Sleep Well

Sleep Well




The day lasts longer than the night when the night’s last is longer than the day. (Please note carefully sleep well is not about over sleeping of sleeping late and waking up late, it is about habitual discipline, where adequate-sufficient sleep and sleeping well on time is responsibly observed with complete truthfulness and sincerity please)




sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Do as much as you can, with pure discipline and righteousness but don’t carry over your anxieties and staggering problems over to your sleep for the next day will carry its sleep over to your day.





Well, its the wheel of logic that if we don;t get adequate-sufficient sleep, then we clamor for more rest and then if when we get the opportunity to rest and sleep well, we are spending our time in worrying and wearing off to sleep we may not know when? Late in the nigh, on the couch, watching television? or at the computer? at + with the smartphone? just napping off in an uncomfortable position? Many times, lots of solutions are found after a good nights sleep since otherwise battling the incessant retinue of anxious thoughts all night along may not bring the desired results what a good night sleep could actually manifest amazingly. Please don’t deprive yourself of the sleep you deserve for its not worth it at all, you may realize sooner or later but what will happen is that the tiredness may tend to affect you in many more ways where you may forget where it all started after all, the simple habit of sleeping well might be overlooked casually but should not be please.



Carefully understand that if we eat insufficiently, we feel the difference. If we overeat, the difference is not only the feeling but the intense discomfort and likewise if we exert or stress or over strain or be hypertensive


sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


too much, worrying ourselves incessantly, we may be breathing improperly due to the unwarranted set of false calls and scares and imaginary frightening landscapes of fear and more fear while actually shifting our most needed vital attention from what we are needing to attend to diligently thereby setting of a chain reaction? But why? When we we young, we used to sleep well on time, wake up well on time and feel well on time and reach well on time as well as enjoy in joy on time, so it is so much about time, well on time is sleeping well on time, everything has its essence, limitations and responsible parameters, we cannot just shift or burden one part or path of our day completely due to lack of sufficient sleep please, it all adds up and then we are wondering why the restlessness? We are restless because we rest less.




Take care for your sleeping well matters, it is what provides you the vigor, the nourishment to your mind and body and better alertness. We are all human beings and being human is what we are needing most. However if we try to recreate the body clock by deriving it of sufficient sleep, then the body clock will respond in a manner that we treated it which could spill over in other areas of our lives, where we might be getting agitated, bothered, irritated and angry for no reason at all and this is almost every other day, finding challenges to be challenged? But why? Is it because of insufficient sleep? Well everyone has worries, but there is a difference to the worries or wore ease, since it is the attitude of gratitude that we are equipped with the capabilities to face what we have and have what we phase, phase well in an organized, responsible, diligent and systematic and of course wise manner, sleep well, you truly deserve it, God Bless.

sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)



God Bless


May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.


Love, Light and Wisdom,




Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved


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