Feelings, Rest and Resistance, Chill

j-g-holland-novelist-calmness-is-the-cradle-ofGive our feelings rest; give rest to our feelings.

The above humbly seeks to refer to pause the resistance that we keep engaging in with our feelings.

If we seek to reflect over the years, when in the heat of the moment, our feelings are intense, then the particular set of feelings that we feel at a given moment perpetuate and make us feel more particularly affected.

martin-barras-quote-look-good-feel-good-go-goodAnd then over a period of time, when we seek to reflect upon the particular instances; incidents; set of events and happenings, we wonder why we reacted in a particular manner with logical rationality and gave way to our feelings, blurting out? Emotionally reacting and screaming at the top of our voices, was that right? was that correct? did it help resolve? did it affect our health and well being? did it affect my state of being completely? and so many more aspects, that a complete list of questions for which answers would be hard to come by.

brian-tracy-brian-tracy-whatever-you-believe-with-feeling-becomes-yourSo this intention of seeking rest is the chill attitude, counting till ten; reminding oneself that no matter what, the best defense is not offense but prevent. And prevent refers to disentangling from the resistance process; that instead of getting caught in the deluge of feelings, anxieties and overwhelming emotions, to realize carefully that what one is doing is realistically and responsibly taking steps and initiatives to cool down and rationalize; and then after careful scrutiny seeking to react with a well informed and balanced response that does not precipitate or intensity the situation respectively.

dr-seuss-writer-be-who-you-are-and-say-what-you-feel-because-thoseThis is not about something such as grinning and stating, chill take a pill or cool it and grow up and other such sayings; but simply about facing the facts that if one were to go on adding hurt or emotionality to the feelings, they would keep on intensifying and at the same time heighten the complete scenario, the complete environment and possibly affect the relationship with oneself and others.

thomas-fuller-quote-seeings-believing-but-feelings-the-truthIt is practicing calmness by dis engaging; by avoiding the resistance and bitterness; realizing that the more deeper one gets entangled in one’s feelings, the more sensitive the responses where what is spoken when may not be measured or realized at all and in the process let loose a barrage of what one may never have ever imagined.

sasha-azevedo-quote-a-change-in-attitude-can-change-your-lifeLets also face the prospect that there are some individuals who keep provoking us to go ahead and respond; to take the matter more challengingly and be strong? Strength is not in attacking or in agitation, the true strength is actually in truly practicing calmness, by completely avoiding the pit trap of the resistance or suppressed emotions; knowing that one is retracting at that particular juncture since that being the wisest approach and in best interests, safety and well being of one and all honestly; and taking each and every step with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Own your Mind, Mind your Own

bryant-h-mcgill-every-experience-is-seen-through-your-minds-eye-soSown your Mind, So in your Mind

Whats in your mind? What’s on your mind? Whats across your mind is not as important as What owns your mind?

Let your mind belong to you, be observant, be diligent, be prudent, be responsible, be sincere, be truthful and be wise.

bodhidharma-bodhidharma-the-mind-is-the-root-from-which-all-thingsSeek to meditate, live your divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will for the heart of your mind as well as the mind of your heart will appear to you when you express your divinity, experience your purity and expand your consciousness to the level of the divine light; whereby you experience your evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom remarkably.

ralph-waldo-trine-quote-every-thought-you-entertain-is-a-force-that-goYour mind belongs to you, it is instilled with the virtue of righteousness, awaken to its glorious creative intelligence and seek to carefully understand and realize your opinion about yourself and not just upon awaiting others approval of yourself for if you don’t like yourself, if you don’t respect yourself, if you don’t love yourself, if you don’t discipline yourself, if you don’t trust yourself, if you don’t value yourself; and so much more, then how can you expect others to do?

bhagwan-shree-rajneesh-quote-your-mind-is-continuously-projectingThe captioned title of ownership is humbly seeking to refer to honorship; indeed, we may have noticed that wherever anything auspicious, anything sacred, anything prestigious, anything credible, anything deserving, anything valuable and anything that is admired has to be conducted, first of all the purification and sanctification process is applied and diligently observed. Here where it relates to the mind, it is shedding and letting go of the delusive and wasteful thoughts and negligent habits and negative tendencies by gradually realizing that the mind has been seeking and it has been fed with certain responses that become almost an automated response; an instant reflex action; now in order to re program and re structure the process, exactly the same way as the layers were established, they have to be gradually re conditioned back to their pure original state when and where there was nothing of all the complexities and impurities; that is why the cleaning, the sanctification and purification is being referred to for one’s indomitable will power that emanates from one’s being equips one’s self with the authority and wisdom to inculcate good values that empower the mind to follow truly. Its not about any rash actions or hurting one’s own or others dignity, thoughts, feelings or emotions at all; but rather about carefully understanding and realizing one’s pure divine essence and embracing one’s completeness devotionally.

bodhidharma-bodhidharma-our-nature-is-the-mind-and-the-mind-is-ourThese few words obviously are absolutely neutral compared to what one experiences when one achieves by one’s own self, for then one is inspired and feels capable and great at realizing that one had the potentiality all along but never thought of resourcefully utilizing one’s mind for better and greater aims, initiatives and objectives. Carefully realize the following and clearly understand and see for your ownself that when you do something extraordinary that is beneficial, constructive, resourceful and useful for yourself and others as well, you feel a sense of joy at having achieved so much of what you may have at one or another point thought of as difficult.

sai-baba-leader-quote-all-action-results-from-thought-so-it-isWhat this is actually intending to refer to is the responsible use of our intellectual faculties at attending to agendas-assignments-duties-objectives-responsibilities and tasks that we may have been delaying? putting off? neglecting? postponing? procrastinating? all, all and all because we thought it was our mind telling us that no, this is not possible, i will do this later, i don’t like this now, but why should i do this, it should happen by itself? How come? How can anything just happen?

carlos-castaneda-quote-intent-is-not-a-thought-or-an-object-or-a-wishEvery individual is carefully moving ahead in life with pure disciplined regimen, where they are commanding their minds in a friendly as well as disciplined manner and achieving phenomenal results, so it is not happening all by itself, it is a coordinated set of dedicated and responsible+diligent efforts and initiatives please.


confucius-motivational-quotes-the-more-man-meditates-upon-good-thoughts-the-betterThe point is, compare and see what you were able to achieve and when in that same time, previously you just let the time go by? When you carefully notice, you will see that it was far more refreshing, far more greater when having achieved rather than neglected; achieved because of the disciplined regimen and strictness; no matter whether anyone is watching or not, being legitimately sincere to doing what is the right way and the right things and within the right time, in the right manner, with the right attitude; righteousness all the way always. Its easy to spend time doing just nothing at all and going from one social platform to another; reviewing various likes on various fan pages and engaging in long tedious chats gossiping or just trying to juggle with one’s studies? one’s duties? one’s work? one’s obligations? and so much more, so then who is to blame? Is it one’s mind or one’s own self please?

robert-h-schuller-clergyman-quote-it-takes-but-one-positive-thoughtIt is not the mind to be blamed, it is not the self to be blamed, it is not the society to be blamed, it is not the people to be blamed, it is not the culture to be blamed, it is not the values to be blamed and so many more aspects that cannot be blamed or held responsible but it is one’s understanding that needs to improve and be further clarified; since blaming is an temporary excuse and hurling the fault upon someone else, but then ultimately the individual gets back to doing the same thing over and over again for almost a lifetime?

johann-wolfgang-von-goethe-poet-great-thoughts-and-a-pure-heart-thatAnd then yet again, till another emergent situation and with all aspects of life demanding accountability and consequentiality, there comes the same jigsaw puzzle of shifting the blame game on one or another factor? Its not like that, life is not lived like that, always trying to evade one’s responsibilities and ownership and most of all honorship, yes honoring one’s divine values and divine will; honoring one’s divine purpose and divine principles which inspire us to be true to our nature as well as nature to the truth of life; being consciously aware, committed, diligent, earnest, prudent, responsible, sincere, truthful and wise consistently.

daniel-d-palmer-celebrity-quote-the-mind-must-be-cured-as-well-as-theThe captioned title also brings to mind another thought that when referring to own your mind, it is sown your mind, so in your mind; as you sow the seeds of certain virtues, so then likewise set of fruits, results and eventualities blossom. Understand the sacredness and purity of your mind and always ensure that what you are absorbing does not enter your mind without observation for the observation scrutinizes and verifies whether what is being entertained is productively efficient, useful, righteous and resourceful. It is the element of responsibility that the observation process does in screening and filtering, putting aside the wasteful thoughts and practices and disciplining one’s self for the mind belongs to you and you belong to your true self and your true nature and not to something else far away, you are living here in this moment, the present moment that holds within it immense potentialities and possibilities, do not elusively wander from here to there to nowhere thinking that something is just going to miraculously manifest without any worthwhile and responsible set of initiatives and efforts. Your mind is a gem when you realize its true essence for it is doing precisely what you are commanding it to do, so since all of us want to be happy and joyful along with everyone else in the Universe, we need to follow a disciplined and righteous as well as conscious approach by first of all loyally attending to what we have been entrusted with and ensuring firm commitment is well in place, that we are not trying to juggle or play with what we have been given and jeopardizing the goodwill and trust of others.

jim-rohn-jim-rohn-discipline-is-the-bridge-between-goals-and henry-moore-sculptor-discipline-in-art-is-a-fundamental-struggle-to gordon-b-hinkley-quote-the-discipline-that-is-needed-in-our-lives-isWhether at work or at study, whether at play or during rest, the mind has ample opportunities to interact and flow along with the process of aspects remarkably, aligning with meticulous precision when we first implement true disciplined and righteousness right from the core, right from the very roots and ensuring that we focus solely upon what we want and need, what we desire while making sure that we doing what is relevant and necessary, what is appropriate and fair, what is right and correct, for there is a of doing things and that was must be followed very carefully and diligently. The repetition of the phrases such as discipline, diligence, prudence and righteousness are essential since sometimes a few moments of deviation can lead us astray and by the time we focus our attention in seeking to grasp what needs to be done, we may have in the process let go of a lot of valuable time and resources, whereby we may have to start all over again, but then yet again, it is the mind, what are we thinking, feeling and expressing, for in those delicate time frames, we must not engage in the self pitying or blame game, rather we must responsible accept and realize that if a mistake has been done, stand up to it and do what needs to be done to ensure that whats wrong is not repeated for sometimes there is only one single opportunity provided please.

thales-of-miletus-quote-nothing-is-more-active-than-thought-for-it-tra eva-arrington-quote-you-live-with-your-thoughts-so-be-careful-what voltaire-writer-meditation-is-the-dissolution-of-thoughts-in-eternalYou cannot expect to experience any miracles just like that without putting in any efforts, initiatives and observing a disciplined process and legitimate set of procedures aimed towards realization of your well thought, fair, moral and righteous objectives and goals; you need to strive diligently, prudently, responsibly, wisely and endeavor to ensure the purity of discipline is always being implemented in all that you think, do and express consciously for there are laws, rules and regulations that operate and function precisely, so when you plant something, be prepared to bear the consequences of the results that ensue accordingly, for good begets good and likewise for various aspects of life infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Life’s App


Contemplate, Calm template, Calm temperament.


Self introspection is the life long discovery of discoveries; greater than any app ever realized, for it keeps leading us to remarkably improve and strengthen the landscapes of our lives ingeniously, God bless.

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