To be


The Universe is expanding itself.


As we align our true nature with its sacredness, our intuitive vision expands as well.


We can have as much as we realize provided we can realize as much as we truly have.


The having is a state of being of completeness where we are grateful for the divine grace and wisdom in our lives.


The role that we can each play in the Universe depends on our state of realization; for then we understand its all about the collective consciousness; the connected consciousness – the one in all as well as the all in one; the collective consciousness contentedly; the connected consciousness collectively.


During meditation, we experience the realization that evokes our conscious awareness of the harmonious consonance of our being; we understand that everything is perfectly correct as it is and all that we need to do is to let our mind is “to be”; the pure divine essence of our being.


Every form of creation is first being and then evolving further in accordance with its alignment with Nature and the Universe. Its then experiencing the channelization of one’s pure energetic resolve at frequencies that transcend right across the elements of space and time in symmetrical unison. The insightful revelations unfold the mysteries of various aspects of our lives interconnectedness and a purposefulness for having come to this World to fulfill our karma(deeds) and to live our dharma (duty) conscientiously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Photo: Author Unknown

Time Up, Time’s Up


When it’s time up, time’s up!


Realize that the hands of time cannot be changed but the change of handling time can be better managed, for life and time works with discipline.


Acknowledging reality and doing what is truly essential diligently, prudently and responsibly is what further creates the much required elements of time spaces respectively.


Time up refers to the appointment of our commitments. Honoring our divine values and practicing righteousness consciously brings a greater degree of awareness that relates to our life and time consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi