Life happens; Are you Here or There? Subscribe True Live, From the Space to the Pace of Evolution

sai-baba-leader-quote-all-action-results-from-thought-so-it-isConscious Awareness

Lots of things happen spaced apart; Lots of pace think happens across the path of space.

Sequential Paradigm

Things falling apart, a path following thinks? Things coming together, a calm inner path (intuitive think) following truth gets there!

Evolutionary Transcendence

Things happen all of a sudden? The sow then happens all across our thinks.

Seek to Mediate, Observe your Thoughts

The deep intellectual faculty of your thoughts puts it all together as well as true gather+get there spaces it all apart as well.

The Architect as well as the Art Detect

You are the creator of your own destiny, your zest in thee unfolds the landscapes of your magnificent evolution infinitely. Think, you are thinking and thought you are taught as well as teaching your own self another space, another pace, another part, another path+pathway; thereby realizing that when you align your thoughts with your actions and expressions; you experience the harmonious brilliance and consonance within your being akin to the lotus that unfolds its petals as it blossoms forth gracefully, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi