FIFA World Cup Soccer 2014 Brazil, The Joy of Soccer, Go With The Flow, Flow With The Goal


Soccer expresses the true essence of global sportsmanship.


Every goal teaches us regarding the goodwill of spot on time; of time’s specificity and fine precision characteristically.


Scoring goals or goalling the score is domineeringly sustained by one’s true competence, confidence, courage, discipline, endurance, focus, values and pure intentions respectively.


Its the alignment of one’s mind, heart and being attuned to the joy of commitment towards realizing at each and every instance; a constructive purpose and meaningful achievement that belongs to Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare consistently.


For those who wish to see their favorite team triumph at the World Cup Soccer 2014 in Brazil, they need to firstly themselves be a shining example of what they wish their favorite team to achieve.


So if we want our favorite team to win; then the entire country of the favorite team, the fans, the players and the complete squad including the trainer, the support staff and all, all and each and everyone must feel and experience their victoriousness in all that they think, do and express by practicing righteousness; for its their inspiration and goodwill that will remarkably empower the team and its players in their dedicated efforts phenomenally.


Its a matter of wishing each and every participant, each and every team and each and every sponsor as well as the FIFA organization; including the caretakers at the stadiums, the airline staff, the security personnel, the commentators, the media personnel, the news reporters, the medical personnel and support staff, the logistics providers and the global farming community who provide the much needed and truly appreciated nutrition, the complete infrastructural coordinators and so many more individuals, people and organizations; the respective Governments, the respective People associated in whatever capacity or designation with the events whether directly or indirectly; with whoever, wherever; goodwill, goodwell, goodness, greatness and grace; for in one another’s harmoniousness lies the key the triumphant accomplishment of our noble aspirations.


Remember that how much ever we may train, pray, hope, wish and practice; beyond all is the being, for when we are being what we wish to be, we are becoming what we be true wish.


This tournament humbly brings along with it numerous opportunities for the World leaders to appreciate, recognize and understand that people’s belief, faith and love belongs in one another’s happiness infinitely.


Wishing all the participating teams; goodwill, greatness, glory and expressing gratitude to them for their remarkable nobility, perseverance, global team spirit and admirable endurance, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi