Math, Match, Myth and Might; The Endurance of the Mind


Discipline is extremely essential and devotion is the essence of any endeavor.



Whether mathematics, a competition or a match, mythology or might (power) as well as myriad aspects of our lives; everything depends quote strongly upon the genuine and pure intent and keen interest in what we aspire and desire.


Through mediation, we harness the incredible power of our mind; regulating the expansion of our consciousness as we sacredly elevate+raise our divine energies to the pedestal of the divine light.


Unless we effectively utilize the energy and resources that we have been bestowed+endowed+equipped with in a diligent and responsible manner, we will experience a lack. This occurs because we need to replenish the reservoirs of our mental stamina through sowing the sees of characteristic competence that is amazingly empowered and remarkably sustained by infusing each and every layer of our thoughts, actions and expressions with the practice of righteousness respectively.


Every moment of our lives is encompassing and embodying the divine essence of the cosmos, where we have the creative intelligence to align with the universal powers to manifest greater goodwill, harmony and welfare for the universe infinitely.


When we watch world class athletes performing, world renowned business leaders unfolding presentations as well as doctors, scientists, engineers, lawyers as well as various talented individuals demonstrating their amazing prowess and magnificent proficiency; it is unleashing the pure radiance of the minds consciousness since this includes everything and everythink one could ever imagine, grasp, relate to, interpret and intuitively transform across the landscapes of one’s imagination as well as knowledge and experience.


Its the endurance that helps sustain at each and every stage mentally what we subsequently experience emotionally and then physically and then psychologically. This means that during practice of meditation, we are not actually instilling the calmness, the equanimity, the serenity, the tranquility and the fabulous wisdom; but rather, we are consciously awakening to it by dispelling the layers of delusion, ignorance and negligence effortlessly and integrating as well as connecting ourselves to all that was pure, is pure and forever will remain pure. Its a matter of thought as well as the taught of matter (energy), the Shiva(pure) as well as the Shakti(divine energy) that brilliantly facilitates our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi