Hong Kong’s Occupy Central movement may take on shades of Taiwan protest

Hong Kong’s Occupy Central movement may take on shades of Taiwan protest

I  would wish to express my perspective regarding the above news report, as follows:-

Indeed, living in the real world is what life is truly all about.

Seeking to emulate protests or engage in civil disobedience is not the ethical moral and wise approach at all We have all been taught priceless values that we need to live in goodwill and harmony with one another.

We need to diligently strive with utmost discipline in progressing along the lines of academic, industrial, scientific and technological innovation with pure intentions.

We can utilize the very same opportunities that we have been given to achieve and create rather than to put forth any announcements or gain inspiration from some pathways that are not conducive to who we truly are please.

The world is watching and more than the gaze of the world it is our own consciousness that is witnessing the deviation that we are adopting by paying attention to what’s wrong, what’s going wrong and then seeking to proclaim wrongness as the right way?

Righteousness calls for being, honoring, respecting and valuing the healthy and conscious image that we hold of ourselves and others. Life is not lived really until we have really understood its greatness which teaches us to make the world feel proud of us by firstly making ourselves feel proud of the world and doing what it takes to be authentic, right, real and genuine for we have got what it takes, so let us live by our ideals, our values and our principles which inspire us to be sincere in all that we think, do and express and truly stand for really based on reality please, God Bless, Vashi