Life’s Philosophy, Vocabulary, Principles and Values; Synopsis

victor-hugo-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-is-a-sacredWe get worried when we don’t have somethings? We get sum thinks when we get worried in the bargain.



ralph-waldo-emerson-poet-wisdom-has-its-root-in-goodness-not-goodness-its-rootLife’s conversation is tri dimensional where it concerns humanity; first its the mind, then the heart, and then gracefully the soul.



confucius-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-compassion-and-courage-are-the-three-universallyWe do not get to eavesdrop on our souls conversations and dialogues in our lifetime unless we truly let our ego dissolve and attend to each aspect our lives with humility and the pure divine essence of our being.


johann-wolfgang-von-goethe-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-is-found-only-inimmanuel-kant-philosopher-quote-science-is-organized-knowledge-wisdomLife is expanding remarkably where there is compassion as well as calm passion. If we do something only with our mind, it is conventional; if we do something with our heart, it is purely intentional and when we do something with our soul, it is providential.


charles-dickens-quote-there-is-a-wisdom-of-the-head-and-a-wisdom-ofThis article is a very brief prelude that seeks to focus today particularly on the conversational aspect; the vocabulary.



Wheng-wilhelm-leibniz-quote-wisdom-is-the-science-of-happiness-or-of-the we proclaim, “we don’t have”; it sounds as “we adorn have”; note why this resonates this way is because our feelings interject and intersperse. It is an emotional expression, where we are beseeching that we don’t have, so the converse begins to happen, where what we don;t have augments; multiplies and assumes gigantic proportions until we are overwhelmed and wished we had ventured on the middle path which is to fulfilling our dharma(duty) instead of invoking another new chapter of karma(deeds).

george-arliss-actor-humility-is-the-only-true-wisdom-by-which-weThis is not twisting words or making them appear or argue-discuss or deliberate upon what nature, the universe and our being communicates, but rather about the true essence of our things and thinks.


Quotation-Jolynne-Valerie-heart-empowerment-power-nature-mind-wisdom-passion-spirit-Meetville-Quotes-86666Take one example, when we have, all that we express is “we have” and read this in reverse, it is “have we”, it is a harmonious intonation and resonating the positiveness and the appreciative gratitude and thankfulness of the priceless endowments we have been conferred with.

Quotation-Old-Indian-Saying-heart-love-wisdom-Meetville-Quotes-46491Realize one aspect here which relates to having, it carries a commitment along with it; the commitment is honoring our divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will where we are earnestly striving and treading the pathway of nobility in being resourceful; striving diligently in each and every moment of our lives; fairly distributing and equitably conferring what belongs to who deservingly; remember here there is no egoistic approach, for we are humbly the custodian, nothing belongs to us, it is ours for a purpose and has to be respectfully taken care of with due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, trust, truthfulness and our innate wisdom.

Quotation-Zack-W-Van-heart-mind-knowledge-dreams-wisdom-Meetville-Quotes-42653Coming back to the “we don’t have”; read this in reverse; “have don’t we”; it is questioning the having and raising the inquisitiveness and curiosity; and in another form of speech it is sounding as; “we adorn have”.

gabriel-marcel-philosopher-quote-contemplation-and-wisdom-are-highestNow where there is genuine lack and insufficiency, it is extremely difficult to comment, imagine or remark since those going through the dire straits of life are humbly wished well, hoping and praying they will be awaken to the wisdom of their heart in being able to manifest the much needed requirements and necessities earnestly. However where it concerns those at least having considerable resources and capabilities to do and strive as well as achieve diligently but tending to be deliberately ignorant and pretentious from a self pitying type of attitude if one were to go around clamoring and announcing, don’t have, don’t have, don’t have; what would ricochet is the very same set of aspects would keep evolving in one’s lifetime, whereby one is always left hard stretched and feebly limping along for all that one is aligning with is “don’t have” and that’s it, it is like a conviction and a belief; a paradox and a predicament, where one is not able to see anything else other than what’s not there, so when something that is there emerges or manifests, then also that is banished away by the repetitive dialogue, “don’t have” and its to be noted, this is being passionately resonated with one’s heart particularly and the heart being the seat of purity, truth and wisdom thereby resonates that same tune to every aspect of nature and the universe which brings forth an abundance of “don’t have” in one’s lifetime.

john-adams-quote-there-is-no-such-thing-as-human-wisdom-all-is-theIts not that announcing something is going to generate any pity or relief or even actual help or healing at all; rather all that it would be doing is diminishing the prospects of ever having, since here it is neither compassion; nor calm passion, but its dispassion, where one is constantly in a state of uninvolved emotionality; a sort of never mind attitude which leads to mind never altitude, thinking that whatever is there is unfair, not reasonable, envy, jealousy and bitterness, rage, anger, suppressed emotions; just now we spoke about dispassion and uninvolved emotionality and right in that very same instance, those who are intonating the “don’t have” chant are compelling their emotions uncharacteristically and unintentionally, whereby, by the time they realize, they may have actually only submerged themselves into a constant barrage of negative tendencies, but why, who told them? who influenced them? who guided them? who taught them? who inspired them????? inspired, how come, there is no inspiration that is negative, but in that state of mind, all that they think they are doing is correct, right and fair and that all else is hostile? So what is happening is that the self becomes the doer, the doer becomes the self?

alfred-lord-tennyson-quote-knowledge-comes-but-wisdom-lingersIt should be the self becomes the truer, the truer becomes the self, for the self always aligns with the truth and purity and does what is fair and practicing righteousness; knowing instinctively that every aspect of life is interconnected whether at the thought, at the emotional, at the feelings, at the sensitivity or at the rationale as well as irrational level and so many more varied levels all with a process of consequentiality; of accountability;

de-saint-real-quote-wisdom-is-to-the-soul-what-health-is-to-the-bodyThis article today focused more on only one aspect, the “don’t” because there are so many people who are constantly caught in the melodrama of life that they create themselves; self pitying themselves and never emerging from their state of delusion; ignorance and aimlessness. Well, it is our sincere hope and wish that while sending our good tidings and goodwilled wishes to them that they awaken to their true nature, their true self and their divine essence, the harmoniousness and joyfulness that they express and experience will in turn bring us a greater sense of elatedness and rejoicing at having being able to inspire the tapping of the roots of positivity and greatness in some individuals by they themselves taking the diligent, prudent, resourceful, sincere, true and wise actions+initiatives and perpetual visions of positiveness who need it the very most; for they awaken to their grace and greatness, celebrating their lives from thence onwards and being a stimulant for transforming the lives of millions of other people constructively.

georg-christoph-lichtenberg-quote-ones-first-step-in-wisdom-is-toTo be continued…………………………………………………..

Regarding the captioned topic there is a lot more to discuss and elaborate, due to the essence of time, this shall be further continued at subsequent instances respectively, take care and God bless.

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