Allow, All Love

victor-hugo-author-love-is-a-portion-of-the-soul-itself-and-it-is-of-the-same-natureWhen we allow our thoughts, we all love our taughts, we allow our thinking.

When we allow our heart, we all love our heart, we allow our wisdom.

When we allow our soul, we all love our soul, we allow our liberation and evolution.

When we allow our intellect, we all love our intellect, we allow our integration and imagination.

vincent-van-gogh-quote-love-is-something-eternal-the-aspect-may-changeWhen we allow our creativity, we all love our creativeness, we allow our competence and courage.

When we allow our modesty, we all love our modesty, we allow our morality and compassion.

Likewise, for various aspects and virtues of our lives, from allow to all love true the allowance, its a matter of purity that sustains the epicenter of life’s evolution incredibly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Bhole Bhola, We are Oneness, ShivaShakti

imagesBest is yet prelim sketchindexBholblessede refers to innocence while Bhola refers to nobility. The nobility humbly seeks to refer to living our divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will infinitely, God bless.



Shiva refers tyoga-lord_shiva-imagesignificanceo purity while Shakti refers to divine energy. The person we are and the person we wish to become is encompassed within the michael-tippett-composer-quote-shiva-danced-the-world-into-existencepure intention of our being.







Our divine oneness refers to the 1044876_397252117050925_398606800_nbreath and truth of the Universe. The Universe breathes through us in its oneness; while we breathe true its Universal graciousness by practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently, God bless.


Quotes-about-Goodwill-Good-Will-Quote-Always-Be-who-you-positively-hunger-to-be.b1a7ff175e4c872a4c6e66db739ec00b_1012 quotes-brokenhearted-04-chopra-600x411One Life, Live the Oneness Believe in the goodwill, harmony and welfare of all living beings consciously, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi