and realize the essence of this, we will be humbled to acknowledge that whether the science or the signs of our thoughts,

, what we need to do is schedule our meditation practice on a daily basis, early in the morning, sit in infinite stillness, at complete ease and with tranquility and cherish the few priceless moments that encompass the ingenuity of helping us link paths to pathways that selflessly belong to the vision that sustains the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely. Then, its about being discovered in the discovery, about being realized in the realization and about being pure in the pureness, what all of this means is that with+in; our higher self is latent or should we say replete with amazing creative intelligence and knowledge – we need to discover and experience the true magnificence of all the goodness that we have come to this wonderful earthly realm to do, live with a commitment to achieve and excel by doing the very best in our thoughts, actions and expressions for ourselves and others incessantly, God Bless.

Nature (Photo credit: Juno@rt)

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Learning is (the classic view)
Learning is (the classic view) (Photo credit: dkuropatwa)