Buddha Purnima, Celebrating the Birthday of Lord Buddha


The translational definition of Buddha refers to awakened while purnima refers to the full moon day respectively.



During purnima the full moon emanates its glory that heals and remarkably strengthens our imagination as we drift into the sojourn of a good nights sleep and awaken to a good day ahead.



With the full moon at its peak, its a period to be calm, true be focused; to introspectively contemplate and intuitively reflect upon the positivism and goodness of pure energies that abound in our lives amazingly.



The  imaginative faculties are remarkably able to align with moon’s pure energy and transcend across the hemisphere of the cosmos, deriving formidable insights regarding the greatness that remains ensconced within the realm of our higher self, our true nature, our true self and our divine essence; of awakening to our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will that consistently inspires us to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe earnestly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi



Opinions and Obvious Truths, Living Realistically


Some of us tend to depend quite strongly upon what others have to say about ourselves. It becomes so intense that we overlook reality and start dwelling with the possibilities of what others think and expect from us, while ignoring our true self?


While it is extremely important to network, our net worth must not become determined solely by others opinion or diminish implicitly or explicitly because others think so (If a person is doing wrong then that is wrong and cannot be an excuse to ignore other’s opinions or alarming reminders) ; however for a healthy opinion and responsible set of choices that we make and take based upon our conscious perspective is of integral importance as well.


Let us reflect on this in a more comparative way while constantly paying careful attentiveness to what we think, do and express. It is as follows:- We like to hear what others have to say about us. And how about:- We like to hear what our thus have true say about ourselves? We cannot overlook, ignore or neglect our own true self in the process for what might possibly happen is that solely depending and precariously relying completely upon others opinions, we might get molded and start believing an entirely different ideology and then keep searching and looking for others constantly to inspire us and replenish our own attitude of self worthiness?


Well, its not apparent or a sarcastic look upon the flow of aspects and affairs, but rather a skeptical overview to a certain extent on the functionality of thinks and things for when reality strikes, there is no living in denial and even this very moment reality is striking and inspiring us to achieve and establish a diligent, harmonious, prudent, responsible and wise balance+equilibrium in all that we think, do and express respectively. Remember in times, at times and all across times to be in touch, to touch in being; this does not relate to the physical touch of care and attentiveness alone; its about the mindful touch and the heartful touch where we are living with a sense of purposefulness and direction, with a goal, with an objective, with passion, with desires that are realistic and not embarking on some faraway distant set of places constantly while our attentiveness is being called upon in the present moment constantly with meticulous consistency.


The point of these few words is not to advice, counsel, educate, guide, inspire, teach, recommend or suggest since each of us have our creative magnificent intelligence and amazing wealth of wisdom and when we each take the genuine and pure responsibilities and diligently strive to truly tread on the pathways of our lives with prudence and righteousness, we would experience a sense of joyfulness like no other for then we would be creating and taking well informed decisions and witnessing the remarkable results in our lives, like the creator of our own destiny as well as the destiny of our own creation; this means that knowing that what we think, do and express righteously and diligently is helping to manifest the life we live, we will then take a more responsible initiative at each and every step and stage of our lives while listening to others opinions but being observant and diligent as well as prudent in doing what’s right, in doing what’s resourceful, in doing what’s responsible as well in doing what’s truly essential, relevant, practical, realistic, responsible, true and wise as well as in the best and safest interests of all concerned including ourselves as well since if we tend to ignore ourselves, then that will mean that we are not wholeheartedly and passionately devoting our sacred energies towards aligning with what we aspire for and seek truly, there is so much more that each of us will discover, experience and realize that we will be amazed to note that we no longer await the likes, the fan pages, the applause or other contributions forthcoming at one point in time or another and rather take the true and real efforts in striving forth diligently, responsibly and wisely in establishing in doing what we think is true. Its not about the first or secondary opinions, its about pure opinions, the pure truth and the pure reality of life that inspires us time and again to ensure to live our divine purpose, our divine principles, divine values and divine will infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Changes, Behave, Be+have

Charactesoren-kierkegaard-religion-quotes-prayer-does-not-change-god-but-itristic Competence, Due Diligence, Etiquette, Prudence, Righteousness, Sincerity, Truth, Trust and Wisdom

At times, there are some thinks as well as somethings that have to be changed; to change the be+having.


Behaving; remember be is the being; having is the have+in (our higher self, our true nature and divine essence); so whether we seek to change everything all around us? or whether we seek to truly accept the true essence of the facts and factors as they are, and then upon careful realization instituting certain changes from within ourselves; then all around us the reflection of those changes will appear quite remarkable to us.


We are then mystified and left wondering, that all was so close an yet appeared so far? Whatever the change, whether giving up certain habits or altering our negative tendencies, it may have all started gradually to accumulate and then we may have enormously stacked up so much that we may have experienced helplessness? or a feeling of being overwhelmed; note, all along as things were going the contradictory way, we may have been noticing but not being observant or realistic in realizing the immense potentiality that we were giving away and empowering those aspects that needed to be attended to responsibly and well in time; so it was us, our behavior, our negligence and irresponsibility that all seeped in and permeated the very roots of our thoughts and being?


No, not at all, that may appear as if the tendencies may have interspersed or corrugated but the truth is that our soul always remains pure and our higher self; our true self and our true nature is always there with its divine wisdom that could replenish whatever may have been ignorantly switched away back to its originality; however we need to participate in the process with a sense of pure devotion, honesty and integrity since it demands that we be true and commit to enhancing the scope of our lives from within to be with+in what we seek; it is with and it is in; not within together; since with is respectfully the alignment and in is respectfully the sacredness of our indomitable will power of integrity, of our divine purpose, of our divine principles, of our divine values and of our divine will, all always amazingly empowered and sustained by the incredible divine grace and divine wisdom of God.


It all starts with the daily meditation, the disciplined approach as well as truly observing and treading across the pathways of our lives with due diligence, prudence, responsibility and sincerity understanding that we have a purposeful life to live and fulfill our divine commandments which always inspire us to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe earnestly; and then we experience a greater sense of joy at being in command and control of ourselves truly for what we thought was what we taught but what we taught was not what we thought before because that thinking was something that we just kept picking up and adding onto our reservoir of thoughts as if by fancy? as if by just liking and almost instantaneously disliking? Life is not live just like that, that whatever comes just pick it up and then change one’s values?


There is a disciplined process that is functional in all of our lives and everything and everythink that we do and express resonates back and brings forth likewise set of scenarios, outcomes and results in our lives compoundingly; incrementing at a phenomenal pace far beyond our grasping power and manageability; remember the law of karma, the law of sow and reap, the law of consequentiality and accountability, of what goes round, comes around too.


Sometimes, circumstances force us to change and sometimes sow come stances (our own sowing of the seeds of virtues across the landscapes of our lives) that either make us pretentiously submerge thinking that change is a lifetime away? (it isn’t for whether a lifetime away or the time of our lives; its about conscious awareness, of evolving, of emerging, of aligning, of attuning to our true nature; all is unfolding right here, so we need to practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently)  Change is about the mind training the brain and there is a lot to be gained from meditation where we witness so much more about the greatness of this life and seek to humbly make each and every priceless moment of our lives far more meaningful, purposeful, resourceful and wonderful, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi