God Want Us True Be, God Wants True Be Us

don-ellis-musician-quote-to-be-a-true-artist-you-have-to-play-the-waySome people think God is inside while some others think God is outside. Yet some others keep thinking God is on our side and then others think God is on our sight after all.

God’s grace leaves one demystified when they simply let go of the opposition, imposition or the supposition and seek true be.

johannes-eckhard-quote-the-eyes-with-which-you-see-god-are-the-sameIndeed, God wants us true be, the real we, the genuine we, the pure we, the authentic we, for us to be our true self, for us to be our true nature, for us to be our divine essence and then it is no longer experiencing any incessant quest or fulfillment for one realizes that God is everywhere we want true be; meaning God being the truth is ever present in all that was, is and will ever be.

ben-stein-ben-stein-faith-is-not-believing-that-god-can-it-is-knowingSo it is not that God is there in one moment and then away in another moment. It is God’s presence that is ever gloriously present in each and every breath, in each and every thought, in each and every feeling, in each and every priceless moment,  for we are never separate from God when we want true be, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Purity of Speech, Shiva Shakti

caio-lemos-quote-conscience-is-the-purest-substract-of-reasoningBhole Mahadev, Ved Aham El Obh

The above translational definition paraphrases the following:-

Lord Shiva elucidates regarding the sacred knowledge that  remains enshrined and ensconced within the realms of our true nature, true self and divine essence remarkably.

At times, by speaking we may not realize but with realization we may be able to speak far much more than we may have ever imagined or envisaged for our realized mode of speech encapsulates divine knowledge that flows through each and every element of our being, breath and expression magnificently.

buddha-quote-teach-this-triple-truth-to-all-a-generous-heart-kind-speech-and-a-life-of-serviceThe power of our speech is endurably sustained by the vision of our conscience where we are amazed to note with a clear conscience we are able to comprehend, grasp and attentively listen to the voice of God, God’s speech intonating the incredible importance and significance of the virtue of righteousness in all that we think, do and express infinitely.

It is this very same speech that helps us to express ourselves, to better understand ourselves and others as well as to realize the treasure of the priceless gifts that dwell within each and every priceless word spoken whether in our thoughts, actions or expressions succinctly.

Bhole means innocence while Shiva refers to pure and Shakti to the divine energy; Mahadev refers to the supreme divinity; Ved means sacred knowledge; Aham refers to I am (I am that I am, Thou art That); One of the translational definitions of El refers to God; to The; Divine; while Obh here humbly seeks to refer to Our Biggest Hope.

quote-if-a-householder-moulds-himself-according-to-the-circumstances-just-like-nature-moulds-herself-rig-veda-296930Indeed, many a time, right across the landscapes and horizons of this magnificent life, our biggest hope becomes the clarity, the purity and the belief our speech. We communicate and speak a lot however when we learn to observe, we will distinctly be able to better understand and regulate the flow of our speech creatively like a crafts person who is able to see what’s there within what we speak; meaning that within what we speak and is spoken to/true us, there maybe a lot of meaning and profound insights, however we need to be able to be consciously aware and with a clear conscience embrace the sacredness of our knowledge to lead us towards pathways that empower our intellectual faculties that earnestly sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi