Earthquake in Mexico: 7.5 Magnitude Quake (Temblor) Strikes Acapulco, Mexico City

Earthquake Today in Mexico: 7.5 Magnitude Quake (Temblor) Strikes Acapulco, Mexico City

Praying for the safety and well being, God bless.

Money, Little or More, The Difference? The Relationship, The Realizationship, Divine Consciousness Principle


Sometimes, even the slightest money can make all the difference. And yet at some other times, even all the money in the world cannot help at all.



Realize and understand, at many a time actually its not about money but the relationship+realizatonship that each of us has towards money that either places us towards, true wards or against it.

g-wilhelm-leibniz-quote-wisdom-is-the-science-of-happiness-or-of-the Consciousness

Please do not mis understand, but it is either the consciousness of abundance or poverty that will intensify, re arrange and simulate likewise set of aspects and factors in one’s life.



But of course, apart from the consciousness, various other aspects such as the diligent practices, the principles approach, the values, the integrity, the prudence, the character, the habitual tendencies, the regulations and observance+honoring the conventional protocols of life sacredly and reverentially and so many more details, but at the core of everything, it comes back to the element of what we are harboring and nurturing+sustaining in our sub conscious mind, for that will come forth spontaneously and almost instantaneously, so seek to meditate and seek the divine grace and divine wisdom’s help of God to help in its own ways as only it knows how and keep on truly helping yourself towards living your divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will committedly, earnestly and faithfully as well, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Rushing, Removing Thinks or Things?


Sometimes, we rush to remove things rather than removing thinks?


Actually, particular set of thought patterns result in certain set of scenarios and then what? Yet again rushing to remove things? How many frequencies of removals will recur please? Clarify your thinking, seek to plan well ahead, be pro active, be clear about what is it that you want and be committed, attentive, diligent, resourceful, responsible, organized, wise and forthright, life responds to your outlook and integrity, be true for truth is your being, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Thoughts, Desire and Feelings, Connecting the World

thomas-fuller-quote-seeings-believing-but-feelings-the-truthPure Thoughts

Aspire what you think, taught what you aspire.

Pure Feelings

Desire what you feel, feel what you desire.

Pure Intentions

The World wishes well for you; Seek goodwill, harmony and welfare of the World as well, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Joy, In Joy, Enjoy and Forgetfulness?


Some people enjoy and forget where they are?


Whereas, life remains in joy and also truly remembers where we are!


By all means, enjoy, you deserve it, but you also need to be consciously and diligently aware where you truly are always please, be alert, vigilant and responsible, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The World and Seeing, Your Vision, The Worlds Envisions, The World Reflects You


If that’s what you want the World to see? Well, then if that’s what the World wants you to see as well.


Remember the World reflects your vision, the World reflects you back to+true you, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The Apple, The Changes, The Universe, The Questions, Our Minds and Hearts, Steve Jobs, The Joy of Sweetness

imagesThe Whole World Is Watching, Watch In The Whole Word; Speak from your Heart, Seek from your Mind, Experience from your Soul and Nurture + Nourish with your Intuition

1758-to-follow-your-heart-is-to-make-your-decision-based-on-faithThe Celebration from your Intuition is the Pure Intent of your Divine Purpose, your Divine Principles, your Divine Values, your Divine Will with sincere thanks to the Divine Grace and Divine Wisdom of God, God bless


While our mind creates, our heart experiences. We may tend to forget some thoughts, but we never intend to forget how someone made us feel.


We think with our heads but we go far ahead with our hearts. Our hearts are pure, while our minds are aim pure reasoning.


Our open minds is a good place to start but our open hearts is a goodwill place to impart. Our hearts are great while our minds are yearning to have a glimpse of our creator; remember that the image of God is sacredly instilled in the realm of our heart and can be experienced by the pureness of our hearts and in joy by the sanctity of our divine minds.

 cinderella dreamContemplation

While our minds have questions, our hearts have the quest in that speaks of divine values; of being able to contribute towards the noble visions that sustain universal goodwill, harmony and welfare consistently.

eclusive-steve-jobs-quoteSteve Jobs, The Co Founder of Apple & CEO Of Pixar Animation Studios

Steve Jobs brought forth an characteristically dignified code of conduct of creative brilliance to each and every aspect of his life meticulously.


Remembering Steve Jobs reminds us of the greatness of joyfulness that we truly are. When we love what we do and do what we love truly; we are true to our love as well as love to our truth, and are able to experience an incredible joyfulness, greatness and gracefulness that unleashes the purity of wisdom that is truly amazing.


We realize from his perseverance to reflect upon the sweetness of joy in all that we think, do and express in harmonious alignment and consonance; the joy that breathes the passion of life very most characteristically. Joy is a heartbeat away as well as a thought beat a way; the write way, the right way, practicing righteousness all the way, always.


Let us seek to awaken and develop our intuition that is our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness;  living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, compassion, due diligence, prudence, radiance, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom consistently.


Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life as well as the wisdom of the soul; The soul is eternal; from the soul emanates and radiates eternal joy that transcends any form of description; it is pure joy that is truly incomparable, creatively magnificent and brilliantly outstanding.

Proverbs 2 10-11_thumb[1] Quotation-Robin-S-Sharma-vision-heart-inspirational-dreams-Meetville-Quotes-126910


The soul inspires us to+true reach within our higher selves and embrace the divine wisdom; to engage in the intuitive dialogue and with the intuitive sensitivity to identify and live a life that encompasses our divine virtues infinitely, God bless.  ©2014 Vashi ChandiQuotation-Lois-Wilson-heart-focus-Meetville-Quotes-88007


Remembering Sri Sathya Saibaba, The Sathya Of Narayana


Humbly reflecting upon the grace of Baba with humility, love and respect.

The translational definition of Sathya is Truth, while Nara refers to Humanity and Narayana refers to the Divine Essence of Humanity.


Baba, Ab Ab; Ab Ab when translated refers to “Now + “Now”; the present moment.


The evolution of life along with every element, stem, leaf and cell of existence is remarkably influenced, nourished and  harmoniously sustained by the now in our lives respectively, Om Sai Ram, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi