From Sanskrit to Sanskriti, Celebrating the Evolution of the Universe


Sanskrit (meaning=purified,refined). Sanskriti (meaning= culture) Sanskrit defines the true essence and culture of India’s glorious civilization.


The chants of the auspicious Sanskrit mantras (meaning=sacred utterances) encompass the incredible transformational pathways originating from the sound meridian that transcends across the light medium with an harmonious symphonic alignment of the cosmos with all that was, is and will ever be respectively.


The intonation of the Sanskrit mantras connects us with the ancient wisdom along with the empowering energies of the universe.

Om Shiva Shakti

Shiva means pure and Shakti refers to the cosmic energy. Om is the symbol of the absolute embodying the essence of Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare consistently.


Universal Oneness

Soham is a Sanskrit word (meaning=I am That); Tat Tvam Asi (meaning=Thou art that); Aham Brahmasmi (meaning=I am the Universe); It humbly refers to the Universe within us as well as all around us is interconnected and sustained by the elements of the pure energy of evolution infinitely.

i3Gayatri Mantra

Sanskrit is crowned by the grace of the Gayatri mantra which elucidates the supreme greatness of the divine Mother; the Adi Shakti (meaning=Shiva Shakti) that purely empowers the sustenance of evolution magnificently, God bless.

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Humanity, Aligning, Understanding or Reciprocating WHAT Happens To Us?


Before proceeding, regarding this quote featured alongside, I humbly seek to differ in my opinion regarding its first part regarding the habits of life forming the soul. It is extremely important to understand that the soul is pure and is unaffected by habits, the quote featured alongside intends to refer to the soul formation attributive to the habitual tendencies? Habits relating to character and destiny formation or influential factors is completely different and cannot be likewise segregated for the soul to be habitually oriented, formational or attributive, the soul was, is and will always remain pure, what is essential is we realize our pure divine essence; the sacredness of our truth and experience it which is the self realization process and takes far much more than just meditation alone for it seek absolute trueneness; the pureness of the truth as it is devoid of any excuses, reasons, pretexts, understanding, interpretation or suppositions of any fallacies; it is far much more than the typical and is far above all else.

alexander-hamilton-politician-quote-the-sacred-rights-of-mankind-are scout-cloud-lee-quote-when-we-acknowledge-that-all-of-life-is-sacred-a victor-hugo-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-is-a-sacred voltaire-writer-meditation-is-the-dissolution-of-thoughts-in-eternalIt cannot be possible, since we are playing the role, but that role is not our soul, it is a character along with certain characteristics that we have acquired and inculcated and not inherited innately at all. Whatever maybe, our soul is far beyond our habits.

1451946_515268388580364_804689244_nAgree that the soul forms the countenance, the expressions, but the habits of life forming the soul is not appropriate since habits have been acquired and not inherited and they can be relinquished as well, so what does that mean, that once we let go of the habits and overcome them, then does that affect the formation of our soul?

christopher-morley-quote-there-are-three-ingredients-to-the-good-lifeNo, for sure no, our soul is pure, was pure and will remain pure and unaffected and untainted by any of the habits, yes the soul is affected grievously when we commit a crime; when we harm others; when we speak lies; when we do what is not the truth; that each instance influences and affects the soul, so if it is from a perspective of integrity and dignity, yes the soul formation and progression is understood to be affected in its form – but to carefully remember that this is from a humanistic standpoint of view, that we need to justify something, so we need the reasoning to support what we stand for, but from the soul point of view it is so very sacred that there is absolutely no space, no element for any particles of impurity or any such association, all that the soul is formed and sustained with is purity; hence, when we come across certain sufferings or mishaps in our lives, we cannot blame it on the soul or God or our destiny, it is our own contradiction against the tenets of nature and the universe that were extracting likewise set of consequentialities and accountabilities and then we are  speechless and left yet again soul searching, as to why certain diseases, accidents, tragedies and overwhelming events emerged or took place in our lives to us and our near and dear ones? That time, the mind is clouded and cannot think, we demand and implore for divine intervention to come forth and show us the righteous way and help us to realize and evade the rigorousness outcome of the unfortunate set of events. Truly, I am not knowledgeable enough or for that matter even millions and millions of people would state the same thing that only an enlightened soul could be able to explain to us  and decipher the sacred code of the divine covenants prophecies.

confucius-beauty-quotes-everything-has-beauty-but-not-everyone-seesNow mentioning prophecies, it does not mean that any condemnation or forecasting or retribution factor is at play or unfolding. No, the divine essence that is within us always evokes our conscious awareness to realize that at each and every moment of our lives, we must live purposefully with compassion, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, truthfulness and our brilliant creative wisdom; being resourceful and earnest, faithful and humble, forgiving and helpful to ourselves and others, imparting unconditional love and peace for all forms of God’s creation. Doing good deeds means practicing goodness in all that we think, do and express synchornically and not just to gain publicity, fame or an award at all. At times, helping even without seeking endorsements or announcements of one’s names as the contributor, remaining anonymous since the actual process is already recorded by the primordial pathways of our lives already, right from the moment we planted the seed of good virtues and divine ordinance in our lives.

gaelic-proverb-quote-most-people-spend-their-lives-either-in-the-pastWhen we practice meditation, we will come face to face with the phase that we never knew, it was right in front of us all along, but then due to our ego, we sought to discard whatever was there, thinking that we knew better? This is why, it is time and again mentioned, never cheat, hurt, harm or inflict pain, injury or suffering on any living being since we are all the children of God and the moment that we do so whether directly or indirectly, a time will come when nature and the universe will likewise come to extract retribution only as it knows how, and then no matter how much ever we may plead and seek forgivance, there is no pardon forthcoming since the scales of nature weigh fairly and justice prevails without any partiality factor whatsoever.

george-gordon-byron-quote-i-slept-and-dreamt-that-life-was-beauty-iThere are millions of people who keep doing good deeds despite everything being good and nothing to worry about in their lives, they share a part and path of their joyfulness with the underprivileged, setting up schools and hospitals, affordable health and medical care for those who are not able to earn enough to be able to avail of the emergent medical facilities and care; they set up clean and pure drinking water facilities as well as sanitation water; they set up more and more facilities that help one and all; regardless of the stature, for all they look at is that they got an divine inclination, premonition from their higher self to go about attending to sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe and they go about doing it truly without seeking anything in return for they already receive the good wishes and blessings of millions of people and even their families are benefited tremendously with some of the gifts of life that can never be acquired for blessings and good wishes from the hearts and minds of millions of souls is a true privilege and bliss.

inspirational-quotes-about-life-Clouds-come-floating-into-my-life-quotesIt is quite intriguing when reflecting upon what happens to us “by doing precisely what happens to us”. In many ways we are actually orchestrating, engineering and structuring what is happening to us, what happened to us and what will keep happening to us if we tend to just live with fantasies or far away from reality and practicality and the truth of life please! Doing what happens to us is like trying to equate? trying to tip off? topple the scales of nature? or other factors? tit for tat?

james-dillet-freeman-quote-listen-to-life-and-you-will-hear-the-voiceNo, it cannot be so, how can what you experienced ever keep experiencing you please? You need respite, you need rest, you need care, you need joy, you need happiness, you need love, you need peace and solace, you need so many more beautiful things and feelings such as contentment and so many more wonderful things in your lives, but by doing what is happening to you is trying to show that you know more and that you are supreme? How can that be? There is a greater force in this universe and it is God, God’s divine grace and God’s divine wisdom that provides us the knowledge and wisdom to tread diligently, prudently and responsibly across each and every pathway of our lives when we earnestly and faithfully with pristine commitment seek to embrace our true nature, our true self and our divine essence, the embrace of our completeness, our radiance, our wonderfulness, our gracefulness and our truthfulness that teaches us about living our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will amazingly.

joe-cordare-quote-to-the-question-of-your-life-you-are-the-answer-andThere are certain things that happened, that are happening and that will happen that remain a mystery and leave us completely speechless and soul searching and the answers are not coming forth at all?


hqdefaultTruly, somethings are extremely difficult to understand, but then if we keep evading from living truly, we are distancing ourselves far that much more from the reality of life for nothing just happens just like that, there is someone or more individuals responsible or for that matters, there is/are some aspects and factors that are responsible and come to demand accountability, but then why should others suffer please?

GvingThis is one aspect that it is the karmic deeds, but if we solely keep referring to karmic deeds, there are so many people who have done good deeds all their lives and just referring to their past lives karmic deeds cannot be the sole reason please, which is why it is extremely essential to awaken to our true nature, to our true self and to sanctify the corridors of our minds and hearts so that we could reach across to our soul and engage in the intuitive conversation and dialogue and make amends by living this life sacredly, yes sacredly, for everything is pure and sacred in our lives, all around our lives and we need to devote ourselves towards attending to each and every aspect of our lives with a sense of disciplined purposefulness that is infused with truthfulness all along truly. Our mind may keep saying two two things all along, but we need to be aware of the true true things and the true true thinks and be the true trueness in all that we think, do and express committedly, diligently, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, wisely and truthfully please, God bless.


If we keep doing something all along, then our lives will keep summoning likewise set of aspects, circumstances, eventualities,factors, manifestations, occurrences, opportunities and results all along as well. Like begets like and where it concerns ions of opposite charges they tend to attract each other.

pablo-picasso-imagination-quotes-i-paint-objects-as-i-think-them-not-as-i-seeThe humanity principle has been conferred with the creativity, the intelligence, the prudent acumen and the remarkable wisdom to discern and an wise attitude, how to respond but if then some of us tend to keep taking as to what happens to us as the underlying pretext and underscoring what happens to us as a catalyst? that will not really be the impetus, it may invariably land up in the automated mode, where we are notifying life, nature and the universe, that well this is what is fine and all right, keep it coming, I am ready? But well, then for how long? how much can one endure on the platform of pretension? lethargy? delusion? evasion or unaccountability?

marcus-aurelius-soldier-he-who-lives-in-harmony-with-himself-lives-inThere are consequences and prices to pay for each aspect of our lives and it is not about retribution since life is neutral and does not seek to hurt us, but well then we are possibly attracting certain type of aspects and factors into our lives that are acting as a stimulant? then what do we do? It is like we are calling the shots, we are calling the factors to unfold and then we are ourselves lamenting? It is essential to remember that life keeps an meticulous account of each and every aspect, whether its a commitment, a pledge, a promise, a duty, whatever it maybe life knows and then comes back demanding firm compliance without any partiality whatsoever.


Now rather than trying to get caught into controversies and discussions and unabated prolonging set of affiliated, adverse or converse set of statements; lets try our very best to carefully reflect upon what’s happened in our lives, what is the way, the approaches we adopted, how we responded and what set of results came forth? If difficult to even do that, let us seek to discipline our lifestyle first of all, by quietening our mind chatter and the ongoing incessant conversation (remembering quietening means practicing sitting in silence only for a few minutes every day early in the morning, practicing meditation; and does not mean quietness all along please)

robert-frost-poet-the-reason-why-worry-kills-more-people-than-work-is-that-moreThen perhaps, becoming an observer, we may be able to notice that we have been magnetizing and attracting certain aspects in our lives that are actually happening to us all along, so it is we are in agreement and cohesion with what’s occurring all along and as we diligently, responsibly and wisely inculcate certain changes “carefully”, “safely” and “responsibly”, we may after a certain point in time experience some much awaited differences in our lives, but there is a disclaimer that we must not pin our hopes or demand instantaneous changes or swift results for we are then all along doing something only for the joy of the rewards and not the reward of the joyfulness. If we only focus solely on that all along, then we will not be as contentious and truly pleased as we may wish to be.

susan-sontag-author-silence-remains-inescapably-a-form-ofTry one practice, IF we have a habit of eating on and on and on throughout the day, eating snacks and so much more and then even eating our meals, it may tend to appear as if there is not that real difference in the tastes as “should be”. Now, try to give a space between the meals, that means – give a reasonable gap – like eating our meals, then till the next meal, having a light snack when essential, feeling hungry or as warranted due to one’s medical conditions and not depriving oneself or starving one’s self please. It humbly means, giving a reasonable gap of say two to three hours or say four hours between one meal to another an not going on eating continually in between also, eating a light snack when needed, you have all the liberty to eat the light snacks to help sustain the hunger or the habit since it perhaps cannot be suppressed completely and this is not a punishment please, it is disciplining.

abraham-lincoln-quote-what-has-once-happened-will-invariably-happen-again-when-theSo now then after that meal and to the next meal, when savoring the next meal, notice the difference, how much more enjoyable that next meal is, what happened is that in between there was rest given to one’s digestive system, there was distinguishing occurring since one was giving a reasonable and safe gap of time in between and then the same taste of the food would perhaps be even more tastier, why? Well that’s because when we keep just eating and eating and eating mindlessly or without actually paying attention or just snacking while watching television, we may not realize that we are just mechanically eating and not actually enjoying the eating, eating is something sacred as well, it gives us energy and nourishes our cells and our system, so why not give it a dignified code and practice please by giving a reasonable space of time between the meals and then perhaps, yes perhaps, since some may realize or not, how it feels, the difference and the joy in truly enjoying the very same meals considerably far much more.

paul-wellstone-politician-never-separate-the-life-you-live-from-theThis applies likewise to doing something incessantly without true in to the sum of thinks and things all along thereby heralding an retinue and unfathomable sequence of events to unfold almost haphazardly and then being anxious, precipitating even yet greater avalanche set of complexities and happenings to manifest in our lives? Now the happenings when unfolding at an rapid pace and including many unwanted and uncalled set of scenarios could be extremely overwhelming and somehow or the other getting connected to more and more chain of intricacies unnecessarily, unknowingly and very most ignorantly.

luke-ford-luke-ford-my-habit-of-glorifying-things-far-away-in-space marcel-proust-author-habit-is-a-second-nature-which-prevents-us-from napoleon-hill-writer-procrastination-is-the-bad-habit-of-putting-ofReflecting

The above exercise is the simplest but in some ways it helps change our habits and at the same time helps to instill more joyfulness in what is done, in what is being experienced, in what is happening to us, where we are in command and not helplessly devouring and being captivated by some soap opera and being influenced by its histrionics or emotional pitches and tendencies and then while being gripped by all the melodrama consuming more and more and more snacks without realizing please? Its of course everyone’s choice and they are at complete liberty to do what they wish but then well the consequences will follow likewise as well please.

craig-bruce-craig-bruce-never-question-the-relevance-of-truth-but   Recapitulate

In conclusion and not abruptly concluding this, lets focus on the captioned title. It is that we increase what happens in our lives by doing what happens to us (all that much more). It should be true what happens to us. Repeat this, to what happens to us; true what happens to us; Being true what happens to us, we thus connect to that what happens to us genuinely feknath-easwaran-author-quote-through-meditation-and-by-giving-fullrom a more mature approach, a more realistic approach and not a reactive approach or an converse approach such as emotionally disgruntled or dissatisfied or discontented? for the the characteristics of the truth embodies some of the most finest of characteristics ever, where all are pure and the most salient among them is wisdom.(everything is following a sequential pattern and are we truly doing what must be done for what must be truly done please?

rainer-maria-rilke-poet-let-life-happen-to-you-believe-me-life-is-inIt is us, ourself, our higher self is continually witnessing how we are behaving and then when we face certain eventualities, we need to be aware, that it is we who brought all along in our lives a lot and far much more that was happening to us, it was not just happening automatically please? Don’t blame destiny, heritage, luck, fortune, you can create your own goodness always, but you need to be earnest, faithful, responsible, diligent, prudent, wise and true, yes true in what you think, true in what you do and true in what you express for truth does not need a second guessing or a second excusing or pretension or change of costumes and characters, you are one and your oneness is the truth, God bless)

Tapping into the creative intelligence of our higher self, we can be able to respond quite differently to what happens to us and thereby enhancing the scope of our lives considerably, think about it, so far, what has been happening, has been happening for some specific, for sjohn-keats-poet-quote-beauty-is-truth-truth-beauty-that-is-all-yeome particular set of reasons and understanding the reasons, we seek to be more diligent and prudent as well as responsible and wise in our approach there onwards; we understand that what happens to us is for a reason and then get to work upon understanding the reasons and seeking to cooperate with our lives and lifestyles in such a manner that is harmonious and encompassing goodwill in each and every moment and facet of our lives amazingly. We have a lot of creative intelligence embodied within us that is stored within our true nature, our true self and our divine essence, seek to meditate and find the answers and the revelations will amaze you for they all relate to the truth of living infinitely, God bless. johann-wolfgang-von-goethe-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-is-found-only-in

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