The Apple, The Changes, The Universe, The Questions, Our Minds and Hearts, Steve Jobs, The Joy of Sweetness

imagesThe Whole World Is Watching, Watch In The Whole Word; Speak from your Heart, Seek from your Mind, Experience from your Soul and Nurture + Nourish with your Intuition

1758-to-follow-your-heart-is-to-make-your-decision-based-on-faithThe Celebration from your Intuition is the Pure Intent of your Divine Purpose, your Divine Principles, your Divine Values, your Divine Will with sincere thanks to the Divine Grace and Divine Wisdom of God, God bless


While our mind creates, our heart experiences. We may tend to forget some thoughts, but we never intend to forget how someone made us feel.


We think with our heads but we go far ahead with our hearts. Our hearts are pure, while our minds are aim pure reasoning.


Our open minds is a good place to start but our open hearts is a goodwill place to impart. Our hearts are great while our minds are yearning to have a glimpse of our creator; remember that the image of God is sacredly instilled in the realm of our heart and can be experienced by the pureness of our hearts and in joy by the sanctity of our divine minds.

 cinderella dreamContemplation

While our minds have questions, our hearts have the quest in that speaks of divine values; of being able to contribute towards the noble visions that sustain universal goodwill, harmony and welfare consistently.

eclusive-steve-jobs-quoteSteve Jobs, The Co Founder of Apple & CEO Of Pixar Animation Studios

Steve Jobs brought forth an characteristically dignified code of conduct of creative brilliance to each and every aspect of his life meticulously.


Remembering Steve Jobs reminds us of the greatness of joyfulness that we truly are. When we love what we do and do what we love truly; we are true to our love as well as love to our truth, and are able to experience an incredible joyfulness, greatness and gracefulness that unleashes the purity of wisdom that is truly amazing.


We realize from his perseverance to reflect upon the sweetness of joy in all that we think, do and express in harmonious alignment and consonance; the joy that breathes the passion of life very most characteristically. Joy is a heartbeat away as well as a thought beat a way; the write way, the right way, practicing righteousness all the way, always.


Let us seek to awaken and develop our intuition that is our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness;  living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, compassion, due diligence, prudence, radiance, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom consistently.


Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life as well as the wisdom of the soul; The soul is eternal; from the soul emanates and radiates eternal joy that transcends any form of description; it is pure joy that is truly incomparable, creatively magnificent and brilliantly outstanding.

Proverbs 2 10-11_thumb[1] Quotation-Robin-S-Sharma-vision-heart-inspirational-dreams-Meetville-Quotes-126910


The soul inspires us to+true reach within our higher selves and embrace the divine wisdom; to engage in the intuitive dialogue and with the intuitive sensitivity to identify and live a life that encompasses our divine virtues infinitely, God bless.  ©2014 Vashi ChandiQuotation-Lois-Wilson-heart-focus-Meetville-Quotes-88007


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