The Quest/Question of Life, Lord Krishna


The festival of Krishna Jayanti, Krishna Janamashtmi, referring to the birth of Lord Krishna is being gloriously celebrated on 17th August 2014 respectively.


The quest in of life is being You. The question of You is being Life.


When we be who we truly are, life harmoniously elucidates the divine grace of our brilliant joyfulness amazingly, God bless. 

©2014 Vashi Chandi

India, Vishwamitra, Vishwas Amrit

Happy Independence Day India, Celebrating Gratitude & Compassion

English: Ashoka's dharma chakra, with 24 spoke...

English: Ashoka’s dharma chakra, with 24 spokes (after Ashoka, the Great). Each spoke depicts 24 virtues. They are as followed. Love Courage Patience Peacefulness Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness Self-control Selflessness Self sacrifice Truthfulness Righteousness Justice Mercy Graciousness Humility Empathy Sympathy Supreme knowledge Supreme wisdom Supreme moral Love for all beings Hope, trust, or faith in the goodness of God or nature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


India proudly celebrates its 68th Independence Day on August 15 2014 respectively.


Vishwa refers to the World while Mitra refers to Friend. Vishwas refers to Belief while Amrit to Purity.


Our nature believes in us to believe in its pureness.


Belief seeks to clarify the legitimate validation of our lives.


Our belief in God is our natural affirmation as well as the trust in the sacredness of the supreme truth of lives.


As the divine chant resonates across the realms of our consciousness, elucidating the primordial adage; I am that I am; the essence of the stanza makes us realize that the World within us reflects the World all around us as well, When we establish a harmonious relationship with ourselves truly, we cultivate the harvest and attestation of Universal goodwill and welfare in our friendship with the Cosmos infinitely.


“Satyamev Jayate” is the national motto of the great land of India. The translational definition of this means, truth triumphs. Truth is the true nature of our life and to live by the truth as it is refers to living our divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will magnificently. It is to live with+in the truth that leads us to the absolute truth, which is enlightenment. It is known that when the spirit of life expresses itself, it reveals to us the divine knowledge and purpose of our existence precisely.


Practicing compassion along with gratitude represents the celebration, speech and essence of our being; since by being compassionate towards ourselves, others and all of God’s creations, we engender and nurture the roots of our evolutionary greatness. For when we truly understand the meaning of compassion, we are awed and humbled to note that it means showing and practicing divine respect for all of God’s creations consistently and gratitude fulfills the gracefulness of each and every priceless moment of our lives amazingly, God Bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi