Lectures, Thousands of Miles


People travel thousands of miles to listen to a single lecture while their higher self has been waiting thousands of days for them to listen to lecture that encompasses the wisdom of their true nature, their true self and their divine essence earnestly. When they meditate, they will actually realize what they have been missing and forsaking all along, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Time Passed? Time Paused? Awareness


Pass time or pause time? When doing somethings, if we get caught just in passing time online? then all other tasks may fall into the pending status, till we realize that the pause time, the pass time as well as the time pass went by so swiftly that later on to catch up with doing the very same tasks, we had to invest double the energy and also experience the guilt of being late or negligent towards what we were doing.


Time for play is time for play, time for study is time for study, time work is time for work and time for leisure is time for leisure, time for prayer is time for prayer and likewise doing whatever it is with a sense of diligence, prudence, responsibility, truthfulness, sincerity and our wisdom+conscious awareness respectively. Everything has its time when time has its everything devoted to what one is truly doing earnestly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Painkillers? Pain kills us? Bad dua, Chakravyuh


Some people never get to forgive themselves or others for a lifetime? They languish along the corridors of self pity or a screen buddha-buddha-all-wrong-doing-arises-because-of-mind-if-mind-is-transformed-canof endless delusion and enormous ignorance. They come across clues and instances where they get the opportunities to let go, to forgive and to release what they are holding back against themselves and others, but alas they have become strangely addicted and affiliated to the mysterious comfort? or solace? of agonizing and ruminating over details where certain aspects were far beyond anyone’s understanding at that specific given passage in time.


They think that by hurting themselves and others through vengeance? retribution? revenge? hatred? ill will? tit for tat? attacking? or whatever that is not ethical is fair according to them? In this way, they actually expand their field of pain and suffering far much more because they keep accumulating bad and negative karma whereas by fulfilling their sacred dharma(duties), they could very well atone and sincerely make amends and help the needy and earnestly dedicate themselves in the service of millions of people who they may have directly or indirectly hurt or snatched away wealth of, siphoning funds illegitimately and leaving millions more of people without a square meal; then the pain keeps setting in, they are thinking they are enjoying?


But that in joy is not enjoying, it is actually depreciating and disintegrating and tarnishing each and every moment for nature and the universe along with the conscience are witness to their wrong doings and then comes one fine day when their health suffers; they experience strange pains and feel as if the pain is killing them? Actually who brought upon or induced or created the grounds and platform for their own pain were they themselves because at each instance that they usurped someone’s livelihood and made themselves comfortable and wealthier, they added very most challengingly to their reservoir of consequences and when experiencing the pain, they wonder? What is it, they get the best possible treatments, spending millions of dollars, but nothing helps at all, since that pain is incurable, it is the pain that lingers deep within their conscience, attracting all the painfulness possible and then at those stages even if they seek to make amends, they are feeble and frail, barely able to stand up and plead to God to provide them the opportunity to reach across and help redress what wrongdoing they have committed. Imagine, they took away so much of everyone else’s livelihood that despite having everything they started struggling to breathe each and every breath, such is the ironic tragedy of usurping others wealth, belongings or livelihoods, remember that we need to be fair and practice righteousness for there is a law and order of nature and the universe + as well as the conscience; the consciousness, that is also beyond the law of national and international jurisdictions.


The gist and message in a nutshell is that whenever, where ever, howsoever and whatever the case and instance maybe, we need to be consciously aware of what we are engaging in; what we are attending to and then striving diligently, prudently, responsibly, righteously, sincerely, truthfully and wisely for once we do somethings, there is no rewind button, there is no reverse gear; and then when the pain sets in because of the bad dua(being cursed by someone because of hurting others, making others suffer, inflicting enormous havoc in their lives, snatching away their livelihoods) or even otherwise, no remedies actually help for it is one’s own ill will that will eventually get one to will ill for one’s ownself; it is will and it is the ill, these two factors that make a person completely helpless in times of wrongdoing where the wrong doer is realizing that how they wish they had not committed or hurt or taken away the precious belongings and snatched away the livelihood of millions of people for all the wealth that they accumulated added millions of times more to their misery and their intense sufferings. Every human being has aspirations, that is good but when that turns to desperation and greed, intending to hurt others and snatch away others livelihoods or hurt or make others suffer just because of one’s own comfort, then the wheel, the chakravyuh(concentric circles – this apparently means that for each wrondoing whether to a single or millions of people ricochets and reverberates likewise or millions of times more of anxieties, pain, sufferings and chaos in one;s life as well – all because of delusionary ill will )


Some people state that times have changed, we are living in the 21st century and there is no such phenomenon that could possibly reach them to demand accountability, well, this is their sheer ignorance for as long as nature and the universe evolves, there will surely with utmost precision and determined accuracy prevail the law of cause and effect, the law of accountability, the law of sow and reap, the law of consequentiality, the law of justice and righteousness right across national and international jurisdictions, the law of what goes round, comes around too and all that is ill willed will actually turn around and induce and fill the wrong doer’s life with willed ill mysteriously; then they realize, but that does not help for when they had the opportunities, they scorned and laughed upon the laws of nature and the universe, well the painkillers they take do not help, the pain they experience does not kill, the pain rather makes them suffer and experience immense suffering for almost an entire lifetime; where they keep beseeching, imploring, pleading and begging for forgivance for their wrong deeds; to have just need a few moments of peace everyday at least but to no avail since alas they set the vicious circle and cycle of pain and sufferings in others lives and then themselves became the victim of their own wrongdoing.

©2014 Vashi Chandi