The Best Part, Path of Life; The Now, but also the Know


The best part of our life is now? Well, actually the best path of our life is know as well please, since if we do not make informed decisions and just keep speculating, then what keeps evolving will be spur of the moment results but with its consequences as well. Since without knowing and just saying because the now is more powerful and potential that the knowing is not adequate or justifiable please. Knowing what one is committing to, knowing and being consciously aware of what one is pledging, dedicating, investing, contributing and aiming for is also of incredible importance please.


At times, split second decisions need to be taken where emergencies are concerned which is completely understandable; but at other instances when languishing and having ample time and resources and despite all the immense wealth of possibilities, if one shrugs off what needs to be diligently, prudently and wisely attended to just negligently, then it is liable to attract and bring forth likewise set of results please, and what those likewise sett of results maybe could not be known until its quite late please, so when listening to the adage to live in the now in our lives, also remember the know, that what you know, seek to know and take the genuine interest and initiative to know what is truly important as well please, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Life, Case, Encased?


The case becomes our life when our life becomes encased.


The above should actually be understood as; when our life be calms in case and not when our life becomes encased; at times we may have various issues but that does not mean, we should isolate ourselves or feel dejected or rejected; rather we should call upon our divine courage and wisdom to help responsibly maneuver ahead intelligently and responsibly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi