Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse? Realize Whats Up

Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse? Realize Whats Up

(Indiscriminate Smoking?) Cigarette – Cinder Ate – Cancer?

(Indiscriminate Drinking?) Alcohol – All Goes All – What’s Left?

We don’t Realize until we give it up?

We don’t give it up, until we Realize?

Give What Up Please? The Indiscriminate Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Please.



Disclaimer – Kindly note carefully please that this is not seeking to target cigarette smokers or alcoholic beverages consumers or the respective industries in any way whatsoever please, rather it is being expressed in good faith, as briefly outlined above please.


The main point is indiscriminate smoking of cigarettes and consumption of alcohol could tend to represent the greatest and gravest of challenges in one another’s lives.


Cinder as we are aware refers to partially burned charcoal.


It is understood there are well over 4000 chemicals? in tobacco-cigarettes and amongst these are some of the most lethal ingredients known to possibly cause cancer. Indiscriminate smoking could seriously affect one’s lungs irreversibly.


An intoxicated person, having consumed excessive alcohol could tend to harm themselves and others fatally. Indiscriminate consumption of alcohol could seriously affect one’s brain, kidneys and livers considerably.


Despite knowing the facts, many people have become unknowingly addicted and maybe truly keen on giving upon the indiscriminate indulgence but it is principally they themselves who need to take the responsible initiatives since life is far more precious in its relationships that we share with one another as well as consciously with our realizationship of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence which always cares for and wishes one another goodwill, goodness, happiness, joyfulness and wellness infinitely please, God Bless.


In conclusion what an indiscriminate drinker of alcohol and an indiscriminate smoker of cigarettes or other illicit substances may be resonating is:-

“We don’t Realize until we give it up. We don’t give it up, until we Realize” But Realize

When Please? It is Never too Late to give up and quit the indiscriminate habitual tendencies that maybe affecting your good health and wellness Please.

Please Believe In Your True Nature, Your True Self and Your Divine Essence Please.

The indiscriminate indulgence is not acquired to remain with for helplessly please.

You truly have the confidence, courage, grace, power, determination, diligence, foresight, prudence, sincerity and the wisdom to blossom and harvest the greatness of being in charge of all aspects of your Life all across your Life by truly Believing in Your Self Please, God Bless.

It is giving up the negative habits and tendencies of indiscriminate alcohol and tobacco abuse please. What’s realization got to do with it is something such as the profound and intensely strong awakening, that burning desire, that cherished aspiration to live and enjoy this precious and wonderful live healthily and joyfully please.

We humbly pray and wish that the divine benediction and grace of God may help those earnestly committed towards quitting the indiscriminate habits of prolific cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption by granting them the gift of realization and wisdom of awakening to their divine will, their divine purpose, their true nature, their true self and their divine essence decisively, resolutely and triumphantly, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


©2013 Vashi Chandi

Photos CreditWikimedia Commons

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