Forgetting, For+Getting, Remember to truly Remember, It Counts and Matters

irish-blessings-quote-may-you-never-forget-what-is-worth-rememberingKeeping Track, Conscious Awareness, Sense of Purpose, Commitments, Due Diligence, Prudence, Responsibility, Sincerity, Truthfulness and Wisdom, God bless

The price we pay forgetting is far more costlier than what is paid for getting. Forgetting and letting go of the anger, bitterness, envy, greed, hatred, jealousy, resentment and suppressed emotions is all right, but forgetting one’s agendas, assignments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies, tasks and vocations as well as commitments particularly represents considerable sets of challenges alexander-chase-alexander-chase-memory-is-the-thing-you-forgetconsecutively, unless the needful is attended to and no recurrence of the same sort or type of negligence is entertained or allowed, since for some aspects in life, there is only one single chance, so seek to remember to truly remember, please do not forget to forget, for truth never forgets; truth fore+gets.

Always seek to truly remember your divine purpose, your divine principles, your divine values and your divine will which are remarkably sustained by the divine grace and carl-w-buechner-quote-they-may-forget-what-you-said-but-they-willdivine wisdom of God infinitely, thank God, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi