The Habitual Thinking, Meditate Upon Your Meditation


Thinking patterns set in; Thinking paths in set; Let us seek to help our thinking in its understanding to likewise help our understanding think by strengthening our resolve; our indomitable will power in truly being clear about what we desire to achieve while practicing meditation on a daily basis; while ensuring that we are diligently attending to our respective agendas, assignments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies, tasks and vocations with a sense of prudence and truthfulness respectively. Before venturing further, it is to be carefully understood that its not about soaring heights or reaching lofty plateaus, rather its about being practical and realistic; its about being grounded, about being consciously aware and determined; devoted in our approach of instilling the element of nurturing our true will of living that’s always been there and awaiting our self realization to unfold and empower us with the graceful wisdom of meticulously venturing across the amazing landscapes and pathways of our lives ingeniously.


The pure intent of meditate upon meditation actually seeks to instill and unfold; unravel and unleash the pure potentiality of humanity’s divine essence that always seeks universal goodwill, harmony and welfare; its not about integrating or establishing, rather its about carefully understanding the grandeur and greatness of each and every priceless moments of our lives along with its fabulously magnificent endowments and honoring our commitments truly by being purposeful, resourceful, contented and in a state of balanced equilibrium with all that was, is or will ever be for then we understand that there is a greater meaning and significance encapsulated in each and every aspect of our lives, which truly seeks our purity of understanding clearly; it humbly seeks to honor the sacred process of our intuitive contemplation, relegating a pedestal of dignified values that embody the practice of a calm, equanimous, serene and tranquil approach of managing thinks which further coordinate the procession of things that unfold and manifest in our lives. It is a disciplined approach, more like a goal setting, where there is very most importantly the respectful observance and code of conduct + etiquette which seeks to call upon soliciting the wealth of our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will to grant us the divine wisdom to practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express earnestly. We see and realize our thinks and things more clearly, witnessing the panorama of our life’s cosmic evolution with respectful gratuitousness and graciousness attentively.


The impetus of the aspiration+inspiration to accomplish meaningful progress; to improve and develop our thinking will help us remarkably in our lives with the guidance of our innate beliefs and conviction in the wisdom of our higher consciousness; since it is not the question or the inquest; it is the quest+in; the sacred realm of our higher self, our true self, our true nature and our divine essence that is always closest to+true us, willing to help provide us with the endurable strength of divine wisdom to do what’s true while we are always true to what were doing, whether it be in our thoughts, actions or expressions consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi