Life Acres; Wealth, Willeth and Wisdom

victor-hugo-author-change-your-opinions-keep-to-your-principles-change-your-leavesAt times, we cannot change what we have, however we can have what we change.

Strive to change what needs to be changed while intending to graciously embrace what responsibilities seek to change you by willingly participating in the transformational process diligently, prudently and wisely.

dalai-lama-quote-open-your-arms-to-change-but-dont-let-go-of-yourThe captioned title with particular reference to acres humbly seeks to refer to the true wealth of our life which is our true nature, our true self and our divine essence which encompasses a myriad range of potential possibilities that lay submerged within the realm of our higher self, earnestly seeking our conscious awakening; self realization to the glorious ascension and alignment with the divine light as one, God bless.

They are various brilliant characteristical virtues, amongst which some of the salient are the following:-

A representing Acceptance

C representing Courage

R representing Respect

E representing Endurance

S representing Sincerity

©2014 Vashi Chandi

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