Youth & Teenagers, Chat or Enchant? Messaging or Missed Aging?

Youth & Teenagers, Chat or Enchant? Messaging or Missed Aging?

Chatting and Messaging – Youth and Teenagers, Passing most of your time in only chatting and messaging? Well, Chat but Think your Time’s Passage Consciously as Well Pleaselarry-magid-quote-parents-are-right-to-be-concerned-with-what-happens


On any given average, many youngsters and teenagers spend a lot of their valuable time chatting and messaging.


They get enchanted and fascinated with the interactiveness and tend to prioritize the time spent in chat engagements. Moreover, their safety and well being is also jeopardized at times when they chat with strangers who might be mis leading them very wrongly as well.patricia-zimmermann-quote-people-want-to-be-in-spaces-chatting-up


When time comes whether for their academic grades-performances or even when they aspire to secure employment, they realize, all that precious time they spent on chatting and messaging on their smart phones, socializing, networking and being online until the early hours of the morning every day actually left them far behind in the reality of life’s competencies and competitiveness.mike-parsons-quote-we-have-the-kids-chatting-with-their-friends-on


Many of them wish they could be given another single opportunity to get back to their school and college years and study with pure dedication and due diligence, with firm discipline and faithfulness and a sense of commitment and purpose but alas every moment comes once in a lifetime and never repeats itself, God Bless.


To those youth and teenagers who are still growing up, they still have the precious opportunity to carefully understand and realize that no one is barring them completely from chatting or communicating but what is being advocated is to strictly apply a limit, a tolerable balance and enforce some rigidity in saying no means no when no means no since the future of the youth and teenagers is not realized or shaped just by chatting or being tech savvy or knowing the latest fashion and trends or having innumerable groups and likes to their fan pages or social profiles, at the end of any given day, it is not about who you know or what you know, it is who+what you truly are and be and people know when they see and speak to you, they can recognize, this is a transparent society where nothing remains concealed or hidden, once something wrong is done, it is wrong and cannot be wiped out by just writing right on the slate but yes this very moment change and transform when you truly make a pledge to now onwards – this very moment onwards faithfully, loyally and truthfully dedicate and allocate each aspect of your academic, cultural, philosophical, social, societal, religious and other respective codes of conducts and disciplines their true deserving times to help achieve and establish a complete balance and harmonious personality that shines true and throughout life with the amazing brilliance of a wonderful human being, the true wonderfulness of being human, God Bless.beth-twitty-quote-dont-allow-yourself-to-get-into-a-condition-where

Take Note Please, Dear Youth and Teenagers –

Time is Extremely Important Please –

Some youth and teenagers may state, time is the greatest teacher but well the greatest teacher is time as well.

When you truly be it in your thoughts, actions and expressions, you realize it, and for sure there are millions of youth and teenagers who are truly brilliant, dedicated, faithful and loyal to their respective commitments and self development ingeniously, God Bless.

The captioned title with reference to missed aging humbly seeks to refer to the incredible wealth of precious spaces of time that millions of youth and teenagers realized when they grew up as adults and went out to take charge of their lives.

They realized that those long hours they kept awake each night actually never contributed to their progress or welfare at all, they woke up each day next morning, having deprived themselves of adequate sleep and getting angry and irritated at the slightest pretext? Indulging in irregular eating patterns and skipping their physical exercises and staying long hours late every night in solely chatting, skipping their educational syllabus, falling back in their academic performances, experienco frustration and wondering why did they allow themselves to get drawn away and attracted by all of that? They missed aging because at a certain point in time, they suddenly kept responding based on their moods at the chats and with the messaging where the messaging and chat sessions almost dominated each and every sphere of their lives? But the alertness dawned only when they happened to walk out of an interview after interview being told flatly that life is not only measured on your social status, that they needed to be an all rounder, whether academically, physically, intelligently, creatively, socially or talent wise, they needed to have an all round growth and healthy perspectives and not just being having knowledge about one aspect solely, which is chatting and messaging. Chatting and messaging can only do so much, take away your time or its time you are taking away from your time, so when its time and you need to stand up in society and earn a livelihood, all those chats and messaging sessions would be a great regretful experience with immense losses and no re take, no second chance, remember that with age, we are supposed to grow more graceful and wise and develop and inculcate habits that help sustain our and others well being, we need to prove our worthiness in our societies by being purposeful in our living a purposeful live with conscious awareness, due diligence, dutifulness, prudence, responsibility, sincerity and wisdom attentively, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always,God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,


©2013 Vashi Chandi

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