Kalpana, Kal Paana, Kaal Pannah, The Shelter of Imagination


Our imagination beholds some of the most fascinating instances of our lifetime.


Kalpana’s translational definition refers to imagination. Kal=Tomorrow; Paana=Achieve; Kaal=Epoch-The hands of Time:Pannah=Shelter; Expanding and raising our consciousness  brings forth to us the peripheral vision of the cosmos.


Our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom is remarkably influenced and transformed by our imaginative faculties.


Imagination helps us to see the world within as well as all around us from a creative perspective which becomes instrumental in aligning our initiatives with like minded souls; as well as harnessing the strategic momentum of divergent frequencies more resourcefully.


The captioned title referring to the shelter of imagination is humbly seeking to refer to the nurturing guidance and efficient directionality that it provides us with. We reach from one aspect, phase as well as instance to another with relative ease and effortlessly; as well as  with meticulous precision and calibrated consistency, while experiencing a sense of joyfulness at the remarkable accomplishments we are able to sacredly realize, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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