May Day, May The One In All And The All In One Be The Won In All

oprah-winfrey-new-years-quotes-the-more-you-praise-and-celebrate-yourMay Day, May The One In All And The All In One Be The Won In All

Celebrating the Individual Possibilities Collectively; Celebrating the Collective Possibilities Individually; When We are One True-Gather, We are Won Together


May Day proudly marks the amazing greatness of millions of people’s contribution towards one another’s progress and dignified sustenance remarkably.


It reflects the meritorious integrity of the human spirit seeking its primordial alignment and the truth of oneness with the Universal consciousness amazingly.


May one and all be resourceful, talented and be blessed with the wealth of wisdom as well as the wisdom of wealth that belongs to practice of righteousness in all that is thought, acted upon and expressed respectively, God Bless.Wisdom

©2014 Vashi Chandi