Right, That’s All Right

miguel-de-cervantes-novelist-diligence-is-the-mother-of-good-fortuneRight, That’s All Right

Life is Not only about being Where we are Right, But its also about being “Right Where We Are

Being “Right Where We Are” is about Truly being “Right Where We Are” Alert, Committed, Diligent, Focused, Responsible, Tenacious, Truthful and Wise


Some people want to be where they are when they are right?success-quotes


They need to realize that life’s about consciously being present right where we are. Attentively, Consciously, Diligently, Prudently, Responsibly, Sincerely, Tenaciously, Truthfully and Wisely being present where we must be present.TAGORE MIND WITHOUT FEAR


The above humbly seeks to refer to several people being caught off guard, they leave their sense of alertness and precaution aside? They tend to take enormous risks just for a few moments of fleeting pleasure? Like while driving, tending and intending to shift their focus from the pathways ahead to the weigh path that’s emanating from the screens of their mobile devices? Or others while at work or at home, or anyone, anywhere and at any given time need to be alert, alert, alert, due diligence, due diligence and due diligence is required to be exercised and practiced importantly please since deviating from one another’s respective duties and tasks and being more concerned about keeping abreast of what’s happening across the social media or watching some recreational videos online or listening to music while ignoring the phone calls and the urgent tasks on hand or even other aspects being neglected by not being right where we are could eventually represent its own set of consequences at any given point in time without any alarm or warnings please, life cannot be just taken for granted or for that matter so many aspects cannot just be taken for granted and thinking that we are right, so all else will also be right, its not like that, it needs to be the other way round and around also at the very same time importantly, which is being right we are as well please. titus-maccius-plautus-poet-persevere-in-virtue-and


Or even students who have to attend to their examinations and are frantically rushing to fulfill their respective commitments in the eleventh hour, in the nick of the moment, in the last few hours before their exams begin? Likewise whereever, in whatever capacity, professional designation or stature, each and every one of us have been given+entrusted certain responsibilities, but if we tend to practice the attitude of only being there where we are supposed to be when it suits us? Meaning being where we are only when we are right and otherwise just ignorantly looking away?


Life is not lived that way at all since by only tending to be right where we are only when we are right and not otherwise and carelessly risking and speculating, deviating our attentiveness away from the sensitivity of the situations could land us in trouble sooner or later and then all the apologies would not be helpful since the virtue of righteousness keeps precautioning us, reminding us, inspiring us to be right where we are, practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently. It is good being where we are right, but it is far more good, ethical and purposeful being right where we are for life cannot be lived just on an auto pilot mode, of just switching on the engines and then expecting to be cruising at an imaginary altitude and navigating responsibly? Since once we shift of the focus, we may land somewhere else where we never may have imagined please. It needs the attitude of righteousness, the attitude of diligence and prudence, the attitude of righteousness time and again, the attitude of responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and wisdom earnestly, faithfully and committedly, God Bless.warren-buffett-warren-buffett-the-business-schools-reward-difficult-complex

Please Kindly Note – It maybe coming many a time to the critial factor that being right is what matters but as we all know very well that along with being right and practicing righteousness, the incredible importance of being right where we are is significantly paramount and enormously potential for shifting our attention away for even a few seconds from what needs our complete and total attention could represent catastrophic results. This is for example workers who are operating+working with certain machinery where regardless of even someone calling them, they cannot afford to shift their attention and diligence away, once they have safely completed the respective tasks and switched off the machinery properly, only then, could they ever seek to respond to what’s being generally discussed. Or even if it may be the driver of vehicle or even if it may be a pedestrian or even if it maybe at the hospitals or in other walks and vocations of life as well as also when one maybe leisurely vacationing or going around generally to attend to their daily agendas, assignments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies and tasks accordingly. The above are only some of the scenarios but likewise there maybe several other instances, circumstances or situations where regardless of what time and age, what definitions or suppositions; what pretexts or reasons, being right is what matters truly but along with being right it is extremely important to be right where we are as well please, diligently practicing righteousness in our thoughts, actions and expressions consistently, please be safe, please be well, please care for yourself and others as well please, God Bless.emily-dickinson-poet-behavior-is-what-a-man-does-not-what-he-thinks

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,yajur-veda-quote-o-god-may-we-after-being-inspired-by-virtuous-qualiti


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