Ailments – The One Element of Faith & Healing

william-adams-explorer-quote-faith-is-a-continuation-of-reasonAilments – The One Element of Faith & Healing

Faith, the One Element that can Help Remarkably in the Management with Ailments and Healing


Have faith in God and seek to better manage the challenging ailments that might be incessantly prolonging.


While professionally qualified medical advice+care+treatment cannot be overlooked or substituted, faith could additionally hopefully help to better manage the health portfolio by inspiring to awaken to the pureness of one’s true nature and true self, thereby strengthening the acceptance, belief and conviction of healing to some extents remarkably, God Bless.


Faith reaches where somethings and some thinks could not so effectively reach or inspire and could possibly help with the ongoing treatments because it would be reinforcing the belief paradigm with the core values that are embodied within one’s divine essence amazingly, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi


God looks Down?

stephen-s-wise-quote-vision-looks-inward-and-becomes-dutyvision-looksGod looks Down?


God looks down upon us?


We may have noted, heard or perhaps come across the above. I humbly intend to hold a different perspective regarding this, as follows


It is, God looks thou in upon us in trust. As we all are aware that the image of God is enshrined within our true nature and that God’s divine light and radiance shines with God’s divine illusion in all of God’s creations amazingly.


Hence, when God’s divine image is ensconced within our true self, it is not up there, somewhere or elsewhere; it is right here, within our higher self, our divine essence and hence the respectful attribution to this is that – God looks thou in upon us in trust.; God looks upon thou in trust, seek to earnestly uphold the God’s sacred trust, honor its commitments by living your divine purpose, your divine will and living your divine values and principles earnestly and faithfully, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi


What Does The World Truly Want? Prayers, European Union, Russia, Ukraine & The United States Of America

donna-a-favors-quote-when-we-show-concern-for-the-happiness-in-othersWhat Does The World Truly Want? Prayers, European Union, Russia, Ukraine & The United States Of America


We earnestly pray that an amicable resolution is identified in the purest interests of all concerned, God Bless.mother-theresa-peace


The question is what does the World truly want? The diplomatic channels are engaged in identifying the urgent resolutions to help establish a harmonious result for which we truly wish all of them God’s grace, goodwill and wisdom.leo-tolstoy-novelist-quote-man-lives-consciously-for-himself-but-is-an


The questions keep re emerging that what do the People of the World truly want please? History is testament to the true essence of the vital facts that what prevails intently across our consciousness manifests itself to some extents in one way or another; in one form or another and at one time or another for sure since we are all interconnected and regardless of what we may believe and actually realize, if we think of aggression? accusations? allegations? conflict? invasion? fighting? and war? in every one of our attributions+definitions+references+arguments+statements+descriptions+sentences then that is what we might be unknowingly and actually precipitating+and shockingly perpetuating far more considerably-significantly than we could ever imagine please.(What we think, what we speak, what we believe, what we discuss, what we imagine and what we forsee with a skeptical view or hurling accusations or engaging in any rhetorical expression of views and statements upon statements upon statements all focused solely on imposing sanctions? challenging? threatening? or blaming will only intensify the crisis far more further. evander-holyfield-quote-i-support-the-cause-of-the-global-peace-rally

When there is no war, why raise the alert of a war please? Why use inflammatory or provocative words and phrases or unleash a barrage of consequences and defiant remarks or challenge one another please?

There is always peaceful diplomacy and there is always a peaceful way and righteous way of doing – of true in thinks and things please and imposing sanctions or isolation or any discrimination or pushing around and issuing ultimatums will not truly serve any constructive purpose please. marcus-aurelius-soldier-the-universal-order-and-the-personal-order

If we hear somethings and if we are here to+true somethings, the actual instances – if we know the actual reality of things as they are, then we would be far more cautious in responding instead of flaring up and hurling accusations please, remember we all need a peaceful World and not at showing who is greater or stronger since all of us need to come together in the true spirit of humanity to uphold the sanctity of “Respecting” before accusing please. alan-moore-because-our-entire-universe-is-made-up-of-consciousness-we

Putting ourselves in another’s shoes and we will know how it is and what it actually is please – in the opposing position and carefully reflect upon the state of affairs as they purely are – as they truly are – Let us seek to look within our true self and our true nature for the essence of all that is unfolding and we will be able to see and realize that putting things out of contexts or trying to intimidate=threaten+coaxing or indulging in expression of any inflammatory statements would only intensify rather than diffuse any crisis please and time and again, it is extremely important to respect, to respect, to respect and to truly respect rather than provoking or hurling accusations please.

tenzin-dhonden-quote-the-prayer-wheel-is-about-bringing-peace-and-harmLet us not seek to offend any defense please but seek to carefully understand and truly respect one another for Respect begets Respect, since first when we truly Respect others, only then can we deserve to be Respected please but just declaring that there is war? that there is the brink of war? There is no war? There is no conflict? There is no fighting?

shelley2003-FEd-blog-51046.pjpegEveryone truly wants peace please and no one wants war or to attack one another please, let us all ensure that time and again, we are self introspecting what we are actually doing truly before venturing towards raising an alarm of war? an declaration of war? For if it is we who are fearing and unknowingly precipitating+perpetuating+ spreading the message of war provocatively when there is absolutely no inkling or any trace or any element of any conflict or war at all – then it is those instigating and sounding alarms and calls or references of war whereas there never was, is or any hint or even the remotest references to war whatsoever please. We need to think, believe, express and do what is pure and true please for us to be reciprocated with pureness and truthfulness please, God Bless) eft_picture_quotes_by_eft_universe_peace-407067


We seek peace for one and all, so please let us focus on sending across our pure intent filled with goodwill,harmony and peacefulness for that is what we truly want for one and all, all along please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.ralph-waldo-emerson-poet-once-you-make-a-decision-the-universe-conspires-to-make

Goodwill, Peace, Love, Light and Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi

Distances between People, Presence of Mind

arthur-eddington-scientist-quote-we-have-found-that-where-science-haswayne-dyer-wayne-dyer-a-mind-at-peace-a-mind-centered-and-not-focusedDistances between People


Sometimes when we are close, we don’t realize how far we are?


Sometimes when we are far, we may not realize how close we actually are after all.


Being close and yet being far? Being far and yet experiencing the closeness or anything+any think else is a matter of what thoughts we cultivate. The captioned title referring to presence of mind when conversely reflected and rephrased has a profound meaning such as mind of presence+presents; meaning the mind is where we gather our thoughts and then nourish+nurture them, so the mind is host to a powerful convergence and institutionalizing process where several aspects can be creatively developed. Realize the minds pure potential+powerfulness and always utilize it for the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently. Its all in the mind and the seeds of thoughts that we harvest across the landscape of our lives becomes either the loneliness or the liveliness that we engender and remarkably sustain, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi

Kunming Railway Station Attack, Prayers and Thoughts

Kunming Railway Station Attack, Prayers and Thoughts

The brutal terrorist attack at Kunming Railway Station has left us completely speechless.

We just cannot find any words at all to convey the extent of our grief and sincerely seek to express our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of this terrible nightmare.

Our minds and hearts reach across expressing thoughts of strength and prayers.


Calling God, Got Call In, The Divine Light

cotton-mather-quote-the-word-of-god-must-be-read-and-heard-withCalling God, Got Call In, The Divine Light

Divine Purpose and Divine Will, The Pureness of Devotion


Some people are constantly calling God while muting their call in?


The call in is their true self that needs to be respectfully acknowledged; meditation practiced; selfless services performed; attendance towards their duties sacredly with utmost devotion and living their divine purpose and divine will faithfully.


Transcending the divine pathways enshrined within their true nature, they then realize that they are experiencing a greater delight at responding to the call in and are no longer restless and are aligned with their inner call.


Its the pureness of their devotion they realize that’s the vital element and key ingredient that is always empowering and sustaining the essence of calling; of being called; of responding to their inner call and far much more gracefulness than they may have ever realized. ts about practicing righteousness in all their thoughts, actions and expressions as well as living their divine purpose, divine will and living their values and principles that is greater than any calling; for God’s divine light shines as the soul in all of God’s creations infinitely making each of us realize that we have a higher, greater and nobler purpose which first begins with coming together to earnestly and faithfully sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe commitedly, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi


Here or Hear, Forgetfulness begets Forgetfulness

emile-m-cioran-philosopher-each-concession-we-make-is-accompanied-byHere or Hear, Forgetfulness begets Forgetfulness


Some people completely forget they are here after all.


And then one fine day, they realize that they have been forgotten as well?


Being here and not hearing or paying attention and responsibilities towards one’s commitments will sow likewise pathways where one’s self imposed isolation and no care attitude becomes reserved for them as well for the World cares when you firstly remember to care for yourself and others. Just declaring that you don’t care or need to remember will not make a difference as you think so+sow; for that is your delusional realization, but the acceptance of any such allegation is neither reciprocated by your true self or by the nature of the Universe, so be aware; seek to truly care, remember, be diligent, prudent, responsible, sincere, tenacious, true, wise and aspire to live your divine purpose, divine will and your values and principles faithfully, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi