Shiva Maha Purana, Righteousness, The Purity of our Intuitive Dimensions seek the Mind’s Enshrined Sacredness


Purify our mind, mind our purity.


From the mind reach across to the heart; from the heart reach across the the soul; from the soul reach across to the supreme consciousness.

  sri-sathya-sai-baba-quote-the-values-a-man-must-cherish-as-his-life-br Grace

Then let the consciousness of each and every cell experience the purity of the cosmos flow throughout our being and remarkably sustain the pure oneness of our existence infinitely.


The captioned title humbly seeks to refer to the conventional process where we want to reach everywhere with our minds and whereas here it humbly seeks to bifurcate the sacredness of the process by removing layer after layer of impurity that might prevail by treading on the sanctified pathways since first the mind gains its insight by fascinatingly reaching across to the heart in the realm of pureness and then that purity is further empowered and strengthened by reaching across to the soul which gracefully reaches across to the supreme consciousness by guiding us to experience our divine oneness; we are awed by the divine light that shines true and throughout our lives, which has always been shining ever since, however it is the pureness of the acceptance, the conviction of our indomitable will power that characterizes the creative intelligence of the divine wisdom that is imparted in the intuitive transformation making us realize that before we need anything, we need to ensure that we establish a pure foundation for its roots which will always be sustained by the divine truth altruistically, always seeking goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently.


With our left hand, we are handed what’s left while with our right hand we are handling what’s righteous; so when we fold our hands together what’s left derives enormous power through the sanctification process of acquiring the righteousness in all and what is righteous graciously attends to the resourceful channelization of what’s left, whether it is time on our hands; whether it is the intent, whether it is the opportunity; whether it is our breath and particularly for the breath, breathing in the purity and exhaling out any impure elements and sediments; thereby chastising (chastising that is more of a guided approach; from the perspective of ensuring practice of what is righteousness being practiced in all that is thought, acted upon and expressed truly) the chambers of our mind, heart and soul characteristically.

Shiva Shakti, Opeggy-jenkins-quote-to-discover-joy-is-to-return-to-a-state-ofmkar, Omkara, Aumkara, Ek Onkar

Shiva means pure and Shakti refers to the cosmic energy; with the pure intent of our energies oneness, we create what we aspire that is good and true for ourselves and others respectively. Ek Onkar refers to the oneness of God, God is one and shines as the soul in all forms of God’s creations amazingly. Om is the Sanskrit symbol  that refers to the supreme infinite spirit of life supreme. When  we chant Om, we merge with the pure expression of the energy within ourselves; we merge with the supreme consciousness, the infinite self and experience the harmonious consonance of our mind, heart and soul with the supreme consciousness resonating its melodious incantation infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi