The Weather, The Whether, The Temperature, The Temper-rature, Calm Temperament


Whether inside-insight or with the weather outside-outsight, consciously maintaining a calm temperament is extremely essential please, God Bless.

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Life, Happiness & Wisdom; Truly Yours


When you are *happy with what is yours, life is yours with happiness as well, God Bless.

Please Note *Kindly remember that the part and path of happiness also naturally embodies and encompasses being ethical, diligent, prudent, responsible, resourceful, sincere, truthful and wise as well respectiveHappiness-Comes-from-Withinly.

Remarks: The above refers to the process of honoring and treating as sacred all that we be, are, have and will ever be. Whether it is our thoughts, actions or expressions, we need to be in conscious and harmonious alignment and responsibly attend to what we have been entrusted with faithfully.

albert-einstein-physicist-no-problem-can-be-solved-from-the-same-level-ofDetachment: It is also the conscious realization of ensuring the disengagement in nurturing any sort or type of negative tendencies such as anger, bitterness, envy, hatred, jealousy, rage, resentment or harboring suppressed emotions please.  Let go, forgive and do not hold any grudges or revenge against anyone including yourselves please. This is not about dramatizing or expecting miracles but about creating, manifesting miracles in your lives since instead of investing in the negative energies, seek to invest in the positive energies by doing what is needful and responsible, what is essential and expected in your lives, of living your life’s values and true will earnestly and committedly please. Become an careful observer and think and act instead of just reacting and then thinking, that alas, why did I react in that manner, in that way? Remember that once you do something, it is done and cannot be undone, but that does not mean you have the liberty to keep doing anything that is wrong whether to yourselves or others please, there are agreements, rules, regulations and laws that need to be complied with and whether it is the law of nature, the law of the universe or the law of national and international jurisdictions, the law of the world, we are all answerable and accountable very most strictly and there are legitimate consequences to pay for any wrongdoing always.

Realization: True happiness is not derived from material possessions but procession of met+the+real; yes, living with practicality, real values, reality as it is, not some illusion or imaginary pathway somewhere vague, because when we are not definite, then life is indefinite from the perspective that it precisely reciprocates and reflects back the identical set of aspects in our lives as well.oprah-winfrey-oprah-winfrey-the-whole-point-of-being-alive-is-to

Commitments: We need to be true to our nature, realize our higher purpose and role in this life, endeavor to apart from attending to our respective agendas, assignments, chores, commitments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities and tasks seek to meditate on a daily basis with meticulous observance and practice of pureness and discipline instilled in our minds franklin-d-roosevelt-president-happiness-lies-in-the-joy-ofand hearts and ensure that we make the process of living our life’s divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will as the primordial aspiration to be cherished and nobly sustained. It is the divine grace and divine wisdom of God that is shining forth in each and every moment of our lives, what we need to do – to true is to fulfill our part for God to fulfill his part, awaken and live your life compassionately, diligently, gloriously, prudently, responsibly and wisely, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi