Truth and You, The Divine Covenant

charles-stanley-charles-stanley-we-are-either-in-the-process-ofTruth and You, The Divine Covenant

The Divine Countenance Is Enshrined With+in the Realm of Your Higher Self, your True Nature and True Self, Seek to Meditate to Experience your Completeness, Greatness, Gracefulness and Wonderfulness Amazingly

You are the Truth, The Truth is You, Your True Self

Seek to Meditate, Experience your True Nature and your Divine Essencerichard-gere-actor-quote-meditation-is-such-a-more-substantial

Endeavor to faithfully practice Compassion and Righteousness in your Thoughts, Actions and Expressions

Aspire to Live your Divine Purpose, Divine Principles, Divine Values and Divine Will that are Sustainably empowered by your Divine Wisdom, God Bless


What takes you away from you is not true.


What takes you away from truth is not you.


Trust in the truth of life radiates its brilliant, compassionate, creative, intelligent, magnificent, moral, noble, ingenious, righteous and divine luminescence infinitely, God Bless.meditation-quote

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi

God and Us, The Divine Trust

bruce-babbitt-quote-its-a-hopeful-message-that-we-have-found-ways-toGod and Us, The Divine Trust


God made us, God made thus and God met us + meets us within our divine trust.


We have been entrusted with the sacred privilege and covenant of further making+molding+sculpting ourselves to what we seek to be; true be.


The grace of God as well as the gaze of God is always there with us when we are purely one with what’s our truth incarnate.sms-3838


The image of God is enshrined within the realm of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence evoking our conscious awareness to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness, compassion, diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and our brilliant creative wisdom earnestly and faithfully.


Every breath and moment of our lives is truly the greatest gift which is sustainably empowered by living our divine purpose, living our divine principles, living our divine will and our divine values that embody the divine wisdom of life supreme infinitely.


We have come to this Universe to live together as a Family, committedly contributing our diligent efforts and initiatives aimed towards sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe unconditionally.aimee-semple-mcpherson-quote-with-god-i-can-do-all-things-but-with


When we seek to meditate and expand+raise our consciousness, we humbly embrace our completeness, our gracefulness, our wonderfulness as well as our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom amazingly.


The essence of the divine truth of our lives implores us to realize our oneness with God, that we are God’s children and are not separate from God however whenever we commit any immoral actions, dwell upon thoughts that are against morality, ethical norms and practices of integrity or even whenever we may indulge in any form or type of behavior or actions that are against our own selves or others whether in thoughts, deeds or expressions; we distance and then keep on distancing ourselves from God and all that is divine; all gradually establishing layer after layer of illusive delusion, perhaps making us feel falsely victorious that we beat someone? that we made someone suffer? that we hurt someone? that we cheated someone? that we tortured someone?All, all and all of those and any other such relative negative thoughts, actions, deeds and expressions tarnish our image, our credibility as well as our repository of karmic deeds; and then the law of karma, the law of sow and reap would impartially apply; so in one way, we keep moving away from God due to our ignorant actions that hurt ourselves or other living beings; and we keep considerably distancing ourselves from God and God’s grace and when the time comes and we call upon God, then God as always is always there, but due to the heap of enormous negative tendencies, our vision may have got blurred and clouded, our senses maybe tainted and embroiled with the intense vibrations and sufferings of others agonies and that would act as an deterrent element for this life time as well as other lifetimes until we pay the price for our wrong deeds here as well as over and over and over again until we realize that by hurting ourselves or other living beings, we are going against the power of the creation.

This is why, we must practice goodwill in our thoughts, actions and expressions consistently for goodwill is God’s will and willing good is willing God. Somethinks may last for a time in our lives, nourishing the enjoyment quotient in our lives but the somethings that result as a reason for the some thinks, the temporary illusive delusionary indulgence may cling onto us for a lifetime to+across lifetimes, then we may be waging a duel with our own conscience, when there is even the slightest sound, we become over reactive, so it is not that sound out there, it is the echo of our conscious, our consciousness speaking and appealing, earnestly seeking for us to realize that good begets good whether in thought, deed or expression and this is about good, goodness and pureness as it is, devoid of any conditionality, barter or putting anyone, any living being through any form of pain or suffering please, kindly realize what you do for others comes back to you in someway or another, at some time or another and somehow or another, how it comes? when it comes? where it comes? we do not know, but it does appear and manifest in our lives and then we are caught in the dilemma or ignorant retinue of thoughts, what did we do? what did we commit? what was wrong where? Perhaps, we may forget, but the laws of karma, the action+reaction, the law of sow and reap all have an impeccable record of all that has occurred and demands firm and impartial accountability please.


While meditating, we realize that God was, God is and God will always be as close to us as we are to God. It is one of the greatest experiences of our lives where during our conversation through our higher self with the image of God enshrined within our true nature, we proudly proclaim with sheer humility and elucidate the greatness of God’s grace in all that was, in all that is and in all that will ever be.


The relationship, the realizationship, the essence of the captioned title is earnestly seeking for us to carefully understand and realize; to truly experience and let the divine light and wisdom of God shine throughout our lives as well as in one another’s lives magnificently. Each and everyone of us will discover and reach across towards fulfilling our divine potential for Universal goodwill, harmony, and welfare creatively.elie-wiesel-elie-wiesel-words-can-sometimes-in-moments-of-grace


Some of us say, God has brought us into this World and God will take care? But then, how about our taking care as well as care taking please? Remember, we all have been entrusted the power of the divine purpose, the power of the divine principles, the power of the divine values, the power of the divine will; which all are remarkably sustained by the pure and sacredly divine wisdom accordingly. We need to take responsibility and consciously strengthen as well as sustain the bond of purity and divine oneness that unites us with what we have got, with what we have God as well as with what we get having; yes this is the element of trust, where when we realize and experience our contentment and having God’s grace is having the grace of God forever and encompasses every other virtue of life purely, with methodical precision, we humbly express our grateful thanks and seek to continue attending to our respective agendas, assignments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies, tasks and commitments earnestly, faithfully and responsibly, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi