Navratri, Victory to the Divine Mother, True Devotion, Purity and Righteousness

marianne-williamson-marianne-williamson-i-deepen-my-experience-of-godNavratri, 31 March to 7 April 2014

Navratri is the festival that refers to the worship of Goddess Durga along with her nine manifestations respectively.


The translational definition of Matarani refers to the Divine Mother whose victory signifies the graceful triumph of Mothers all across the World always, for Mothers are truly the epitome of divinity.


It is a festival that celebrates the virtues of purity, devotion and righteousness that are enshrined within the sacred realms of  our true nature, true self and divine essence amazingly.


Each and every moment inspires us to truly live our life’s divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will infinitely, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Hong Kong Sevens, Rugby, The Endurable Pinnacle Of Global Sportsmanship


The prestigious Hong Kong Sevens is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong from March 28 2014 until 30 March 2014 respectively.


It heralds the celebrations of an audience; enthusiastic spectators both at the venue as well as all around Hong Kong and Globally to experience the joy of a tremendous sport.


The interest is profound and captivates each and every one’s attention very most delightfully, where one learns the true love of sportsmanship is encompassed in the belief of team spirit amazingly.


It empowers the vision of the participants thereby providing them with insights relating to an disciplined expression of their tremendous potential amazingly; this empowerment of self awareness of their capabilities compliments the divergent facets of their lives as well progressively.


It brings forth the agility and abilities to deliver amongst some of the most phenomenal sprints as well as the virtue of magnificence in one’s oneness in teamwork as well as the teamwork’s oneness that gracefully radiates through from each and every team player remarkably.


This is the stadium where the track of every moment is echoing the symphony of the creative brilliance of global+universal multi cultural sportsmanship.


The Hong Kong Sevens is globally admired because its events represent the true essence of team spirit attired in its finest repertoire of endurable magnificence, God Bless.

Courage, Dignity, Respect, Love, Light and Wisdom

©2014 Vashi Chandi

You Have; Have You; Where Have You Been?


Some people live in a state of denial, refusing to accept the state of affairs as they truly are?


When someone speaks to them, they only speak about what they don’t have and have daunt, they intensify the orchestrating of what they don’t have, than what they already have.


They do not realize that its not about shouting from the rooftops what they have or what they don’t have, its about truly accepting themselves, for that is empowering their conscious resolve to venture further ahead in their lives based on knowing where they have been, where they are being as well as where they will be, for what they have is truly priceless, which is the realization of accepting themselves truly; of living their divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will faithfully.


Having is about the conscious realization, the sacred acknowledgement and the divine virtue of being truly grateful for all the magnificent endowments that we have been granted. The good health, goodwill, good sense, good thoughts, good wisdom as well as the purity of the goodness that remains ensconced within our true nature and our true self amazingly, if we go on reflecting, the list of the having will be an outpouring of gratitude with profound humility; so then it comes to being resourceful; doing the best with what we have to have the best with what’s our truth in, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The Script of Life, Read Right, Read Light

cs-lewis-quote-this-moment-contains-all-momentsLife re writes its script based on what you read right+read light in your living.

Light refers to the divine radiance emanating from our true nature and true self while right humbly refers to the practice of righteousness in our thoughts, actions and expressions infinitely, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Time and Wonder, Its Right Here

gene-fowler-journalist-whatever-one-believes-to-be-true-either-isSome people wonder when they will have time? Some others time, when they will have wonders in their lives?

Well, whether time or wonder, both are right here, right where you are and you can experience them when you firstly begin with practicing righteousness in all your thoughts, actions and expressions being in alignment and harmony with one another truly, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Double or Trouble the Results?

jean-cocteau-director-art-is-a-marriage-of-the-conscious-and-theThe very same set of tasks would either give us double the results or trouble the results; either way, it all depends on how truly well + diligently + prudently + responsibly and wisely we utilize the time we have; each and every moment of this life is truly precious, value it responsibly, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Spending Time Upon Time?

emile-m-cioran-philosopher-each-concession-we-make-is-accompanied-bySome people actually spend more of their time in the process of recovering time than they actually spend in covering their time+timing.

They forget where they kept somethings, they keep searching and searching and searching endlessly whereby even what time they ever had becomes a mystery for it almost dissolves with anxiety fraught with intense worries, surrounded by concerns and tensions? When having somethings, carefully remember where you place it or else when you want it back, it may make you go places and more places, all around instead of going right where it is, right where you kept it, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

No hair in the front of my head? You have her in the front Ahead, Now her refers to Good Fortune & The Element of Time Respectively

No hair in the front of my head? You have her in the front Ahead, Now her refers to Good Fortune & The Element of Time Respectivelycharles-dickens-quote-there-is-a-wisdom-of-the-head-and-a-wisdom-of


Many people are intrigued and extremely concerned either with their hair loss, receding hair growth, balding or thinning hair as well as experiencing embarrassment? but why feel embarrassgeorge-arliss-actor-humility-is-the-only-true-wisdom-by-which-weed?







You have to head on straight and keep going ahead and not getting caught with irrelevant image conscious or self defeating gestures or procrastination. When hearing the remark that, you don’t have hair in the front, the answer also is that you have her in the front ahead; her referring to your good fortune as well as the element of time, you have priceless virtues with you, within you, all around you when you are truly true and committed towards earnestly fulfilling your respective duties and living your values; you have your good health, goodwill, your good associations, your good tidings, your good sense of humor, your good sportsmanship and sense of courage and conviction as well as so many more virtues; all plus points always, so when you have good fortune and she is smiling on you in your life, there are so many things that are going on good in your life, so why lament and keep wailing that no hair int the front, is your crying or taking many expensive remedies or other measures going to actually re grow or re manifest the hair please? as well as the well known aspect that the more we regret, the more we perpetuate and align with all that is converse to our desires actually.


Have courage, be resilient+tenacious+wise as well as being bold and determined, there are gabriel-marcel-philosopher-quote-contemplation-and-wisdom-are-highestfar more important aspects in life than hair since if someone may say that hair is the beauty, well the answer is be you thee; be who you truly are, that’s all there is to the true beautifulness, the true gracefulness that overshadows every other element of bountifulness remarkably.


The stark irony is that some of us when having one thing, we aspire for another, and then having another thing, we yet keep on hopping and skipping here and there; almost everywhere fervently because we no longer have what we once had, but let go in the pursuit of something distant, that allured and captivated our attention until we reached the distances and realized there were all mirages and then felt betrayed but more dismal was the loneliness at having returned back to where we started to not that she was gone; that good fortune had moved away because we never valued her at all? never understood her at all?


Well, the essence of this is humbly seeking to refer to the time in our life, it is extremely precious and like good fortune has been mentioned above, time is what everything and every think oscillates around, round and around intensively and intentionally, and then what we do with that time will determined whether our resourceful management will bring us rewards or we will bring time its awards by being true to our nature, by being disciplined, diligent, prudence, responsible, sincere, truthful and wise; ensuring that we always live our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will consciously, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi