Love the Love in You, Love Essence, The Quintessence of Love and the Truth


Love is pure, Love is sacred, Love is true.


Find the love that’s in you, find you that’s in love with love’s truth as well as truth’s love infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

God, Cosmos, Life, Nature, The Universe and You; Its about Time and Conscious Awareness

william-james-philosopher-our-normal-waking-consciousness-rationalThe Essence of Time

God give us time to know ourselves; The Cosmos, Life, Nature and the Universe as well gives us time to know ourselves.

Truly Priceless

But do we honestly, sincerely and truly give ourselves time and seek to earnestly devote to+true know ourselves truly well as well please? Its seeking to know our true nature, our true self and our divine essence; Seek to meditate, experience your higher self and divine essence, it is truly amazing, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The Divine Birth in Humanity, The Divine Civilization of Humanity, Righteousness


Being born to humanity endows us with righteousness.


Being righteous towards our endowments bestows us with divine oneness, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The Power to+true Choose

samuel-johnson-author-quote-courage-is-the-greatest-of-all-virtuesCarefully remember that by Making the Choice, The Choice is Making Us as Well; Think Well, Be Well, Do Well+True Well, God bless


Let us first of all bifurcate the word choice. The translational definition of cho refers to beautiful while ice here in these contexts humbly seeks to refer to our eyes as well as the pure intent of our vision respectively.


When and if we may hear someone exclaiming and intonation the very same phrase, over and over again that they have no choice? but so succumb towards engagement and nurturing of certain tendencies that are not in conformance with the proper etiquette of living; we can inspire and motivate them that – they surely have a choice, choices since now they are where they are because they chose to be so at a given point of time, whether deliberately, ignorantly, pretentiously or unknowingly’ and do remember that the someone applies to each and everyone of us as well for we are all united by the Universal breath that connects us together amazingly . henry-moore-sculptor-discipline-in-art-is-a-fundamental-struggle-to


So they need to use the power of their mind carefully to train their brain to re-instill the habits and characteristical virtues that always remain submerged within their true nature to re emerge and radiate their pure harmonious belief and conviction in their true self.


But there is a disclaimer that they need to carefully observe and truly understand which is that unless they faithfully, genuinely, really, sincerely and truly seek to help themselves, nothing else or no think else could possibly help them at all for even if they meditate, practice yoga, embrace spirituality and integrate a disciplined methodology in their lives by instituting profound changes in their way of living, unless their minds and hearts are convinced that what they are doing is truly good and resolutely honor their sacred intent of seeking to understand and abide and comply with the divine purpose, the divine principles, the divine values and divine will of life which are always remarkably empowered and sustained by the incredible divine grace and divine wisdom of God, nothing else would be able to work as well as it could, for they maybe standing between themselves implanting seeds of various tendencies and virtues that are not inherent but have been acquired by despair or delusion. So as choice states actually, that each of us truly have the option, to choose and that is the conscious decision, to choose diligently, responsibly, prudently and wisely and ensure to engender the commitment of being who we truly are.mignon-mclaughlin-journalist-hope-is-the-feeling-we-have-that-the


This means, we have the power to choose as well as the power true choose. Now this is not some intriguing puzzle or some mystical complexity; all it is is that we have been endowed with the choices but then getting carried away and swaying, getting attracted and influenced, seeking indulgence and being indignant; being stubborn and going against all the ethics, norms and practices, we are further ahead met with consequences that shudder the very existence of our being because nothing comes out of doing wrong or making others suffer because of our wrong doing, helen-keller-author-quote-i-do-not-want-the-peace-which-passeth


We are all pure and sacred, so if we think that other living beings are not, then we are eradicating the purity that’s there within us and replenishing it with what we are thinking for someone or something else, it is the power of manifesting things in our lives that we may never have imagined, all because we chose and life obliged, but remember each choice has a price, but then it is not converse that each price has a choice meaning that it is not at the beck and call or will of anyone at anytime to just choose and expect aspects to manifest; there is a disciplined methodology with which nature, the universe and the cosmos operates and functions and to realize that we need to exercise pure disciplined intent in all that we think, do and express consistently for when we are in alignment with our true nature, with our divine essence, with nature, with the universe and with the cosmos, we experience that we are making the choice and the choice is making us as well, for it is a choice based on purity, which seeks the goodness of one and all unstintingly, not measuring but unconditionally going with the flow of nature, purity and the sacred truth of who we truly are, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi