Having All That We Need; Needing All That We Have


When what we have is all that we need. When what we need is all that we have.


Its the harmonious alignment of our conscious and subconscious mind as one, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The World, The Us and Everyone

archibald-mcleish-poet-there-is-only-one-thing-more-painful-than   Expect

If we expect everyone to be like us, well then life expects us to+true be+like everyone as well, God Bless.

137606306454476665032126©2014 Vashi Chandimarcus-aurelius-soldier-he-who-lives-in-harmony-with-himself-lives-injohann-wolfgang-von-goethe-poet-it-is-not-doing-the-thing-we-like-to