Vritti, With Thee; Infinite Consciousness

peter-daniel-quote-prayer-puts-you-in-touch-with-the-infinite-andRealization is what separates us from reality. Vritti in these contexts refers to the absolute infinite consciousness of discernment.

During meditation, as we expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the sacred light/the supreme consciousness and merge with its radiance in its oneness; we avail ourselves the vantage of a phenomenal observation and glimpse of our divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will remarkably, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Let it Be, Allowing Everything To+True Be as it Is

rig-veda-hymn-of-creationLife’s Continuum, Myriad Constellations of Creative Magnificence

Choose your experiences by experiencing your choices. Remember, everything follows a sequence where seek whence true allow is everythink.

quote-if-a-householder-moulds-himself-according-to-the-circumstances-just-like-nature-moulds-herself-rig-veda-296930It humbly seeks to refer to the establishment od the harmonious alignment and conscious consonance of our thoughts, actions and expressions diligently treading along/upon the pathways of righteousness infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi