Heart and Mind, Thinks and Things

Heart and Mind, Thinks and Things

My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own (album)
My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is very hard to things when its heart is true thinks and its mind is through things.


The heart calls upon the mind to think while the mind calls forth the heart to+true sing?(sometimes when we sing, we really enjoy in joy but when we have somethings that got to be done diligently and responsibly, it means that’s it, they cannot be just taken lightly or casually for there is time for play and time for seriousness and time for calmness and time for rationalization but most importantly, there is time for attending to one’s duties, one;s agendas, one’s assignments, one’s objectives and obligations, one’s studies, one’s responsibilities and one’s tasks faithfully and earnestly, for everything has its time and so does every time has its thinking when you actually+truly engage and participate with it consciously and with a sense of true responsibility and commitment that is pure, true and devoted towards achieving what is fair, just(just as in justice) and essential+relevant for the heart may say one thing and the mind may say another think, but what do you think and what do you choose and what do you decide is the main exact think as well as thing please, take responsibility and stand by+for yourself and not far away as a spectator and only coming forward to applause when others are commending you only; you need to faithfully and loyally stand by yourself, remember your true self has always stood by your remarkably, so well, you need to make up your mind and heart and whether it is things or thinks, you need to be with+in your things and thinks in such a way that it is a devoted commitment that speaks of your pure divine essence in everything that you think; in everythink that you do and and everything+everything that is truly you, God Bless.


The mind says, when it is time to sing, we sing and when it is time to think, we think and yet further when it is timing to things, it is synching with things.


Between the minds and the hearts dialogue comes the intent to think things through and through while the pureness of intention is true and true as well all the way.

English: Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul
English: Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


While the mind helps to analyze, the heart helps to rationalize thereby helping to establish a balance – a meridian pathway of neutrality, detachment as well as concerned interest.


When amidst the two of our precious assets, our minds and our hearts, we are inspired to think with the mind of our heart as well as the heart of our mind intuitively.


The mind says, things may come and go but life goes on forever. The heart likewise responds that things may go and come but far ever relies on the clarity and quality of thinking.


The result obviously is that where it concerns thinks and things, the victorious is the thinks for before doing anything, it is wise to thinking, think+in, be compassionate, considerate, diligent, practical, prudent, rationale, realistic, realized, sincere, truthful and wise.

Got You on My Mind
Got You on My Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With+in our thinks, we have the creative fabulous proficiency to create the greatest wealth ever known to humankind which is called the peace of mind, experiencing our joyfulness, living our divine purpose and divine will, celebrating and earnestly+faithfully sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, think, think, think, thinking, think+in intuitively, seek to practice meditation on a daily basis, express your divinity, express your evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely, thinking and think+in (think in refers to the intuitive dialogue with our higher self, our true nature, our true self and our divine essence) truly counts and matters incredibly for think carefully and realize that things may bring you wellness for sometime but thinks, the pure thinking, the true thinking, the real and fine intuitive thinking can bring you and all others you know and will ever know, wellness, joyfulness and happiness for a lifetime; so is it just sometime or a lifetime that you seek to enjoy in joy please? Think well but of course act well and responsibly+diligently of course; it truly counts and matters magnificently, God Bless

God Bless

Don't Mind If I Do
Don’t Mind If I Do (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


©2013 Vashi Chandi


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