Ukraine Standoff, Sanctions? The Sanctity of Life and Sanctification of Living Truly

donna-a-favors-quote-when-we-show-concern-for-the-happiness-in-othersUkraine Standoff, Sanctions? The Sanctity of Life and Sanctification of Living Truly

European Union, Russia, Ukraine & The United States Of America

Remember the Apostles, the Sanct Shining, the Saints Shining, the Universal Goodwill, Harmony and Welfare Graciously and Sanctiously; What we Do For+To+True Others Comes Back to Us In Some Way or Another, At Some Time or Another, In Some Form or Another; We Reap What We Sow, God Bless


With all due respect, the above referring to remembrance is out of the highest form of respect to the sanctity of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence. What is in us, is there in others also, but we must first seek to truly respect the divine purpose, the divine principles, the divine values and the divine will enshrined within our higher selves and realized that there are truly far more greater causes across the World that are appealing for urgent attention across the years and have yet to be alleviated please. Let us help those that are not able to carry the load across the landscape of this wonderful life; let us feed those who have not had a single nutritious meal ever since they were born; let us help those who want to learn and enlighten their spectrum of creative knowledge by building more schools as well as attending to the urgent need for hospitals, affordable medical care, adequate nutrition and pure drinking water as well as sanitation water along with various other pressing agendas that have been repeatedly cast aside and only partially honored please.sophocles-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-is-the-supreme-part-of

History is testament to the providential truth that sanctions hurt and tend to intensify and escalate the prolongation of incessant disputes as well as give way to further more engagement on pathways that are away from the sacred ground that we all tread upon in our daily lives.


The sanctity of life inspires us to awaken us to our conscious awareness and sanctify the landscapes of our thoughts, actions and expressions purely. What will emerge thereby will show us that what we are seeking to impose on another is actually reflecting back likewise to us in one way or another, in some way or another and at some time or another but the passage of time cannot heal some sanctions for in the process of identifying the victory of political agendas the poll critical age+in+thus deteriorates and mind you that this is far much more than just in one place and time; it virtually affects everyone across the World please.bill-hicks-comedian-we-are-the-facilitators-of-our-own-creative


While meditating, praying and going to church on Sunday which is tomorrow, the respective officials and those in charge of making and taking the crucial decisions must contemplate in the infinite silence of the sacred realms of their intuitive conversation with their higher selves, their true self and their true nature; introspectively seeking the courage, guidance, grace, righteousness and the virtue of wisdom to foresee the pure essence of their moral conviction which will have its own answer that truly belongs towards nurturing goodwill, harmony and welfare towards one another.shelley-fabares-actress-quote-we-need-to-appreciate-how-precious-life


It is to be carefully noted and well understood that this is not about educating or being partial but rather its about doing what is right for righteousness is our sacred ground and whether it maybe in Europe, in Russia, in Ukraine, in the United States of America or anywhere in the World, the language of sanctity is very much the same. It may span across different beliefs, cultures, conventionalities, faiths, traditions, ideologies, norms, practices, religions and systems which all teach us the same one truth that before pointing at anyone or appointing anyone, let us seek to make our daily appointment with God and cherish the kingdom of God that is enshrined within the sacred realms of our higher self; we will intuitively experience some sparkling revelations that we are all one in the divine union, in the oneness with God and that what God seeks is the Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare. The sanctification reveals to us as we all already know truly well that the true essence and soul of all religions is the love of God and God’s children unconditionally; without imposition of any sanctions and realizing the pure sanctity of reasoning and indomitable will power is what dwells within us magnificently, God Bless.


I have spoken from a neutral standpoint of view and taking all the prevalent facts into consideration and not just talking from just a wishful thinking or dreaming a vision or even vacillating into any sphere that is confluent with mystical sojourns. All of us know what is there and also are aware of what can thereby result when we impose sanctions and looking all across the World, there is so much that could be done to alleviate the poverty, spread the education and enhance the literacy level as well as build more hospitals, schools, learning centres, improve the standard of living for millions of people; some of whom are barely able to eat one square meal a day which comprises of a glass or perhaps half a glass of milk and a plain slice of bread; they are not able to have pure drinking water or even sanitation water and have to walk miles everyday to fetch water even nowadays. franklin-d-roosevelt-president-we-have-always-held-to-the-hope-the

There are millions of Children that are going hungry and so are their Parents because all they can do is pray for another better day with hope and faith while attending to their respective obligations and there is so much more that needs to be done all across the World and is commendably being done already by millions of people already but that drive is what needs to be strengthened and not the drive of sanctions for sanctions may herald a political victory but the true victory is one that belongs to the Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare please. We may be able to celebrate each day thanking God for all our incredible endowments while millions of people may not be sure if they could make it till tomorrow also please; they are struggling and appealing, but is their voice being heard please? The voice of sanctions and the imposition of sanctions captures the headlines all across the globe, well while diplomatically peaceful steps are taken to identify mutually fair and reasonable approaches, sanctions are isolation actually towards one’s ownself more greater than hurting others please. Let us shed aside the impetus that is relating to sanctions and devote the resources that are saved and invest them in helping millions of people all across the World further awaken to the sanctity of their true selves and live dignified lives and be able to have affordable health care and celebrate the gloriousness of the World for one day will come that the blessings of those millions of people will definitely help us and others remarkably, please do consider sanctity and sanctification rather than sanctions, may the grace of God and the wisdom of God be with you, God Bless.intuition

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Universal Goodwill, Harmony, Peace, Love, Light and Wisdom,saint-augustine-saint-augustine-miracles-are-not-contrary-to-nature


©2014 Vashi Chandi

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