Loosing Articles? Taking Care!

miguel-de-cervantes-novelist-diligence-is-the-mother-of-good-fortuneWhen we loose what we have, what we have loosens our wrong set of feelings in vain.

Loosing one’s belongings makes one feel extremely anxious, depress and constantly worried.

But then constantly staying with that frame of mind of regretfulness keeps perpetuating similar set of confounding scenarios.

aristotle-philosopher-the-ultimate-value-of-life-depends-upon-awareness-and-the-powerIt might be easier to talk and challenging to experience but well that is why it is better to pay more careful attention to what we are doing, to what we are having, to what we are expected to be taking care of rather than expecting to be taken care of by what we are supposed to be actually taking care of please.

Some individuals are so captivated with their smartphones and electronic devices so much that no matter wherever they are, all that matters to them is that television serial, the soap operas, the comedy shows, the news, the gossip, the online chats, the movie beaming across on their mobile screens or playing some games as well as listening to music constantly, while ignoring the rules and discipline of life that strongly demand strict attentiveness to what we are doing, where we are going, what we are carrying and what we are caring for please.

Each and every thing that comes to us, comes with considerable efforts of our own earnings as well as from our loved one’s; they strive diligently, contributing to give us something that we must learn to take care of and not vice versa, where when enjoying, we are lead astray with the wrong understanding that its cool, its all right, will take care later? later? when later? after loosing?

marcia-wieder-quote-use-your-precious-moments-to-live-life-fullyIt is not the planning to fail intention here at all, rather it is about somethings that actually happen when one may least expect. A person leaves one location entrusted with the responsibility of delivering certain article(s) across to another destination but while on the way, trying to multi task between the various entertainment’s featured on their smartphones and other electronic devices, lead astray, paying very little attentiveness to what they are carrying is what they should be caring for principally.

It is very difficult to understand since noticing some of the individuals dedicatedly committed to their attentiveness that when commuting+crossing pathways wherever or if going across from one place to another with whatever mode of transportation including walking; they are still ignoring the safety rules and just going about everything – expecting everything else to take care? while actually they should also be playing an equally important rule of taking care as well, remember that taking care truly means taking care and not being taken care of as well for when we are entrusted with somethings, we must carefully understand what we have been given and then learn to respect the values associated with what we have been conferred with and safeguard the respective articles consciously with utmost attentiveness and awareness respectively, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Today, Tomorrow, Whats Ahead?

titus-maccius-plautus-quote-things-which-you-do-not-hope-happen-more-fWhat tomorrow will bring, we do not know; however what now brings, tomorrow knows.

Now is the moment that embodies all the moments further ahead of us in our lives; its the moment that inspires us to live each and every moment of our lives with awareness, due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and our creative wisdom consciously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Bills? Will and Wellness

stephen-r-covey-quote-seek-first-to-understand-then-to-be-understoodThinking over and over again about your bills only? Kindly also give respite(break+pause) towards thinking about your will(will power) and wellness.

Do the very best you can reasonably with what you have; but kindly maintain a positive and diligent attitude by handling matters calmly for everything maters and one while one think leads to another, due to the constant thinking and pressure of a particular aspect will not help resolve the odds. Various aspects need to be attended to meticulously with responsibility and careful awareness and a commitment towards taking due care responsibly and wisely.

Being true to what needs to be done very most honestly is better than evading or ignorantly expecting somethings to go away by themselves. Every effort counts and matters, everyone goes through the responsibilities, do not fear or loose courage, but be determined and tenacious; resolute in your attitude of earnestly striving to do what is right and practicing righteousness in all that you think, do and express always, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

In time, On time, Last minute Stress?

charles-buxton-public-servant-you-must-never-find-time-for-anythingDoing things on time, we are rewarded. Doing things in time, we are the reward.

However waiting for the last minute to do everything and that too habitually? what rewards could this ever bring? It could add considerably towards developing unwanted stress? distress? hyper tension? anxieties? confusion? complications? complexities? disarray? entanglement? overlapping of agendas and matters contradictorily? Basically, knowing that what we need to do well within time means well within time and not relying negligently upon knowing that when somethings have to be done practice the we will see later attitude?

merrick-furst-quote-the-biggest-difference-between-time-and-space-isSeek to carefully re prioritize and take charge, firm accountability of what needs to be done; to be truly done well in time, for time is the commitment, the measure of trust that we have been entrusted with and should seek to honor its doctrines, its principles, its covenants, its values and its discipline that strictly seeks practice of diligence, prudence, responsibility, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom in our agendas, assignments, chores, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies and tasks consciously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

The World’s Wealth, The Words Willeth

george-shelley-quote-think-contentment-the-greatest-wealthThe World’s Wealthy and Wealthiest; Its the Word, Will Thee Yes

The true wealth of the World belongs to the happiness of its people.

Being contented, the global societies are able to harmoniously create, resourcefully innovate, improve, flourish and inspire one another c0nsistently.

Regarding will, this humbly refers to the indomitable will power of the human spirit that is intellectually endowed with amazing intelligence.

This is not about re distribution of finances, money or riches; but rather its about raising the awareness and effective channelization of the respective resources; its the means that create where creation that means true value.

Building more schools, educational institutions, training centers and hospitals; ensuring provision of adequate drinking and sanitation water along with adequate food and shelter could help nourish and remarkably sustain the livelihood of millions of Families.

People when they are taught to achieve and accomplish, experience a greater sense of joy rather than when just solely being provided a financial assistance or grant for when the tenure of the money for the particular period is completely utilized, they are yet again wondering, how they could persevere ahead with the responsibility of sustaining the looming overheads and overwhelming expenditures even for being able to meet and fairly honor the most basic of necessities.

Whereas, when being more better+well informed and cognizant with the modern day’s conventionalities and processes; they realize that what they had been waiting for was actually waiting for them all along. The life they aspired and desired was at arms length, whereby then, they roll up their sleeves and get working resourcefully upon the essential restructuring and transforming their approach first at the thought level and then at the taught level for they become their greatest educators when they create (actually realize) a life of self worthiness that they had always dreamed of and rejoice at being able to constructively contribute towards their Family’s, Nations and Global goodwill, harmony, progress, sustenance and welfare meritoriously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi